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by James C. on 2016-09-19 19:11:50
"This is a great gun preforms amazingly the bipod does move but its natural the suppresser is threaded 14- and you can put a side railmount on it it is fairly accurate and its supper upgradeable great for a first time saw gunner not for a first time player.

fairly accurate
Shoots at around 370-380 fps
You can add stuff to it
Lots of bbs down range

by Nicholas C. on 2016-09-14 13:08:54
"Great fun out of the box. Probably one of the best I've gotten. At the crono was very consistent. When I took it apart I found out that the piston and cylinder had almost no compression whatsoever. Air leaked out almost instantly. So replaced both cylinder and piston. Replaces the bucking with a G&G green bucking. Changed the barrel to a longer one (just some junk stock brass barrel I had laying around). And use an 11.1 block lipo. The thing shoots like a dream. Range is amazing. Out ranges most standard Rifles and even a majority of snipers I've come across. Accuracy isn't sniper accurate but for a lmg its really nice. Stock is very finicky on what batteries fit. Nunchuck batteries will not fit. Nothing more than Ni-Mi 3 cell long batteries will fit. So a lipo would probably be best bet for good fit. Over all great gun out of the box and even better upgraded. Full travel bolt is a nice touch of realism too. Definitely the most realistic Airsoft ak I've used. More so than some gbb AKs.
by Adam C. on 2016-08-31 12:42:05
"The CYMA/Echo 1 RPK is a pretty good RPK replica, but it does have some drawbacks.

+The RPK is of very good heft and has some good build quality.
+I was sent an Echo 1 instead of a CYMA as part of evike's thing.
+The included magazine works and feeds very well (even though it's a tactical traffic cone color)
+Real wood furniture is very comfortable and sturdy.
+The bipod moves very freely with the replica and is easy to deploy. Very sturdy, too.
+Accepts many aftermarket AK74/AK47 parts and magazines.
+Built well in the receiver area. I actually fell on the gun and it only hurt the magazine.
+Very good range right out of the box.
+Makes you feel like a professional Russian.

-Build is not so great in some areas. The iron sights and sling mount are made of cheap pot metal and break way too easily,
-The inner barrel does not extend all the way in the outer barrel. You can really capitalize on the RPK's range by getting a longer barrel.
-The included magazine barely clears the space needed to deploy the bipod. AK47-styled magazines work better for this purpose than AK74 style.
-VFC-styled receiver makes it a bit more difficult to access the gearbox compared to a TM style. It is more sturdy, though.
-Battery space is a little weird to get used to since the wires are a little longer than they need to be.

Overall a very good rifle, but be wary of pot metal poo-poo.
by Joseph R. on 2016-05-05 10:10:51
"I have had this for a year now, heavily upgraded.

Lets start with the cons

Front sight block broke off, though a pro is now the bi pod turns more easily and can aim better. (looks unrealistic though!)
Rear windage doesn't work too well so I took it off as it fell off a few times in games.
Matrix magazine jammed in the gun felt like I was going to break my mag well but cyma is tough and it didn't damage the gun.
Gun shoots full auto and single auto in the same selector section now (taken the gear box apart a dozen times for upgrades, not sure how to fix it, selector switch is loose.) One minute you are firing full auto, next it's semi, one minute you are full auto, next its full auto in semi selector spot.
Shoots too hot out of the box for most fields and cqb(410fps) Buy a m110 or m100.

heavily upgraded, now shooting at 225+ft, this thing is like a sniper rifle.
prommy barrel 509, lonex internals, shs piston, stock motor and gears. Lonex hop up.

If you want a sniper rifle buy this gun over a sniper rifle.

by Aidan S. on 2016-04-27 09:03:47
"This is my review of the CYMA CM052 RPK.

First Impressions:

The gun just looks incredible. The finish on the wood is very nice also; it looks worn and distressed, which adds to the rugged rpk look. The gun is nicely balanced, with a very nice heft. Also, for all my fellow 125 pounders out there, in the realm of support weapons, this is probably the lightest and most maneuverable. A great choice for those of us who can't lug a m60 around all day. When the gun description says it is full metal, it's not kidding around. The only plastic parts I found was the motor grip and the orange tip. I dare you to find something else that is plastic. The metal that makes up the gun is not pot metal; it feels good under the hand and will not break anytime soon.

Functionality(how things work)

Many reviews complain about their iron sights falling off. Either they were going for the sights with a hacksaw, or they used their rpk as a garden rake. Let me tell you, unless you are stupid, the sights are not gonna fall off. They are metal and well secured to the gun. The front sight is adjustable for elevation, and the rear sight is adjustable for elevation and windage. Also, many reviewers complain about the bipod. Sure, it is a little wobbly, but it is good quality metal and it does its job. The receiver is similar to that of a ak47, but it is beefier. It comes with a scope mounting point, and the bolt moves all the way back, exposing the hop up. Moving back, we come to the stock. The real wood stock is hollow, for battery storage. There is no stock wobble at all. The butt plate is affixed to the stock via two screws. You have to unscrew the butt plate to access the battery compartment.


When I shot this gun, the temperature was around 70 degrees, there was a slight breeze. I shot 0.25g Japanese-spec bbs with a freshly charged 9.6v 1600ma Tenergy battery. After fiddling with the hop-up, I set up the bipod and started shooting. I shot at a target right around 130-140 feet. Each bb shot straight to target, there were no flyers. Whatever I shot at I hit. There was no need to adjust after each shot or burst. 140 feet was definitely not the max range, with my (unmodified) rpk I would feel confident engaging someone at 170-180 feet, especially with a heavier bb. In automatic firing, the rpk was slightly inaccurate, but that just makes it easier to suppress cover. The semi-automatic mode however, was dead on accurate.

Great aesthetics
Very nice stock metal hop-up
Great fire selector
Very nice iron sights
Accurate(on semi)
Lightweight(but feels solid)
Real Wood
Scope Mounting point

Veerryyy small battery space.
Inaccurate on automatic mode(its a pro for me)
Bipod is a little wobbly

You will not regret buying this RPK!!
by Mark B. on 2016-04-22 21:48:51
"I LOVE MY RPK, but it recently broke :(. I'm sending it off to be fix and ready for an upcoming event. This gun has a great rate of fire and is fairly strong. the 2 things that broke on it was a gear and the rear sight pop off. If you have the sight still its a great gun and recommend it to any new support gunners. Make sure you grab a drum mag or two. If anyone is wondering what battery i use its a 7.4 1500mah lipo. Trust me the battery space is small. i didn't believe it in till it got to my house. The stock is kind of small.
by Kyle C. on 2016-04-14 13:01:17
"the rear iron sight on mine just fell off but other than that theres no downside to this weapon............just buy it
by clinton a. on 2016-04-10 22:21:50
"I have had this gun for a couple months now and feel educated enough to write a review so here it goes!

Fps is good about 395 with 0.25g bb
Accurate with 0.25g bbs
Range with 0.25g bb is about 160-180 feet
real wood feels amazing
Everything feels sturdy on it
considerably light weight for an LMG
Rail mount!

Mine came with a birdcage style orange tip, kinda disappointing
Cannot let gun rest on bipod with the HUGE magazine in it
battery space the battery that you are supposed to get for it is even hard to put in

All in all this gun is very sturdy, and is very similar to the A&K PKM (which i also own) it can easily hit a target up to 180ft with a 0.25g bb. The fps is strong. It is as hard as a rock. You could bash this thing on a tree and it would be alright. AND IT IS VERY INTIMIDATING!!!
by Joshua S. on 2016-04-06 18:10:51
"The Echo 1 RPK is a beast of a BB gun. This is a versatile LMG or assault rifle, and easy fits both styles of player. The accuracy, fps and distance this gun has fresh out of the box is quite pleasing to an experienced airsofter. You will not regret buying this fine piece that Echo 1 has produced. It is lighter than your average LMG and the hook points are perfectly placed. This would get three thumbs up if possible. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention you can use a decent amount of AK type magazines for this gun as well! With that said the only con I would say is that the lever for the semi, auto and safety has the nut loosening from time to time, so keep tabs on that and you shouldn't have an issue at all.
by Cyndi P. on 2016-04-06 18:10:31
"this gun is alsome i got it a week ago and the only con that it had was that the fuse was blown but that was a easy fix you can get them chep at any atto shop. other than that its a great gun and i like everything about.

great fps
great rps
full steal body
real wood
not as hevy as an m249 or a m60
great range
very accurate

bad fuse
the back sight came off but it pops back in place.
by Dan C. on 2016-04-06 18:10:11
"Great gun overall. Solid externals, even better internals. Mine shot 470 FPS out of the box. Put an m100 spring in this bad boy and it is shooting 380FPS. The ROF with the lower spring is about 15ish. Only problem I ever had was during a game the motor mount came loose and I had to go screw it back in (the screw in the bottom of the pistol grip for those who don't know). has the proper beefed up RPK reciever. Trademarks look cool I'm not going to be a whiner and say that it sucks because the caliber is wrong. Its an airsoft gun. Only real Con is the bipod IS pot metal, rear sight is super wobbley, and it is VERY finicky with magazines.


Steel Body
about 10 pounds (compare it to a 15 pound M249 or 20 pound M60)
Realistic beefed up reciever (just like the real thing)
Great FPS
Amazing Internals
Wood is solid as a rock
Range is anywhere from 1-200ft EASILY
Hopup is metal


Pot metal bipod
Rear sight is wobbley
Very picky with magazines. Will take most AK-74 magazines
Incompatible with most drum magazines. Either don't fit or too wobbley for reliable feeding.
by John S. on 2016-04-06 18:09:49
"This is a sweet gun. With a 650mm 6.03 JBU barrell it is shooting 420 fps with .20 bbs. The bipod is rugged as well as the rest of the gun. The battery compartment in the stock is definately a tight fit. I purchased from Evike an Echo1 11.1v lipoly battery (Lipo-E1-Lipo02) as well as a Firefox 7.4v lipoly battery (BAT-Lipo74V-002) for use. Both batteries fit, with the Echo1 battery just barely fitting, but it does. I also purchased the Matrix 3000 round drum (CMAG-SC-AK-1) and this thing rocks. The drum mag has no trouble keeping up with the rate of fire when using the 11.1 lipoly. The 800 round magazine that comes with the gun will shoot approximately 1/3 of the mag before it has to be round fully again.

What really sold me on purchasing was watching the demo video on Echo1's website. If you are on the fence about purchasing, watch the video and it will solidify why you should get it.

The only con about the RPK so far is the rear sight assembly just fell out during play on the very first day, and the piece that goes under the rear sight was lost. We were able to back track and find the actual rear sight. I contacted Echo1 and they are sending a replacement part no questions asked. That is customer service!

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