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Evike TV "As Seen on Evike TV" IFF Hook and Loop Morale Patch

30 Customer Reviews

by Jamie B. on 01/03/2018
"I love this patch so much!! It was definitely worth selling both of my kidneys so I can buy this!!
by grant s. on 11/26/2017
"increases hip fire accuracy. best purchase i have ever made. this patch also makes you invincible to bbs which i love. it also turned my condor stealth pants into new crys. 100% worth buying.
by Bubba W. on 09/01/2017
"Wow this patch is amazing! It can easily reach 10000000000 fps on an empty battery. I had to sell my family into forced labor for this but it was worth it!
by Nic C. on 07/08/2017
"Its an awesome patch! I got mine from Matt himself and I love it. Everyone at my field recognizes it and is jealous :)
by Malachy Z. on 03/02/2017
"So I kept on buying airsoft guns, one after the other, trying to find the right one and it just wasn't working for me. But then one day I was browsing and found these WMD'S!!! I was spending so much $$$ on guns and then I figured one not try out one of these. The first game I played, it was 140032652vs Me and I won in 16 seconds with that thing. I bought 72 more of them (all they had in stock) and 22 go pros and zipperooed them together and made some awesome videos! Go check out my youtube channel its [email protected][email protected]_I_MAKE_YOU_LOOK_GOOD
by Darren L. on 12/17/2016
"Got it with my ARES Amoeba mystery box! Yay!
by Joost D. on 12/12/2016
"Overall a great patch, but if I were you I would get it from a mystery box, because you have a change of getting this patch when you buy a mystery box.
by Jordan F. on 12/10/2016
"I was going have a son, but I was too busy investing my hard earned money in this awesome patch! My wife disagreed-until she saw the patch.
by Nic T. on 11/11/2016
"lasts longer than all crye gear combined, you can summon one by making a pentagram consisting of crye G3s, crye JPC, Peltor Comtac IIIs, Oakley M Frames and Oakley Assault gloves. but youll have to prepare for Shades appearing in your house, i was fortunately quick enough to snag it off his plate carrier before he started chasing me around my house. im still running as of now, i haven't been able to attend school
by Ethan D. on 06/01/2015
"This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to my life. I could have used the money to cure my little brother's cancer, but this was a much better investment. 100/10.
by Ian W. on 12/27/2014
"this patch is too cheap... i was going to buy a house but instead i emptied their stock on these patches. i have never regretted it, as i now have so many that i can burn them to keep warm. who needs shelter when you have cool patches, right? i am sorry to anyone who wanted to buy one, since i bought them all, but i'm sure it won't be long until the are back in stock. over all 5/5 stars!
by Deyton P. on 09/23/2014
"Wonderful patch, everywhere i go people get jelly !
by Noah M. on 07/05/2014
"This patch is absolutely fantastic! By all means worth the ten grand. I don't even use my G36k anymore, my patch kills the enemies for me. Watch out at indoor fields, though. It can very easily punch holes into walls. My local indoor field no longer allows the patch, so just be careful.
by Max B. on 04/14/2014
"Great patch! Bought 5 extra for my friends. Someone stole mine, so I bought 2 more in case I lose another. And now I will spend the next 4 years paying off my debt.
by Thai T. on 10/11/2013
"This patch is so amazing I was gonna buy 3 echo 1 mini guns but i saw this and fell in love.

Pro's: Bright red target too shoot at
Its way too cheap
Worth the 10k _--------- (Cheap)
Cons: Price I mean srsly.... ITS TOO AFFORDABLE!