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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) NiteShot Q5 Professional Combat Flashlight System with Strobe & Brightness Adjustment

8 Customer Reviews

by Jay A. on 02/26/2012
"GREAT Flashlight, I got it for christmas and it's already proven itself in night wars. Encourage anyone looking for a flashlight to get this. I compared it to my friends $200 surefire flashlight and it blew it away. Overall great buy.
by Michael H. on 12/21/2011
"Is the brightest flashlight i own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is pretty blinding on stroe and its even brighter than my spot light witch is 5 times bigger! its also nice how its rechargeable.


lanyard wears down quick
by Michael H. on 12/07/2011
"This is the best flashlight i own. its high quality aluminum. it is blinding on hige and strobe and bright on dim. its rechargeable battery is really nice. overall its the perfect tac light for the price
by Eric c. on 09/08/2011
"Great light. I was searching for a strobing CREE light and I would say this is the best light for the buck. The strobing feature is very effective in a tactical situation because it is extra blinding to your opponents.

I got the pressure switch too, so it is much easier to activate while mounted.

All and all, I got it when it was on sale and can't complaint!
by Andrew D. on 04/07/2013
-Light weight, evenly balanced
-Rechargeable battery
-Water resistant
-Bright 200~230 lumens
-High, Dim, Strobe settings
-Sleek looks
-Length (good or bad)

-MAIN PROBLEM! If you switch through the modes too fast then you get weird "dim" mode. So you have to train yourself to not switch too fast (a defective product?)
-No simple on/off
-No memory of last mode (if there was on/off)
-You have to switch through the modes
-Perhaps a bit expensive
-I didn't get a manual :(

Personally it is my first tactical flashlight. I do like how it has the rechargeable battery since I won't have to worry about buying any expensive batteries. It is a bit large but does add to a tactical look if you have a longer gun, and helps with "beating" your barrel length. Light, strong aluminum helps to make it not super heavy. Biggest downside is that the weird mode switching (as explained before) I'm starting to wonder if that is just a defective in the product, or that is normal. Other than that it certainly is a good flashlight.
by Starr C. on 02/26/2012
"This is a great light for the price. $40 and change for shipping was well spent. It has an intensely bright light. When strobe is on do not look into a it's sickening. The build quality is good on par with bushnell quality aluminum. The battery is annoying as it takes FOREVER to charge. However it's rechargeable so who can beat it. I'd reccomend this to those with a budget of $40-70.
by Sam E. on 01/13/2012
"I just got this flashlight in the mail today for $43 shipped. This is a solid piece, and is definetly worth the money.

Full-sized flashlight
Sleek look, perfect for any modern weapon. (Mines on my G&G F2000)
VERY bright
The low-light setting helps when you're not trying to blind people. (I.E. shining the light on the ground to help a buddy to tie his boots in the dark.)

You have to cycle through the Bright and Dim settings to get to the strobe, but other than that this is a fantastic product!
by Carlo G. on 09/07/2011
"Cool flashlight. works great at night. It's solid enough to "throw at the occasional varmint" as evike mike said, yet powerful enough to flash/blind enemies with strobe.

i use it instead of a tac-knife (for all CODers) next to my pistol in cqb all the time.

it's great (just not amazing)