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Model: AEG-UREX-2279300

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by Jackson V. on 2013-03-26 18:31:31
"I have had this gun for about 6 months now, it's a pretty good gun for the cost. There is a very small amount of wobble.

FPS 350 with 8.4 and .20 gram bbs
Battery and charger included
Metal rails
Comes with fore grip

Little wobble
Not that accurate with .20s, I would use .25s

Well in the end this is a great gun for the price. Get it you won't regret it!
by Joshua B. on 2013-01-26 08:54:37
"I got this gun 2 weeks ago and I can this guns is incredible!
- Study polymer body with nice trade from Elite force.
- Ares gearbox with metal bushings and one heck of a motor.
- Dead accurate with .2 bb's at a CQB range, and decent at a 50-75 foot range.
- Metal rail on upper receiver.
- Metal quad rail system.
- Small battery, Stubby grip, 2 (poly) hi-caps, flip up back sight, and paper weight (charger) included.
- 4 screw pistol grip connected to gearbox (instead of the usual 2).
- Noticeable and pleasant click when either pulling the trigger or when switching firing mode.
- Good hop-up
- Semi functioning bolt and charging handle.

- Quad rails came a little off center (only by 1-2mm)
- Top rail on upper receiver (being not poly and screwed on the top) is bent up near middle.
- No opposite side indicator on fire selector, just a fixed nub that indicates the gun on Semi (even when not).
- Buffer tube could be a little more high grade, It seem that the crane stock can not be removed.
- One piece barrel, Literally one piece, the front front sight is fixed and cannot be removed with out taking the entire barrel with it.
- Sights, the Forward triangle sight is non-adjustable, Rear sight tends not to lock into up position and fold back down.
- Loud as sin front sling point, nothing a strip of wiring tape can't fix.
- Non-functioning: Bolt, Forward assist, opposite side mag release.

These are all miner thing and do not hinder anything at all, I would recommend a 9.6V 2300mAh NiMh battery and a smart charger. This is a must have for anyone looking for a CQB rifle!
by David B. on 2013-01-03 15:29:45
"This is an amazing gun! It's not too heavy, it has a good weight. I love that it came with a stubby grip and a battery. An extra battery is always nice. This could just be me, but the mags are plastic and don't feed well. Otherwise, awesome buy!
by fred c. on 2012-09-25 15:05:12
"this gun is amazing i love this gun a nice sturdy and its worth the money
the battery it comes with isnt the best i bought a 9.6 volt 16mah battery its better
the hop up is alittle hard to twist but it works
and it wastes the battery pretty fast
heavy weight
a nice kinda kick
high fps
rof (about 12-14)
and comes with verticle grip and mag GET THIS GUN its worth your money
by Ethan M. on 2012-07-31 08:52:36
"So i got this gun around christmas time at my local retailer and I am impressed. I would highly recomend this gun to anybody. The fps might be a lttle lower that a kwa or something but the range is incredible. I have used a bunch of bbs with this gun; such as .23, .24, and right now I am using .25s and the range is still incredible. Definitly consider buying this gun.

Pros:-good range
-light wieght
-comes with two mags
-decent battery
-mine came with bbs(probably only because of local retailer)

cons:-rail system wobbles a tiny bit
-hate rear sight(but I have a holo now)

last thoughts: great gun go buy it. its worth the money.
by Tyler T. on 2012-03-11 22:15:22
This gun is so good. i thought i would buy this gun and try it out. its a sport line but guess what i replace my primary with this gun. i love it. quick change spring? yup. !

cons. battery sucks. mine came in fried. i put a lipo thru this dang it was good. recemd using a 9.6 2000mh.
by stone w. on 2012-02-24 19:02:52
"I bought this gun and I tried out for the first time and I love it has great proformace and this is my first gun to and I was glad I bought this gun. I recommend to pick this gun up
by Brennen M. on 2011-12-29 09:56:03
"this is an amazing gun i used it in an outdoor night battle nd we won everytime with this gun it is amazing GET THIS GUN
by Michael W. on 2011-12-26 08:09:21
"I just bought this gun for my son 4 days ago, and I am very jealous. It looks fantastic, and all of the colors of grey match from head to toe. It comes with two magazines, an 8.4v battery, charger, and a nice box. The flip-up rear sight is excellent quality, and is solid built; fully adjustable.

Right out of the box, we tested it for grouping... 2" group from 30 feet, consistent with .25g Madbull precision bbs. Chronos 340-350 consistently. The trigger has a microswitch as the contacts, and is very very nice.

Over all, the entire gun does not flex or wobble in any way. The top rail and handguard rails are aluminum, and sturdy. The report of the rifle is VERY loud and snappy, will be installing a silencer. The gearbox is quiet and seems well-shimmed, hardly audible. On full auto, the same, hardly audible.

The orange tip has a locking pin which will have to be drilled out with a 3/32" drill bit so it can be removed for other flash hiders/mock silencers.

The gun is a solid 5 stars

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