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Model: GP-WE-BioM9-B

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by Vincent L. on 2012-09-17 22:45:07
"This gun is awesome! I got it brand new and it feels great and looks sexy.

-Shoots pretty good
-Looks sexy
-Looks like as if it was really from Resident Evil
-Nice kick

-Pretty big. If you have small hands, this may be a problem
-Mine shoots 370-380 FPS, although i can adjust it and make it shoot under 350 FPS making it CQB legal (Which is pretty complicated to do) (It is a WE Tech, their guns will never be great)
by Kristopher N. on 2012-08-08 12:02:33
"Just got this gun today. Ready to fire out of the box, just had to add gas and BBs. Looks beautiful and feels real. It fires smooth and is super accurate. My one issue is I'm not sure if the orange tip is removable, as some of the pictures show it without. It's not a problem, but It'd look much cooler on display without the tip.

Great look/feel
Just plain Cool.

by Gabriel M. on 2012-08-02 01:44:53
"This is a great gun, its all metal and it has a great feel, Reliability, Performance.
Great Performance
Great Reliability
Awesome Feeling

Wobbly Barrel
by Justin M. on 2012-07-22 11:29:11
"Amazing piece put out by the WE Tech company once again. I find that there M9s have less wobble and play between parts than the 1911s. And who can honestly hate on the design of the M9?

For any Resident Evil or M9 fan, it is a must have. Performance is on par with most GBB; nothing to cry about or celebrate. The biggest issue is that since it is a custom cut slide, it won't fit in hard shell holsters designed for M9s. Everything else seems to work flawlessly though.

Plus, you just can't beat the price for a gun that doesn't blend in to what everyone else owns.
by austin f. on 2012-04-08 20:26:06
"This gun is the best GBB you can buy for this price. some propane misfeeding is the only problem i have with this gun.

1. shoots hard
2. shoots accurate
3. good blowback

1. has some minor propane misfeeds(easy to fix)

all in all this is the best gas blowback gun ive ever bought. anybody thinking about buying this gun it looks cool it shoots cool best GBB EVER.
by Colt W. on 2012-03-28 14:56:09
"WOW... just wow
i didnt expect the weight the be as "realistic" as it is, an thats just awesome. i prefer the heavy weight guns, but this has got to be the coolest pistol ive bought. WE has yet to let me down, from their 1911 to this, amazing.

it also comes in a standard WE box, but it has a nice lining to it.

it feels very good in my hands, the grip is excellent. I would recomend lubing it up with silicone oil before firing as it feels a lil stiff.
i also took a vice grip to the orange tip, an gave a slight twist an it came off with ease.

BUY THIS GUN, if your not a RESIDENT EVIL fan, it will be very athsteticly pleasing, an if you are a fan, you will not be upset
by ALEX L. on 2012-03-17 19:38:43
"So I've had this gun for a little more than a week now and I have to sat it is a good buy. I bought it for $80 each (coupon) and bought 2 of them. For the price of $100 you can't go wrong. It is quite cold where I live so I couldnt get more than 10~15 shots out of the mag but then that will most likely improve when it gets warmer. And one last thing, the front sight is quite loose so I would use some super glue right when you get it to save you from any headaches in the future. That being said, obviously the sights are not adjustable.

-Great price
-Nice finish
-slide locks well
-resident evil fans will love it

-Front sight is loose (this shouldn't discourage you from getting it)
-Quite large (people with small hands may find this gun too big but that is a M9 thing in general)

Thats all I have to say :) recommend it for resident evil fans, and for non-resident evil fans this is a cheap side arm to get that won't let you down. Lots of upgrade available.
by Christiana O. on 2012-03-10 18:35:04
"Got this gun in The Box of Awesomeness as well, and I must say this gun is amazing!! Immitation wood looks amazing, and the sound of the gun is spot on. Recommended for anyone looking for a great pistol, it will not let you down.

Amazing weight
Immitation wood looks real
Real Resident Evil trademarks
Blowback is awesome

One BB got stuck in the barrel, had to disassemble to reach it
Needs a larger mag
by Jack K. on 2012-02-07 12:54:55
"I received this pistol in a box of awesomeness, and waited until I played in a match to review it.

Cosmetically speaking, I have had no problems with this gun either. The grips, sights, and paints are still in perfect condition after being in my holster, fired, and dropped on the ground.

Its ported slide allows for a much quicker action than other pistols I've fired. Its consumption on green gas is pretty nice, especially for the FPS ratio which is about 330 in 50-degree weather, with a little left after I've emptied it.
by Alex V. on 2011-12-10 23:13:28
"yeah i rated and commented this gun before but after a month or two the sights became loose and started to almost fall off. So far this M9 hasn't malfunctioned on me but the sights bother the heck out of me, i had to cement glue them down and it still doesnt work but i realized that the top rear part of the slide underneath the sight had a little gap underneath it where you see the tube that loads the bb's and release the gas so i had to glue around it so it does stick to the slide. i had never dropped this gun or used it in games (i use other guns for games) i treat this gun like a china crystal plate yo. Customers should get some sort of discount or free extra parts for problems like this. Guns like this isnt cheap...

I would love to recommend this gun but it was a huge mistake. This gun is good only for display and shooting once a week to prevent scratches. If the sights were intergrated wow that would be great because looking around here and other websites i can barely find any sights for M9's except for Hi-capas ssoooo YEAH!. And again amazing accuracy and fps (when sights weren't loose).
by EMMANUEL G. on 2011-12-09 09:13:28
"This will be a short review for now. I like M9s. Isn't this an M92FS? That's not for me to say perhaps. It has a brigadier slide. You can see the bump on the slide next to the barrel above the trigger area.
Accurate? Yes it's accurate. The one thing I like about a gun is its accuracy. I took a vitamin C pill I put it on its edge at 25 feet away. I was missing at first because I was trying not to known down the stand that I put it on so I was aiming high trying to wing it. Yes I did hit the stand and the pill rolled off so I thought it's no good -- I really have to actually aim at the pill dead on.
I walked up to my target and I carefully balanced the vitamin C pill again and I went back 25 feet. I looked at the three white dots for my sight picture in the dim light - and pow! With one shot after walking away from the target I hit the vitamin C pill. Would you like to see a video of me doing this?

Accuracy 5/5 -remember this is shooting plastic BBs
I like the feel, the balance, and also the crispness of the blowback.
Mine shoots at 350 fps.

I can do further testing of this. I have around 6 different pistols.
by Jane L. on 2011-12-03 21:47:58
"This is a TERRIBLE gun. I got it a few months ago and it worked great in the first battle I used it. Since then, this gun has been malfunctioning right and left. I've been lubing it, and cleaning it just as one is supposed to, and it still doesn't work. In my opinion, DO NOT buy this gun. You will regret it.


Decent fps
A good amount of rounds


Slide rarely cycles fully
The mag leaks
When the mag doesn't leak, it runs out of gas in just 5 rounds
Jams often
Safety is really hard to actuate

This may just be my gun, but with as many problems as it has, I doubt it. I would definitely not recommend this gun.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 37 reviews)

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