Reviews: G&P Full Metal Navy Mk23 Airsoft SAW Machine Gun AEG w/ Box Magazine

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Model: AEG-GP-AEG015
Location: L6-920

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by Logun N. on 2014-05-10 07:56:52
"This is a well engineered and executed design. The V2 gearbox allows the use of the Chimera MOSFET to create an amazing SSW. Lighter in weight then it's contemporaries, you will be less fatigued at the end of an all day OP. the 1200 round mag also contributes to less weight to be carried, and the design allows for fast mag changes.

Superb design
Solid platform
Relative low weight
Great construction

Cons = NONE
by James B. on 2013-08-25 18:43:08
"I've purchased two of these in the past four weeks. Both are rock solid and have been very reliable. The first one was missing the box mag cradle, but an email and some photos to Evike and they took care of the issue.

Running on a 9.6v 5000 Nimh Matrix battery my 1st one is shooting 17 RPS at 380 FPS. I have between 8-10k rounds through this one without any issues. My 2nd one on the same battery shoots 23 RPS at 390 FPS. This one had around 4k rounds through it and it again worked flawless. That one has since been sent out to get a Polarstar Engine installed.


Different from other guns on the field; unique
Excellent performance - i'm getting very good distance/accuracy with .28g bbs
Box mags feed very well
Hop up works great
Fits a large battery for a whole day of gaming
Having the choice between full auto and semi
Relatively lightweight for a support weapon, much preferred over a 249 or a 60

If you have ammo in the box mag and have been shooting there isn't an easy way to remove the box mag from the gun without spewing bb's all over
by Steven M. on 2013-08-16 11:31:02
"This good is the best gun I have ever owned, hands down. It comes right out of the box shooting fast, far ,and accurate. At first I was a little worried about the feeding mechanics, being that it is gravity fed ,but I was soon proven wrong when it has never misses a shot. You can easily upgrade and the outcome is amazing. The only issue I have ever had with it is that the wire connectors on the motor were not connect that well ,so I had to do a little manual labor and it was running good as new.
I upgraded it with new wiring, gears ,and a 11.1 V Lipo , it still fires every shot, shoot far(for an lmg) ,and is able to be used in cqb being that the fps is under 375.

- Mostly Metal
-Fast RoF

-Reloading is a bit of a hassle ,but not that bad
-Box Mag Issues
-Not much customization coming to externals unless you want to pay $130 for the rail system for it.
-Deans Connectors (Not really a con but something to be aware of.)
-You don't have it yet

If you are thinking about getting this, dont think any longer, just get it. Trust me itl be worth it. ^_^
by Reza V. on 2013-07-15 20:12:25
"This is the best airsoft gun I have ever owned. best externals on the market (g&p, duh!) and the internals are also excellent. comes stock with an m110 spring but the air compression and air seal is so good that it makes it shoot harder than an m120 spring. with the stock gun I got 40 rounds per second on an 11.1v 2500mah 30c lipo battery (which it can handle!) and ~440 fps with the stock spring. with the stock barrel it got a good 250-300 feet effective range. then I upgraded it... with a g&p m180 motor, Prometheus high speed gears (16:1), Prometheus 6.03 455mm tightbore barrel, Prometheus soft purple bucking, Prometheus full metal tooth piston, and I regreased and reshimmed the gearbox. the results are insane... 50 rounds per second on the 11.1v 2500mah 30c lipo battery, ~450 fps with the stock spring. I hit a target from 400 feet away (0.o)!!!!!!!!! this is the best 520 dollars I have ever spent!!!!!
by Mike M. on 2012-09-22 14:24:07
"Great gun. I have over 70,000 rounds through mine and not a single problem. 3 of my friends also have them with almost the same record. Only problem ive heard of is with the board in the box mag frying but there are ways to bypass it. I run a 7.4 5000mah 40c battery and the rps is around 20-22. An 11.1 in this gun is overkill! No need to beat the crap out of a gun that fires 22 rps with a 7.4. Since i bought this i have not used my other 10 guns in months. Its just to much fun! Its also very light for an lmg which is nice if your playing 6-10 hour days. The hop up is amazing! I have the same range as my buddies dmr with a m150 spring. The iron sights are great, very easy to lead and lift for farther shots. Just an all around easy and fun gun to shoot!. Reloads are fairly easy ,just don't get dirt or twigs in your mag because it will jam. I would give it 100 stars if i could. Hope this helps.
by Nicholas J. on 2012-01-01 17:02:21
"I have had the chance to try quite a few squad support weapons, but I am very glad I chose to purchase this one. At the time it seemed pricey, but the function is flawless. The box mag feeds effortlessly and I've clocked it consistently at 350FPS. My only technical problem was with the Deans battery connector, which I just switched out so I could use any of my stockpiled large type batteries, so it wasn't a big deal. This thing is shorter than a standard M16 A1, relatively light to carry and much more compact than any M249 I've used (which seem to carry a lot of bulk in front). This makes the stoner an excellent support weapon in the field. The lack of bipod is overcome by its light weight and compactness. I've been able to hold down steady fire through so many rounds I grew concerned I would blow the motor, but I've never had a single malfunction through probably over 50,000 rounds over 10 games. My new concern is my BB consumption. Overall another solid and efficient AEG as I've come to expect with G&P.
by Daniel S. on 2011-12-27 20:04:54
"Got this gun couple months ago, first 5x's i took it out had a great time with it. The gun felt solid everything worked well. But in more recent outing things have started to fall apart quick. My mags feed wont clip on well causing feed issues, the lock to my top hatch fell off, and i stripped my gears fairly quickly.

Also what i did not like is the lack of parts and accessories for the gun, you cant find anything anywhere and have to get creative if you want somethings to work, for example i had a very helpful evike person go through about 5 bipods and we finally found something i could make work.

Anyway, the gun shoots hard and accurate, rate of fire is all great, i just wish for the price they would of make the parts more durable.

Very Nice rate of fire
Good feel, feels like a true LMG
Good range
Is totally different than what everyone has.

Cant get parts easily or even at all
G&P tech support is non existant
Very brittle small parts on the gun (the litle things break easy)
No accessories for the gun, you have to get creative

Overall, i would say hold off on the gun, for the price and the agrivation its better to wait until it becomes more common or GP makes more accessories/parts easily available.
by Noah C. on 2011-12-25 14:48:11
"This gun is worth every dollar, the fire rate is amazing with a 9.6 3000mAh. Very nice gun
by Henry S. on 2011-11-12 17:25:37
"I have to say that this gun is the most solidly built airsoft gun i have ever picked up. There is zero flex in it at all, and it just feels very soilid and real. The stock does take a large 8.4 battery ( not sure if a 9.6 large cell will fit, but its rate of fire on the 8.4 is very high already. It shoots 360 using .25s out of the box, and the box mag keeps up with the rate of fire no problem. The gun is a bit pricey but it is way more solidly built then the A&K m-60 and M-249 that i have had, and shoots harder and more accuraly. Plus the ability to take a large battery is awesome. With the large battery inside the balance is almost perfeclty centered. The iron sights work great, the comtrols all work perfeclty and while the size of the box mag means you carry less ammo then the m-249s and m-60s out there it is way more easy to weild. Very comfortable to carry and shoot with amazing rate of fire and accuracy, this gun is a winner.

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