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Condor Gen.4 Tactical MOLLE OPS Chest Rig - Black

11 Customer Reviews

by Robert G. on 08/23/2017
"Looks nice, feels nice, lightweight, and easily carries lots of mags on its own? An excellent product, even though the Velcro is tight as tight Velcro, and the mag pouches are deep... 9/10
by Camden P. on 07/07/2014
"Very Very Good chestrig. Works fine for me I am 6'0" 225 and it fits very well.

-well built
-enough molle space

-A bit tricky to adjust to your size but other than that its an awesome Chestrig. Would recommend this to anyone who is a high speed and low profile player. Overall 9/10 just because of the adjustment.
by Brian H. on 07/01/2013
"My only complaint/suggestion is that the MOLLE vest does not wrap around far enough near the belt line for the use of dump, admin, or grenade pouches. I have a dump pouch attached at the farthest side of the MOLLE and it ends up on my hip exactly where a hip holster would normally be. (If you are running a MOLLE holster on your hip, this may be perfect for you.)

- Lightweight, breathable, great for fast movers and in hot environments
- Great build quality
- Detachable swivel strap buckles (4) and a securing strap for the "X"
- Detachable rear belt strap has standard buckles (2) and has velcro straps for securing excess belt length on BOTH sides.
- Integrated mag pouches can be used for extended pistol/smg mags or longer rifle mags.
- Integrated mag pouches can be used as a vertical pistol "shoulder" holster for most handguns and can accommodate light/laser accessories on the pistol lower-rail.
- MOLLE webbing on shoulder straps can be used as guides for water carriers and comm gear.

- Integrated mag pouches are too deep for standard M4 magazines.
- Vest could be wider to provide some MOLLE toward the rear.
- Velcro on integrated mag pouches is very strong. If you plan to use these pouches frequently, apply some velcro strips to "deactivate" the pouch's velcro.
by Michael A. on 06/10/2013
"Hail to Condor for their attention to the needs of the wearer and the CODE:

Comfort: The mesh under the shoulders and across the belly is a lifesaver regarding heat and airflow
Opportunity: The molle space gave me the space to load enough pouches and accessories for the day!
Durability: I've been wearing this rig every game/training scenario for the last year and it is tough as nails
Efficiency: The swivel buckles and cross strap velcro assist are perfect for high speed and flexibility.

and with that hydration pack that came out recently, I can't wait to join them as one boss rig! Thank you Evike and Condor!
by Darian Z. on 04/22/2013
"I just received this vest today and it is amazing. When the horizontal, female, nylon straps were sewn onto the vest, someone sewed one strap too fat and one strap wouldn't fit, but I fixed it immediately. 10/10 amazing.
by David B. on 04/07/2013
"I got this a few days ago in preparation for bad blood 2013. Right out of the bag you can tell it is going to last. It has a decent amount of molle space and allows a lot of movement. If you're a small guy like me (5' 5''), it's hard to find places for the straps when adjusted. It has a little net on the back of the molle space where I like to keep my dead rag. It has built in mag pouches on the sides. The pouches are lined with velcro and hard to pull apart. The pouch is too deep for my M4 mags.

Lots 'o space

The straps
Mag pouches

This is for anyone looking for a cheap, yet durable chest rig.
by Bill W. on 09/17/2012
"This chest rig works just fine as a backless chest rig. It's light weight and has lots of molle attachment points that allow almost unlimited configuration of the front and sides. It truly is adjustable to fit almost anyone. It has built-in mag pouches but I don't use them. They're a bit snug when trying to put larger M-14 sized mags into them and I personally prefer to attach mag pouches to the outside.

Bottom line: it does what it's designed to do and, for the price, it's hard to beat. If you don't need a back panel or an upper front upper admin panel, I'd recommend it.
by zak m. on 03/06/2012
"Ok so i got this for christmas 2011 and i absolutely love it. I sometimes wear it when im just sitting around the house because its so comfortable. It is very easy to move in and you keep cool because of the light frame of the straps. Also its molle so you can change the pouches for different games. I like these more than plates and vests because its just a lot easier to move in. Yeah i definitely rate 5/5 stars. Im gonna buy another in multi cam because i love these so much.
by Gabriel M. on 01/27/2012
"Man. I just LOVE! this, Chest Rig. I have been playing, Airsoft for (9years) And this...Chest Rig by, Condor Kills...I move soo quick...Soo fast with this bad boy on. I have 2, 3 M4 Pouch Pockets by, Condor & that's all i really use & need with this ting on & it just feel's good.

Don't just take my advice for this Chest Rig. Watch "Matt" Evike's spoke's man watch the video below. Like i did & get the feel for this, Chest Rig like i did;)

Gabriel M.


Great Feel
Sturdy Buckle's
Light Weight

Just wish their was, MOLLE in the back, But i just find that would get in the wayyy sometimes.
by Brady M. on 09/01/2017
"This was great it fits me and it was comfortable for me. Great for my first chest rig.
by Scott L. on 12/10/2011
"Nice, sturdy harness, holds two triple mag m4 mag pouches. although its not meant for lighter people, and it'd be better to wear it over some body armor. buckles and locks are all very sturdy plastic and will be able to withstand dozens of pounds of pressure.