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SOCOM Gear Gemtech Oasis High Power Airsoft Gas Pistol

9 Customer Reviews

by Dakota M. on 11/07/2017
"Where do I find a new set screw to adjust the hop up?
by Logan G. on 05/13/2017
"AMAZING PISTOL. Could not be better at long range
by ADAM L. on 07/25/2015
"If you're looking for an incredibly accurate & powerful airsoft pistol, this is it. This pistol has far exceeded my expectations with its awesome accuracy, power, & reliability. Shooting 0.30g BBs, this thing is MEGA-BEAST. Gas blowback is for fun, but this is for players that want to get hits every time.

If you want a flashy gangster pistol for intimidating PEW PEW factor, this is not it. There is no metal blowback action & it is much quieter in general. Players will underestimate you when you take it into the field because it looks different.

The Oasis is lightweight, easy to handle, & has a natural point of aim. This pistol is excellent for quick movements & sneaking. I find it solid enough to use as a primary for stealth/infiltration roles just as it is designed to look like. Playing on a small outdoor field, I have used only this pistol (no rifle) & three mags with great results.

The KJW MKI magazines are all metal single-stack. The mags are durable, high-quality, & slim enough to fit in thin pockets -- I can fit TWO in the single mag pouch on my universal fabric holster. I have had no problems shooting all 17 BBs on a single green gas fill & could probably shoot more without refilling the gas.

For best results, use 0.30g BBs!!! I tested 0.20 & 0.25 with total inconsistency, but using the 0.30s I can hit what I want every time at 100 feet. I agree that the double-action is a long trigger pull so it would be difficult to rapid fire. After using it in some games & learning where the trigger breaks, I can take up all the slack when I know I will be shooting & then the break is super-clean. NOTE: If you do this, a BB will load into the chamber & sit there unless you follow thru. If you do not shoot, releasing the trigger will result in double-loading next time you go to shoot!!! Only take up trigger slack when you know you will be taking the shot.

I recommend the Gemtech Oasis to anyone that needs a serious pistol with range & accuracy. 5/5 stars
by shawn h. on 04/18/2014
"Great pistol. This is the most reliable gas efficient pistol i have used. I have used it as a back up and. Primary weapon in the field it has functioned Flawlessly every time. I have owned many gas pistols TMs kwa ect this out performs all of them for half the price. The gun is dead accurate and the hop up very easy to adjust. It is a double action trigger but very smooth. I would recommend this to anyone regardless of experience level. To cary it in the feild i would recommend a uncle mikes vertical shoulder holster fits perfect.
by Benjamin W. on 01/05/2014
"Pros :
Accurate (.30s)
High power great for outdoors
Build quality
Quieter (no blowback)

Long (will hit ground when kneeling in leg holster)
Orange tip is hideous (paint it)
Doesn't shoot lightning bolts
by Ikaia C. on 02/23/2013
"This gun is by far my favorite gas pistol. I haven't played any games with it, only shot in my yard, but I can imagine that I would dominate in a game with it. This gun feels very solid and sturdy and it has a nice balance to it. I was debating whether to get this gun or the KJW MK1, and I definitely made the right decision. This gun just looks way cooler and probably performs way better with the longer barrel.

- Great range
- Deadly accurate from the extended barrel
- Shoots ~400 fps
- Solid (not a lot of parts move when I shake it)
- Trademarked with the Gemtech trademarks
- Looks awesome with the integrated mock silencer
- Great on gas (I have gone through 3 mags on one fill of gas)
- Great deal for the price
- Very easy and quick to load (can load in 2 seconds with speed loader)
- Looks quite intimidating with the longer barrel

- Can be inaccurate (if you are using light bbs, but this can be solved by using heavier bbs like 0.25+)
- Heavy trigger pull (but you will get used to it, and I also think it helps you keep your gun steadier)
- Small magazine capacity (buy extra magazines)

Overall: Buy this gun! this is a great deal for the price. You will have the hardest shooting and most accurate gun on the field and you will be changing it up from all the 1911s and the m9s. This gun will give you a great look and will help you dominate on the field.
by Matt R. on 09/12/2012
"This has to be my favorite pistol. Great sidearm and very reliable. Not too many parts to it so i can't see it breaking anytime soon.

look and feel
build quality

Inaccurate with lighter bbs
heavy trigger pull

Overall, its a great pistol for a reasonable price. But you need at least .23g bbs to shoot straight. Works very well with propane
by Kenny C. on 06/24/2012
"WOW! There is nothing really else to say. I have been playing airsoft for 5 years and this is by far my favorite pistol. I really like this gun.

Great fps
Nice look
will not break anytime soon
needs no upgrades

Can be a little inaccurate

Best pistol on
by Felipe F. on 09/27/2013
"Great pistol but the trigger is hard to pull on
And can cause the gun to shake resulting in
Less accurate shots. Shoots great when steady
And is the hardest hitting pistol I've owned.