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AIM Dual-Rail 4x35 Illuminated Compact Scope with Fiber Optics Sight / Rapid Ranging Reticle

13 Customer Reviews

by Connor S. on 02/09/2016
"I've had this for about two month's. Its a great optic but if you wear a paintball mask its very hard to see through. The eye relief is not great but its ok. The fiber optic on the top is a great when clearing buildings. And I even use this on my Ar 15.

Can be used with real steel
Easy to sight in

Eye relief
by Evan H. on 01/06/2015
"This is a great acog it has 3 brightness levels for all 3 colors Red, Blue, and Green. The sight doesn't rely on only the illumination it has the crosshair lines that are easy to see without the illumination. The sight has great eye relief, I leave the adjustable stock on my m4 at the 4th setting and can see perfectly and it is very easy to quickly aim down.

Cons: the illumination can sometimes be hard to see in the sunlight. (But you can still clearly see the black crosshairs without illumination.
by Sierra R. on 07/01/2014
"Awesome sight! Quick target acquisition and looks like a trijicon!! I use it on my real AR and Airsoft and it hasn't failed me. This is a real steel firearm scope so you will get an overkill performance without a overkill price tag!
by Gabriel M. on 11/14/2013
"This is a great scope, I recommend this for long range, not rushing, has excellent zoom and nice finish and like skylar said, it will rust so take care of it
by Cory C. on 06/25/2012
"I purchased this optic a few months ago and I must say I love it. The sight is very clear and the zoom is really helpful. The ssight does have 3 colors (red/green/blue) with 3 brightnesses each. Even with the illumination off it works well in the daytime. The fiber optic sight on top works perfect for a quick reaction sight. My favorite part about this optic is that you can follow the entire path of your BB. All in all I say it's very worth the money if you have it.
by ben d. on 02/16/2012
"Great buy, altho its kinda different than what it says in the description. It illuminates red green and blue and has 3 brightness levels for each color. Overall great buy completely satisfied with this product.


Illuminates 3 colors
Comes with two batteries and a cleaning cloth
Built in iron sight
by Skyler G. on 08/15/2013
"Good scope, great zoom. Some parts will rust if they get wet and I still cannot find a way to sight it in correctly. It shoots above and to the left of the crosshairs yet no matter how I position the scope it continues to shoot the same way. Invest in a laser bore sighter.
by Luis Eduardo R. on 07/18/2012
"This is a great scope!

Full metal and heavy, the feeling is sturdy and the dial to turn the illumination (red,green,blue) is placed where you can reach it with either hand to use it in case you are under fire or regardless of your weak side.

The rails work great and not even with a lot of weight will it bend or wobble in any part of the whole scope at all.

- Sturdy
- Makes your gun look awesome
- Its crosshairs have mils which is great for the sniper feeling.
- It's 4x
- Comes with an easy target acquisition set of sights of iron and fiber, really visible
- Heavy
- The screw nuts are big an easy to work with even with gloves
- 3 levels of brightness
- Mine came with 2 batteries even when it only needs one

- Terrible eye relief, you have to be almost right behind the thing to see through it.
- Can not be set correctly for elevation since it doesn't have enough range of movement for it.
- I think is expensive
by Gabriel B. on 02/04/2012
"I just got this a couple of days ago after pre-ordering it and i works awesomely. it looks very threatening on my JG M4 and it is made almost completely out of metal. I have yet to use it in a skirmish, but the built-in iron sights will be useful for cqb encounters. One thing that the description did not mention is that the illumination is in blue, but at the cost of 2 brightness settings/color. the iron sights are adjustable, however the battery compartment/illumination dial is kind of obstructive.

Iron sight
good magnification
looks cool
Side rails
comes with 2 batteries (takes 1)

battery dial obstructive
little bit heavy
little pricey

Was worth the $110 overall
by Louis P. on 05/04/2014
"A really great optic overall, really solid construction and the feel of quality when your holding it. The ONLY bad thing I have to say about this optic is the terrible eye relief. If putting your sights close to your face isn't a problem for you then GET THIS! :)
by Carter T. on 09/20/2016
"This scope is usable, not a very good quality one for the money though, my 30 dollar sniper scopes eye relief is 10000x better than this scope, do not recommend this, if you want a sight stick with a redo dot or a sniper scope, plus the sniper scope would look better on an M16 or M4 than this garbage.
by andrew b. on 07/25/2016
"Stay away from this scope eye relief was incredibly horrible & the iron sights on top fall off within 50 rounds and it's annoying to let it sit there so you have to take the ring off and that makes the scope look stupid beyond measures. Sighting it in was a pain and still was inaccurate for me, all around not worth your buck
by zach s. on 09/14/2015
"not a good product, as other reviews have said if you like having your optics close to your fave this is ok, but the one i recieved only had 1" of eye relief and there is no way to adjust the eye relief, I sent it back its so bad