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Model: Vest-JAM01-LC
Location: R1-100 WO10-T15

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by Jonathan G. on 2015-03-16 20:36:27
"I bought the JPC a while ago and I got to use it at an Event yesterday. One thing I can say right off the bat is that the JPC is tight-fitted to your body. It doesn't move around like other plate carriers do, and the skeletal cummerbund is extremely comfortable. The cummerbund is adjustable in the back of the carrier and is easy to do. The shoulder straps are also adjustable by removing the velcro and adjusting it to your needs. On the shoulder pads there's velcro-adjusted loops to wire your comm's or hydration tube through. There's a integrated admin pouch which can hold many things, and a Kangaroo pouch which can hold 3 M4 Magazines. The kangaroo pouch has retention straps to keep the mags in place, and are also removable if necessary. The velcro on the front side is also PALS webbing, so if you wanted to you can weave something on.
The only con I found is that the stitching isn't that great. In some areas it's better then others but when putting plates in, the velcro teared off the material.
If you are wondering If this plate carrier fits you, I can say it fits most people. I am 6'2" 250lbs and with adjustments it's good to go. They also make kid sizes for the smaller people and a larger one for us big guys. I recommend HSGI Shoulder pads with this PC as they are more comfortable and put less stress on your shoulders. Also to note, this does come with Plates, and a black Emerson travelers bag.

All-in-All, I would give this PC a 9/10. (I tried to be as detailed as I can with this review and I tried to cover everything from the top of my head. If I forgot anything I apologize.)
by Jeremy M. on 2015-01-11 06:35:39
"OK, so what can I say besides wow? This vest is very nice, no problems with anything about it. The vest itself does come with 2 plastic hollow plates, so if you are wanting/needing those. Here you go. Aside from that all the stitching is great, the pattern is a little bit off, but it is not noticeable at normal distances. And I for one love the thing. I am 5'9" and about 190 so it will fit just about everyone. I really can't think of anything else to say except, why haven't you bought this yet??
by alex s. on 2014-12-03 15:42:46
"This was my first plate carrier that I had ever purchased so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it is a great vest. If you're on a budget it comes with integrated mag pouches x3 and an admin pouch up top. it is completely adjustable so there is no worries there. I'm 6'1" 180lbs so I'm a little above average size and it fits me great. It does come with plates if your wanting to fill the vest out a bit more. It does have additional mole for more pouches of your choosing. I just use another tripple open top mag pouches on the front and a thunder B clip on the side. My only dislikes with this vest is the back. It is a mess of cord and an just doesn't look nice. Plus you can not fit a full size hydration carrier on the back.

looks awesome
comes with some pouchs all ready to go
comes with plates so you don't gotta spend extra on them
breathable cover bun (front and back still get sweaty, especially if plates are in)
Cant fit a full hydration system

No drag handle
the back don't look to neat
the admin pouch is kinda hard to open
by matthew b. on 2014-07-22 13:53:17
"Got one almost a year ago, and I'm finally getting around to this. So the one I got must have been a Generation 1 Avengers JPC because the shoulder straps were ôLand Camo". Next the ôLand Camo" isn't close to the color of Multicam (the black spots in real MC appear to almost better Navy on the Land Camo). Lastly the fabric behind the webbing fades quickly. Besides all this, it has been my favorite plate carrier I have owned. It is extremely adjustable, and very versatile. I love the built in mag pouches and the admin pouch. I'm planning on eventually getting the Crye one since I like this one so much.

1.) Adjustable
2.) Comfortable
3.) Integrated pouches

1.) Color of the replica Multicam pattern
2.) The shoulder straps were Camo (should have been tan to mimic the Crye JPC)
by Dawn M. on 2014-05-27 15:31:54
"Well, I got this in the mail, and it came with a giant string pull bag. It's Emerson labeled on the vest and bag, so be aware. The vest itself, for the money, is worth it if you're all about function and don't care if it looks ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! The "multicam" is what is known as Chinacam, basically it looks like someone ate a chocolate bar and a green drink, then threw it up. Whoever said it's accurate clearly has no Idea what they're talking about. The colors are off, and in some places the pattern looks like it's missing pieces. It does have good, but not great, stitching. It also has a couple velco loops on the shoulder pads to route wires and camelback tubes.

-good functionality
-built in admin panel
-kangaroo pouches
-skeletonized cummerbund and shoulder straps
-quick release of vest from your body
-Velcro loops for routing

-ugly as a mofo
-multicam is inaccurate
-won't match anything multicam
-shoulder pads are thin and require extra pads
-may or may not come with SAPIs
-admin panel is hard to open
-difficult to route MOLLE through cummerbund and admin Velcro
-plates are hollow plastic
by Noah H. on 2014-05-19 22:51:17
"I just got this in today and am extremely impressed with what I got. To start, it comes in a nice storage bag to keep it in. The packaging is branded as Emerson and not Avengers. Also, the packaging of the jpc is clearly labeled as multicam and not land camo. Not sure why it is labeled as land camo on the site. Although it is not a licensed multicam, it is extremely difficult to tell that it isn't genuine multicam. It came with pretty decent plates. The plates are size medium (10x12) and fit great. I have seen a lot of people that say the jpc is designed for smaller people and this just is not true at all. I am 6'2 and I weigh 215lbs and this fits me perfectly. The jpc is sized according to plate size and not body size. The medium plate is designed for anyone with a chest cirumference up to 40 inches and I am just below that. That being said, it is designed to be low profile to it fits a little more snug that your larger carriers, but if you are a big guy, don't be scared away by the people who say it is designed for small people. All you have to do is adjust it. The cumberbund is awesome and the shoulder straps are fine without any additional padding. My only complaints are that the integrated mag pouches seem a little deep for airsoft mags and that is smells a little funky, but that will go away after some use. Overall the jpc is a great plate carrier for low profile loadouts and is great for players of all shapes and sizes.

Very accurate multicam pattern
Comes with pretty decent plates
Comes in a pretty cool storage bag
Cumberbund and shoulder straps are easily adjusted
Plenty of Molle realestate
Integrated Mag and Admin pouches
Very breatheable
Material and stitching are up to par for the price

Smells a little funky right out of the box
Integrated mag pouches are a little deep but if you use magpuls or ranger plates you will be fine

Final thoughts: This is a great plate carrier for any airsoft player and is a very high quality product for the price. I highly recommend it if you aren't willing to put down hundreds of dollars on an actual Crye JPC.
by Brendan C. on 2014-03-09 11:41:49
"I just received this vest the other day and I am impressed. It is light weight even with everything I have on it. It came with hollow plastic plates even though it says clearly that it doesn't come with plates. But it is a great vest, and clearly worth the $75.

Light weight
Comes with plates
Built in magazine pouches
Very sturdy

Couldn't think of any, very nice vest!
by david g. on 2013-03-01 03:58:17
"I gave this vest a four out of five stars because when you get it it is just way to small and thin. I took about 30 or 40 minutes makeing card boaurd sapi plates for this vest and after that i couldnt be more happy. Also it is a expensivive for what you get but it is very high quality.
by kyle c. on 2013-02-16 23:49:48
"this is a fantastic vest. i have not yet field tested it yet but i will soon. i will also make a youtube video of it soon as well. what most people dont realize from the picture is that behind the velcro is an admin pouch that has retention straps for 3 pistol mags 9 or speed loaders.this is a little small on me but it works great with my battle belt.

light weight
built in mag pouches

not legit multicam, but similar
difficult to adjust the sides
didnt come with foam SAPI plates

all in all gret vest, well worth the $80.00
by jake b. on 2012-12-29 22:34:42
"even for large people, this does exactly what its made for. the vest is actually called a "jump capable" vest. due to its small size, it made to carry the essentials and to be worn under any jump equipment (sky diving equipment). but overpriced for an airsoft version in my opinion. still very good. very capable. very very useful.
by Jonathan H. on 2012-10-09 17:48:55
"You know, the great thing about this plate carrier is that it's compact. SO compact it fits my 5th gracde friend TIGHTLY. Yes, that means for people underaged and thin, THIS is the rig for you! Lets just get to the cons and pros now shall we?

Compact; enough for even older elementary kids, in some cases bad for bigger people
Multicam; will blend into a lot of different environments
Comes with installed syraphome plates

Plates; I know what plates are (real steel and airsoft), but for airsoft it just wares out your back, so my friend just took out the plates and it still very thick enough to block the pain of a BB!
Super tight magazine pouches; it may take some time to break in the installed magazine pouches, so if you get this, buy some Magpul's/Magazine Assists' for your magazines. Trust me.
Not too much protection; only covers your front and back,

My opinion:
If you have a big body, you might want to consider getting something bigger. Because this thing is like a normal sized plate carrier to my 5th grade friend (he's the one that owns this), compared to a big 30 year old adault wearing some other huge plate carrier. It's not worth the money, only buy this if your a small kid and need somthing that will fit you. If your an adault, you're better of buying something like this

Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 reviews)