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Model: Vest-NC-CVAKCR2921D

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by Wil D. on 2016-07-27 16:38:42
"This is a great vest for starters, I use it for CQC and it works great. M4 mags will fit in the pouches very well, the vest also has 2 side pouches which are great for holding speed loader. Over all the vest feels good on my body the the adjustable straps work very good.
by thanh n. on 2013-01-14 21:29:43
"overall, this is a good chest rig for starter or non serious player
- can fit (nicely) 6 AK or 6 m4 mag. G36 variant mag should do fine
- no MOLLE applicable (accecpt for the shoulder, you can add a SINGLE subMG MOLLE pouch on each side. or anything that has SINGLE strap or velcro.
- decent price with discount
- machine washable on cool temp [attempt at own risk]
- should be wearable for skinny body type (i wear a size S izod jacket to fit it with its strap all tight, a bit wobble if i dont)
by Greg D. on 2012-11-04 15:33:25
"This is a pretty good chest rig
Lots of space
Can fit 2 m4 or ak mags per pouch
Fairly Comfy

Not as lightweight as i expected
Grenade and admin pouches anoying to get to/open
by erik s. on 2012-07-03 17:32:12
"this rig is pretty good pretty comfy pretty cool all around good rig
pros: comfy,lightweight,good looking,can hold a lot
cons:straps sometimes get in the way
all in all great product
by Justin G. on 2012-01-03 18:18:24
"I really like this thing this size fits alot, I got it yesterday and it works perfect in cold weather I really recomend it to anyone who is looking for a cheap good vest
by Sei P. on 2011-10-11 19:33:36
"It was a great fit, on size fits MOST. I like that it had a hidden pouch so you could hide intel or maps. Although the chest cavity was totally empty it had a nice feel with good mag pouches. Over all, beast!

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)