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by Banning J. on 2016-05-21 11:26:23
"Be very cautious when buying this gun. When I got it it was perfect. I hadn't shot it yet but the overall esthetics look amazing. THE ONE ISSUE, which is honestly probably the biggest issue is that my gun does not firing correctly. I hooked it up to my 9.4v butterfly type battery that was fully charged and it never shot. So I did some testing. The power was getting to the trigger and it was fine but when I pulled the trigger it never worked. On the off occasion that it finally did shoot, it would shoot for like a couple seconds on semi-auto and then the trigger seized up. I am very disappointed in this gun and I wish it had better performance but it isn't worth the amount of money it costs.
by sion l. on 2012-11-28 02:41:19
"Very good looking gun, at the moment im just zeroing it in and adding some tac equipment to it. looks way better than the AR-16 im used to back in the days 92.
now for the initial goodies
shoots straight as an arrow
out of the box 420fps. with a 9.6 v 1600mah 865rpm
selector switch is iffy gets gummed up now and then
tan is the new black
did i say beautiful gun ?
got some weight to it , i think grip pod is necessary for its size.
overall i am pleased with its performance. Would like to add a longer tight bore barrel 650mm perhaps? and a silencer to add to the wickedness of this beast.
When in my hands it takes me back to the best and worst of times.
by Casey R. on 2011-08-08 19:31:53
"I don't like put up pros and cons of this and that i.e., the gun is amazing; so instead, I'll just put down my own experiences.

First off, the Sniper Support Rifle (SSR) does a good job of weeding out the other guys you go up against. I've brought this gun to a few events where dudes would just bounce half way through because with a good scope, the right camo, and a spotter, the SSR pins the opposition down pretty good. I let my friend borrow my SSR once and with my 50mm scope I didn't have a prayer; he had me and a few dudes zerod in - we couldn't go anywhere until we had another unit flank my friend.

The gun is huge. The picture doesn't do a justice. When you pick this thing up its DANG GINA!

You can use the SSR for both sniper or support or both during an event. I use full auto for support roles and semi auto for sniper roles, but whatever.

Obviously with this gun shooting over 400 fps, some fields have rules for sniper distance/range limits, and some places don't let you roll with full auto enabled specifically with the SSR, so this AEG isn't something you can't run around with at a CQB event obviously. It's an intimidating beast.

As an upgrade, I would recommend a 509/510mm tight bore.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)