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WE-Tech Custom Samurai Edge Biohazard M9 Airsoft Gas Blowback - Black

37 Customer Reviews

by Tyler K. on 11/16/2011
"What can I say about this gun.....

Well, if you are looking for realism and all around an ultimate RE collectors item, then this is definitely it!!
Now onto the gun, its very solid and well built, great kickback by the way especially with the ported slide, makes for great accuracy... In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this gun as far as performance.

But aesthetic wise... Ehh, poor design.

A week after I got it, I went to play a cqb match (very first game with it) the game was very nice and smooth
I checked my pistol and I noticed that both my front and rear sights were sliding to the left almost as if they were going to coming off and now every time I go to shoot about three times, it'll do that.... Not only that after just one use, the logo on the grip started to fade from the gold to a silver color.. which doesn't really bother me cause it still looks okay that way.

To wrap this up, this is a definite must for any hard core RE fan, but for use as a secondary/primary?? Absolutely not...
by thanarat p. on 11/03/2011
"Well the gun itself is really nice, it looks real and is detailed to the M9 in RE perfectly (besides the ugly thread). I did notice that the slide does not blow back smoothly due do the design of the gun, and the trigger would sometime get stuck during usage. The hop up is a real pain in to get to and you have to keep the mag warm in order to use it properly (but if you own a green gas gun then you should deal with it). Over all a really nice gun. I like it.
by Caleb C. on 08/07/2014
"Do not use as a game piece; There is no way this will stand up to heavy use.
It is a fine shooter and all, nothing wrong with the performance. But it is a touch too fragile.
Rear iron sight isn't attached by the "hex screw" on it, the screw is fake. The sights are just glued on, and judging by how long they stay on the gun, I assume they used Elmer's glue.
Paint wears fast, very fast. The STARS emblem is no longer recognisable.

If you want a pretty shelf piece or nice cosplay item, then go ahead and get this.
Just don't try to compete with it.
by Alex V. on 12/10/2011
"yeah i rated and commented this gun before but after a month or two the sights became loose and started to almost fall off. So far this M9 hasn't malfunctioned on me but the sights bother the heck out of me, i had to cement glue them down and it still doesnt work but i realized that the top rear part of the slide underneath the sight had a little gap underneath it where you see the tube that loads the bb's and release the gas so i had to glue around it so it does stick to the slide. i had never dropped this gun or used it in games (i use other guns for games) i treat this gun like a china crystal plate yo. Customers should get some sort of discount or free extra parts for problems like this. Guns like this isnt cheap...

I would love to recommend this gun but it was a huge mistake. This gun is good only for display and shooting once a week to prevent scratches. If the sights were intergrated wow that would be great because looking around here and other websites i can barely find any sights for M9's except for Hi-capas ssoooo YEAH!. And again amazing accuracy and fps (when sights weren't loose).
by Evan P. on 11/24/2011
"I purchased this gun about 3 weeks ago used it 3 times performance wise it shoots decent yada yada yada. It is a attention catcher. People seem to like it at the CQB arena i attend. Looks cool with the silencer. I lost my rear sights, don't know how. They kind of just fell off... My mag is already leaking, and there is plenty of wobble to go around. Fading and scratches throughout the gun. Should have kept it as a show piece.

Would i recommend it?
Yes, to anybody who wants it as a show piece

Should you play with it?
No, first use is great, after that its all downhill, by downhill i mean free fall into a bottomless pit.
by Sophei I. on 11/06/2011
"I'm not going to lie, I only got this gun for it's name for $105 the detail is pretty amazing, but all in all it's a crappy gun.

Great detail
Collectors item

My Mag is already leaking, in only 2 days of using it

Everyone has this gun, I already saw 3 people that I've played with on the field I go to have it.

The Gold on the "Star" logo is already fading, that's terrible! since that's one of the only things that make the gun look cool
by Jane L. on 12/03/2011
"This is a TERRIBLE gun. I got it a few months ago and it worked great in the first battle I used it. Since then, this gun has been malfunctioning right and left. I've been lubing it, and cleaning it just as one is supposed to, and it still doesn't work. In my opinion, DO NOT buy this gun. You will regret it.


Decent fps
A good amount of rounds


Slide rarely cycles fully
The mag leaks
When the mag doesn't leak, it runs out of gas in just 5 rounds
Jams often
Safety is really hard to actuate

This may just be my gun, but with as many problems as it has, I doubt it. I would definitely not recommend this gun.