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AIM Real Steel Grade CNC AK Double Side Rail Scope Mount

1 Customer Review

by Jack Z. on 06/29/2010
"I must say, this little piece of gear surprised in almost every way. Besides being solid metal, and very large, it is very effective and performs its purpose flawlessly. It fits on my G&G RK-47/AK-47 perfectly, and it fits nicely with the all-metal finish.
There are a few facts everyone considering this scope mount should know before making the purchase, however.
1. This scope mount completely replaces your iron sights, so you must attach some sort of red dot, holo sight, or scope to be able to take aim without having to use "Kentucky Windage".
2. This thing is very big, it spans the entire length of the side rail to which it mounts, and the rails run the full length of the mount. This means you can put a very large scope on it and really not have to worry about the rail clamps hanging off of the edge.
3a. It is called "quick-detach" because it has a small lever that, when shifted forward and back, will loosen the screw holding the entire piece with your added optics to your side-rail. When the screw is loosened, it enables the user to remove the rail unit. However, you must slide it down the rail; you cannot simply lift it off.
3b. You cannot quickly remove the rail unit and put it into a stuff sack quickly. It is large and unwieldy, and with all the adjustment knobs and wires (pressure button on a laser sight) it will get caught. You will have to stop fighting and find cover to safely put it away. My estimations and a couple of practice attempts put downtime at 30-60 seconds to safely put away the rail unit into an extra pouch on the side of my tactical vest to use iron sights again.

Consider these facts before buying, but so long as you have a sight to attach to it and an AK with a side rail, this is an absolute must-buy.

NOTE: You must have a side rail on your AK-type gun or you will never get it to attach to any gun. Period.