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Evike TV "As Seen on Evike TV" IFF Hook and Loop Morale Patch

30 Customer Reviews

by Aidan M. on 10/07/2013
"This is the most amazing patch ever! Totally worth the ten grand! The fps changes by sensing the distance and the ROF changed to personally preference! Thanks evike! I recommend this to anybody with cash to spend!
by Kyle B. on 06/17/2013
"This was such a great buy. I was hoping to buy about 7 polar stars but instead i spent 10,000 grand on this amazing patch. Thanks EVIKE!!! :)
by Noah D. on 05/18/2013
"really good 10/10 very affordable for the price shoots at about 10000fps so its cqb legal plus it gives you swag so you know that always a plus the rof is about 1000000000 round per second so not to bad plus it has invisible camo so no one can see you when u have it on
by Benjamin G. on 04/15/2013
"A very good buy. My wife wanted me to spend the money on a new car, but instead I invested my money in this. I cannot display the amount of pleasure I have received from this purchase. I no longer have a job as a result, but this was totally worth it! 5 out of 5 for sure.
by Brandon P. on 04/14/2013
"This is by far my favorite patch! all of my friends are jellaous. they love the patch, totes worth the 10 grand:)
by Philip V. on 03/28/2013
"Very affordable patch , highly recommend to any airsofters 9001/10
by Jack B. on 01/30/2013
"Wow 5/5

Totally worth the 10 grand. The comments and attention that I get alone pay for this amazing patch!!!
by carson r. on 06/14/2012
"really nice patch and you can say u have an arsenal worth over 10,000 dollars. i got this in my boa and my friend is so jealous
its durable
nice construction
alot of compliments on it
big red target
by Kimberly S. on 06/14/2012
"Got this in a BoA a while ago.

Nice Patch

Pros: Easily Spotted in a game
You can say your loadout is worth $10,000 and not be lying.

Cons: The price... I mean it's too cheap
by mike r. on 11/28/2011
I bought 8 because I LOVE EVIKE!!


the quility of the patch is awesome, JUST LIKE EVIKE!
HARDCORE and Great for attracting attention because its red

Cons: No judy delivering the patch :'(
by Ethan S. on 10/06/2011
"OH. MY. GODNESS! I just opened up last thursday's "Get out and Airsoft" Box of Awesomeness and guess what was inside... THIS PATCH! I about peed myself. I feel so special!

Thanks Evike for including this in my box. This is why I only shop @ EVIKE.COM.
by George L. on 10/05/2011
"ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
by Sal P. on 09/06/2011
"Darn it was out of stock when i wanted to buy it, I am not surprised however. At such an amazing price I would have been surprised if it was still in stock. I still definitely recommend this patch to anyone who is considering in becoming a bamf.
by Alex W. on 08/30/2011
"As seen on Evike TV, what patch could be better than this?
They're really durable, and won't be damaged. And for the price, this is a steal! I would suggest picking one of these up as soon as possible. And when I step onto that field.. I always get asked, "Where did you get that.. that amazing patch!?" This patch it so bright and so noticeable, no one will ever miss it on your vest. It's the first thing that stands out for you.
by peter s. on 08/24/2011
"The Price is a little too cheap for a patch of this quality.