Reviews: Pre-Order ETA 02/28/2015 Avengers Compact Operator Airsoft High Speed JPC Plate Carrier - Tan

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Model: Vest-JAM01-T
Location: R1-003

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by nathan t. on 2015-02-12 13:26:48
"ive had this plate carrier for a few months now and i gotta say its a great product.
The only problem ive had is the velcro for the admin pouch was very heavy duty and the threads loosened and the admin pouch is a little ripped but i think i got a lemon. Other than that its a great platecarrier. I would reccomend this for cqb and to anyone that wants a plate carrier that wont move around at all. its adjustable so it can be as tight as you need it.
by Nate K. on 2014-11-12 18:50:02
"I decided to not write a review until I had time to use this vest. I have put it through a lot of play and it has held up so far. It appears to be coming a little undone but I think it will last quite a while longer. It is comfortable, holds my stuff well, and came with plates and a carrying sack.

Holds adjustment well
Stays on well
Comes with plates and carrying sack
Molle attaches easily

Hard to adjust size
M4 pouch thats built in is just a bit too deep. Makes Digging for mags a problem.

All in all a good vest for the money.
by Spencer T. on 2014-10-30 09:23:24
"Looks great.
Can fit small waist.
Came with plastic ballistic plates.
by Dillon B. on 2014-09-20 07:20:53
"So i have owned this for a little while and to start off, out of the box it is VERY tight, and it took me a few minutes to figure out how to adjust the skeleton cummerbund, but it was quite easy to do, and now it fits perfectly. The integrated triple m4 mag pouch is nice, and actually fits my mp9 mags in it, so i do not have to use another pouch and have the weight of the mags weigh the pouch outwards. It is great quality, some bad stitching in a few places but it is easily overlooked.
-Tight fitting
- Easily adjustable
-Integrated mag pouch
-Includes replica sapi plates
-No instructions on how to adjust
-Some cheap stitching
-Nothing else, great replica
by Neil W. on 2014-08-22 05:37:01
"Very high speed low drag, comes with sapi plates already included.
Integrated mag pouches and admin pouch, nice coyote brown color.
You can hrdly notice youre wearing it.

A couple of cons however is that it comes in way too tight, youll have to figure out how to adjust the bunjee cords. No manual included to show you. Luckily its easy to figure out.

Stitching in some areas is very cheap. Could rip the velcro off if youre too rough.

Shoulder straps are made of a cheap foam. Much like a nerf dart. Could rip with heavy usage.
by Martin M. on 2014-07-02 19:29:20
"I got this as a present, ordered it and it turned out to be preordered, then i got it while on vacation. The vest comes in a drawstring bag and with a plastic sapi plates. It fits me, I'm 14 and smaller for my age, it fits tight and the plates make it sturdy. The mag pouch fits my magazines but is inconvienent when I want to place them back in the pouch because the velcro shuts it. The Admin pouch is just awful, can't open it and I am afraid the velcro will tear. Overall A good beginner to milsim operator plate carrier.
by Jim W. on 2014-03-17 15:33:39
This is a great light weight plate carrier with many good features

- Light weight
- Pretty durable
- 3 built in mag pouches
- Fantastic cummerbund

- Shoulder straps are hard to get to
- Mine smelled strangely of cigarette smoke...

This replica JPC is my favorite plate carrier that I own, that being said I only have two. Out of the box it comes with two medium sized SAPI plates, so that is a huge plus for me. I only had to do a little bit of modification once I got it. One of those being adjusting the cummerbund and the other was taking out the mag retention straps, I run them open top so I can reload faster. Other than that there is nothing really else to say about this PC except that it is amazing! I would buy another if I had to, a great value for seventy dollars.
by Ian G. on 2013-12-06 18:25:10
"just buy it its great low profile fits a lot of sizes great molle space just buy it
by Garrett K. on 2013-11-09 10:19:01
"This vest is a replica of the Crye Precision jumpable plate carrier. Evike Matt wore this vest for 5 years and now runs a custom made vest. Jet from Desert Fox Airsoft wears a real JPC. I bought this vest at the Evike super store in Alhambra, California. Evike Matt was helping me because I am special and he recommended me this plate carrier. I LOVE this vest because It is very lightweight and has thin skeleton MOLLE on the sides. this vest is good for "Hight Speed, Low Drag" people or your average milsim player. I am 5'1 and 114lb and this vest fit me. (I am only 12) this vest comes with two medium replica SAPI plates. The stitching the vest is cheap. The is made by Emerson (Not Avenges) The vest is made from strong 1000D denier core dura nylon. This vest will hold up for a very long time. My dad (6'3 205lb) could not fit in this vest, but on the other hand my older brother could (6'0 186) this vest comes with a tarp caring bag. I strongly recommend this PC to any player that wants a good vest while still reaming comfortable.
by kenneth j. on 2013-10-16 11:45:07
"I've had this plate carrier for about 5 months now and it does what its supposed to carry plates and gear. Plenty of pals/molle for gear. Individual ribbing is sturdy and does not sag when pouches are applied. depending on how you adjust it your collar area and upper back can be exposed. Good ventilation for high heat areas. There is only one problem ive found, when you examine the stitching it is not as sturdy as it should be. the hook and loop flap that covers the front area of the vest was not stitched enough and tore loose easily at its sewing point.

pros: light, highly adjustable,unique style, plenty of molle/pals, does not hold in heat.

cons:Not double stitched in key areas for durability, does not hold in heat(cold areas only)

I would recommend this jpc plate carrier to anybody who needs a platform that can hold plenty of gear and or minimal gear as it comes with built in triple mag pouch and admin pouch. put take it to somebody who can double stitch the main flap joint.
by Chase C. on 2013-09-01 17:44:48
"Man I love this its small compact and gets the job done! Im 5,9 roughly 135 lbs and this carreir goes down to the top of my belly button which is nice so I can run a battle belt. This isnt Avengers though its a Pro Arms replica JPC.
by Richard Y. on 2013-05-31 12:04:24
"This is a great, high quality vest that is probably great for either smaller or skinnier players. Like the name, it is a smaller plate carrier, but its advantageous if you are looking for a vest that will let you move freely and easily. I love the adjustabililty on this thing, since its easy to make it fit you to your size perfectly, and it basically holds on to your body tightly and makes sure nothing flops around unlike my previous plate carrier which did exactly that. Please note that I am a rather skinny person, I'm 5 ft, 9 inches and only weigh about 135 pounds. The only disappointing thing about it is that it didnt come with the foam plates for me like the previous people who purchased it, but i plan to purchase some dummy sapi plates for myself later on anyway.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 15 reviews)

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