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by Tyler J M. on 2015-08-13 07:23:50
"Purchased this along with the RA-Tech barrel for a nostalgia project (Metal Gear Solid LAM + Suppressor configuration).

It's my third pistol from KWA/KSC (Recently got a newer KWA M93R and still have a non-functional KSC M93R II I purchased from Den Trinity in '05).

In brief, this gun is excellent. Bullet points:

+ I've handled my share of GBBs, and nothing to date kicks like this, it's akin to a .22 in a heavy-framed pistol and was quite a surprise when I put the first round through.

- While the double-action mechanism requires a firm pull to both cock and release the hammer, the rigger pull is incredibly light once the hammer's cocked. This was also a pleasant surprise, accompanied by the loudest gas-mechanical "thwack" of anything I own.

+ Hammer, safety and decock mechanisms work like the real steel's system.
The safety is ambidextrous and can only be activated once the hammer in cocked and blocks the decock lever action, preventing accidental decocking. The safety switch itself is well made; little effort to operate, but stays securely in place.

+ Big, heavy, intimidating. This gun is roughly the same length and height of a Desert Eagle .50, though much more comfortable due to the narrower hand grip.

- Not recommended for small hands, could be quite uncomfortable.

+ Accurate and chronos as advertised.

- Slight play where the slide meets the lower body. Hasn't been an issue accuracy-wise.

- Much like my other modern KWA NS2 pistol, the magazine fill vales are extremely finicky. It may take some practice to get a proper fill.

- Magazines are apparently made of Elven steel based on their price.

+ Very solid magazine construction. One fill usually gets me a full magazine + 6-7 shots.

+ This gun is almost a joy to disassemble compared to other GGBs. The guide springs are retained as a single unit, so no flying guide rods when you open it up (lookin' at you, M93R...).

+ Hop up is easy to adjust using the included tool and stays securely in place.

+ Rail and trigger guard thread is exactly the same as the TM NBB set.
I've upgraded TM's weak flashlight LED with a CREE lamp and the weaker "laser" LED with a 3V laser diode, and wired them for independent operation while still using the original the original 3xAAA power supply.
The fit is close enough to the TM model that I didn't even need to re-sight the laser. Considering writing up a tutorial for like-minded hobbyists.

- Not a fault of KWA as it is to real steel specs, but buyers should be aware that the threading is 14mm Clockwise (+) unlike most barrels and mock suppressors. I'm patiently waiting for Evike to restock the Classic Army SOCOM suppressor so I can complete this build (or I need to matte up my TM one. It fits, but the thing is too glossy).

If you can handle the hit to the wallet, this is some piece of work.
Even if you're not into skirmishing, this is a well-engineered work of art and is the standard to which I'm going to hold other GBBs in the future.

Note 1: the unsightly white paragraph on the right side is screen printed using a different ink than the other markings. It can easily be removed with a bit of acetone, though I'm not sure if that voids the warranty.

Note 2: CAUTION: There's an odd-looking tension spring right behind the slide lock. Be very mindful of this when disassembling! I almost lost this part the first time I broke it down, and replacements are probably only available via KWA.
by David C. on 2014-09-23 19:29:15
"I have had this gun in the field twice now and am very satisfied with it. I took it straight put of the box on Friday afternoon and ran with it Saturday and Sunday outdoors. The Sunday game was pistols and shotguns only. This pistol worked very well both days. I want to break it down and give it some better lube, but without even cleaning the barrel it shot well, with just a few stray BBs here and there. Once I dial in the hopup, get a third mag and figure out the best BB weight, I expect it to be pretty fearsome.
by Nate H. on 2014-08-15 21:46:08
"This is only a preliminary review. I have not used this gun in a game yet. I will post another, more in depth review when I've used the gun a little more.

First things first, as soon as I received this pistol in the mail, I decided to disassemble it (I recommend you do the same, to gain an understanding of the internal systems) there are some VERY small parts, which can be very easily lost if you are disassembling it anywhere but a workbench. The hook which holds the slide release in place can fall out if you aren't careful, and should be re-secured as soon as possible. I nearly lost mine in disassembly, so please be aware. When I disassembled the Hop-up unit, I noticed a very very small ( .5 mm) ball bearing that could also be lost very easily.

When you disassemble this weapon, be very aware of all of the parts you take off of it, and where they go.

Other than that, this gun works like a charm, and I love it to death.

- Crisp, moderate recoil
- Heavy (can also be a drawback)
- Realistic
- Reliable
- Accurate
- The size makes this weapon an excellent offensive pistol

- Small parts
- Outer barrel is not metal
by William E. on 2012-11-09 11:06:50
"This is a great gun. The balance and weight of this beast is actually quite good. It really isn't that heavy, approximately 1.5 lbs. with unloaded mag. I have this and the 'real steel' H&K usp .45cal (as in it shoots real bullets). This gun is a little lighter than the already light (in my opinion HK usp .45's are light compared to other .45's) 'real steel' .45 by H&K. The kick is about the same, the balance is right on the money, the trigger pull matches almost perfectly and the markings on the gun are spot on to my real one. One thing that truly surprised me is the manual. It suggests in the manual to use .25g or heavier bb's. This pistol, without upgrades, has the range of some decent aegs.

1. Very realistic trigger pull and blow back.
2. Balanced pretty well.
3. Slightly lighter than it's 'Real Steel' counterpart (Con for some)
4. Accurate!!!
5. Will use .25bb's or heavier, and in my opinion, work even better.
6. The markings on the gun are VERY realistic to the 'Real Steel'.
7. Comes with white dot night sights, which are good for any time of day/night.
8. Holds 25 rounds per mag, and mags are very convenient and easy to fill (in my opinion)

1. Difficult to find a decent holster due to it's realistic size, and also not good for small hands.
2. Gotta agree with everyone else, mags are expensive.

Overall- Great gun, worth it if you can afford it. If you like that Spec Ops. look, then this is definately the gun for you. Mags may be expensive, but they are great mags.
by Garrett H. on 2012-08-09 16:24:46
"Just got this gun a couple days ago from EVIKE! LOVE IT!! I am the sniper for my airsoft team and wanted a sidearm that would not only do well as a backup weapon, but if needed I could go on the offensive with it as well. And from the distance i have been hitting my human size chest target from, I have no doubts this gun will exceed my expectations on the field!
by Alex S. on 2012-06-30 13:01:52
"This is a great pistol and i have found no problems with besides the price of magazines which considering it is new design is understandable.

great design
large mag capacity

price but its understandable
by Zack H. on 2012-04-15 10:31:59
"I got this pistol from a friend since he never used it and I absolutely love this pistol. Its accurate, intimidating, and my friends have named it the "Elephant Pistol" due to its size and recoil.

Gas efficient
Heavy (can be a con)
Realistic recoil

Heavy (can be a pro)
$40 for a spare mag
the mag release is easy to bump when in the tornado holster

Overall, good gun and good buy, 5/5
by Cameron G. on 2011-12-29 09:55:05
"PROS amazing gun 400fps with 20g bbs and best blow back ever its just like a real one and its perfect CONS youll want waste the mag as fast as you can
by Tyler H. on 2011-12-27 22:28:50
"I just got this gun for Christmas it all i have to say is WOW! This gun is amazing! Not only is it realistic and nice feeling, but the blowback is so crisp and the gas consumption is incredible. I can get two magazines out with a 10 second fill. Evike is AMAZING!

gas consumption
crisp blowback
compatible with TM supressor and LAM unit
mostly ambedextrious
double action

magazine is expensive.. but thats it!

by Aaron M. on 2011-08-21 22:17:10
"One word. "Perfection".
So I was in need of an airsoft secondary and decided on a MK 23 since everyone and their moms was after these things. Not only was I skeptical on the size of this thing, I've never shot the new NS2 system before. If you never shot the Ns2 system before... YOU ARE TRULY MISSING OUT.

To my surprise the NS2 system is SOOOOOO crisp! Its gas efficient and quick. Long story short review, this thing clocked in at 380FPS with my chrono and got 2.5 full mags with one fill. Beautiful piece of work and hopefully they make extra mags since the mags are proprietary.

Only one con: PLastic barrel, apparently its supposed to make the Ns2 system work more efficiently due to less drag on the slide. (Doesn't really pertain to me since I use the SOCOM silencer).

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