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KWA ATP Full Size Full Metal Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol

34 Customer Reviews

by Kenny B. on 05/04/2012
"I purchased this as my first gun a week ago and I can say I'm very satisfied. The gas consumption is great, the fps is good, the blowback very crisp. The only con I've seen so far is the outer barrel wobbles quite a bit when the slide is locked back. Other than that, a great first gun, KWA performance in a cheap package.
by Cathy K. on 03/19/2012
"This pistol is awesome!!! Fits great in pretty much everyone's hand especially with the interchangeable grip plate. It sounds cool when you fire it and operates like a real gun. mag capacity is great and fits in almost any small to medium sized holster and is lightweight. If you're into CQB or just need a sidearm. get this gun!!! excellant quality, durability, and style!
by Jacob W. on 03/15/2012
"This gun fits snug in my real steel Glock holster that I purchased for about 20 bucks or so!
by Jacob W. on 03/15/2012
"This gun is a seksy beast! it's great on gas! Accurate! and if you want an extended mag for it you'll have to get the magazine used in the "folding pocket gun" by MAGPUL
by Richard L. on 01/26/2012
"Awesome gun, the NS2 system is pretty good, so are accuracy, mag cap and the looks.

-Gas efficient
-High mag capacity
-Accurate (at least for CQB)
-3 dot iron sights
-Cheap for a KWA

-Double stack mags (occasionally annoying)
-Not sure if it was just me but the mags occasionally ran out of gas quickly but it was my first 100 rounds are so and now they're good

Conclusion: buy it NOW especially if you want a Glock style GBB.
by Eric A. on 12/25/2011
"Right out of the box, this pistol surprised me. First off, I checked the efficiency of the NS2 system by KWA. I got 2.5 mags out of one full propane charge, fresh propane tank. Accuracy, with stock inner barrel, was a paper plate at 30 yards. I had no complaints what so ever about it. It is extremely reliable, after putting 20 or so mags through it, allowing it to warm for a minute or so in between every 2 mags, and it had no problems keeping up. The fps, when chronoed was 380 with .20s and 410 with .15s. Altogether, one of, if not the best Airsoft pistol I have ever seen.
by Jose H. on 12/04/2011
"This is my second pistol I bought so far, and of course I selected KWA pistol after purchasing two of their rifles. I have tested it in three games so far and it has served me well. The feel of this gun is outstanding, fitting perfectly in my hands. I would highly recommend this gun to anyone looking to buy a pistol.

Gas efficient
Feels right
nice weight

my one and only con with this gun was that two of my three magazines I had would leak. After a drop of silicon oil in the o-ring it worked perfectly.

Buy this gun, for the price, quality and reliability.
by Elliot H. on 11/28/2011
"The top slide is aluminum and have a very nice feel to it, the lower frame of the gun is polymer, the magazine can hold up to 25 bbs if you squeeze them in (i would suggest you dont) and with one magazine full of green gas (also purchased at my local airsoft store) you can fire up to 58 consecutive shots, which i think is quite amazing. its definately NOT a gas wasting gun. Here are my pros and cons.

Metal slide
VERY durable
Saves lots of gas
Has good fps for a pistol
Kicks hard
Compatible with KWA Glock m17 parts
Overall nice gun

Sometimes may get trigger lock, But if you look in your manual at part 88 all you have to do is pushing it back down.
And thats it!

DO NOT let this one and only con prevent you from buying this gun.

by Kristine L. on 11/14/2011
"This is a first look review. I will do one on a feild test as soon as I get the chance.

My first impressiom was that this pistol feels very sturdy and and very smooth. It contours right to your hand and looks great! (the flashhider is a little too long for me). anyway I gassed it up and loaded it and of course shot it. I was impressed with the out of the box accuracy. It shot as far as my freinds kwa sr10 and almost as far as my other freinds G&G XL. I was also impressed by the gas efficiency I have seen many other ns2 gbbs (m226,multiple 1911s,usp compact,m9 all lasted about 2 mags) this lasted just about 3 1/2 mags on a 6 second bust

gas efficiency


by Mark Z. on 09/17/2011
"The KWA ATP is a very enjoyable gun.

Great mix of guns.
KWA stood up to its name in the creation of this gun.

Got it this week, was able to field it today. Amazing performance in a cqb environment. Was light and easy to switch hands when needed. Extra mags are a must.
by Philip S. on 09/09/2011
"It finally came in today! I opened it up, cleaned it and lubed it. It's lightweight and works great. The back strap can be changed for a thinner one which is a plus for smaller hands. It has the same simplicity of the older M series If you liked the M series guns, you will like this gun. It's very comfortable. I recommend it for all glock enthusiasts.
by steven E. on 09/08/2011
"Just picked this side arm up while I was waiting for a new inner barrel to be installed in my Kwa M4 S (took about 30 minutes)
The feel on this gun is like it contours to the shape of your hand, much like the 1911 model only way lighter, with a higher capacity MAG. As for the Accuracy, it is right on mark with the KWA name. Still need to field test it, but it feels like it will live up to the standards of all day gaming.

Great secondary gun!!!!!
by Lazaro R. on 12/07/2015
"Over all the pistol was a great purchase, sadly I haven't used it much since my hands are so big with gloves on and the gun is so small. The KWA company lives up to it's name when it comes to quality and this gun is no different. Had it sitting in a box for six month after I used the first time... pulled it out and still worked like a charm. If you are looking for a great pistol, and something that you can carry around for a long time. Give this one a shot... lol.
by Kirk R. on 01/03/2014
"This gun is really cool, but there was one major problem: the magazine lip breaks VERY easily, and when this piece breaks (unless you have another mag) you can't shoot your gun until you replace that part. I love the gun because its comfortable, realistic and overall fun to use, but the spring that pushes the bbs in the magazine slipped and shot to the lip of my mag thus breaking the lip. Its pretty stupid because this little (very important) part is $10 for a piece of junk plastic that WILL break again. KWA has other guns with metal lips, why they didn't do that with this gun I don't know. The magazine lip on this gun is a small, important and stupid mistake.

On the positive, this gun is AMAZINGLY comfortable, fast and pretty accurate. Sometimes its easy to put it together wrong but its easy enough to take it apart and out it back together. Also very easy to field strip and realistic too (my family has a real glock and they both come apart ALMOST the same, only slight differences).

If you play in cold weather, you may not wanna but this cuz green gas doesn't work very well in cold weather. It works, but not very well. Its just a green gas thing, not just this gun in particular.

Overall, I love the gun but the stupid mag lip is a pain and it doesn't have allot of kick. Other than that the gun is great.
by Matthew D. on 10/11/2013
"To start off, the pictures in the product description are WRONG that's the older version of the gun, now there is a double safety and the metal barrel comes all the way out to the length that previously the plastic flash hider would cover. One major gripe I have is that the older version you can take off the orange plastic leaving a flush looking barrel, but now the orange is painted on, so I had to sand it down, and it's not pretty and flush like a glock would be, it's more like how an m9 has that protruding barrel.

Anyways, so about the pistol, I LOVE kwa and I only ever buy kwa brand new, except for some petty purchases from friends' other brand guns, but this kwa puchase has dissapointed me slightly. the pistol is probably the best pistol I've owned, but the mag catch broke after 2 months of use. it was out of warranty anyways so I bought a new mag catch for 15bucks including shipping straight from kwa and it works fine now, but the stupid thing is plastic, and my real glock is metal. I believe the old kwa glocks have metal ones too. I haven't held one in a while so I'm not sure.

Apart from disappointment, I've fixed my pistol and bought several mag catches now in case my first replacement fails again, and this gun shoots like a dream. It screams quality, and efficiency. I can get about 3 maybe 4 mags on one fill of gas, and not to mention ACCURATE. even better with .25g despite loosing some distance. Where I live, Texas, not too many people have an atp, it's mainly m9, and 1911, and some old school glocks out there, so if you like being cool and rocking the unique, get this gun.

I know this pistol is a little expensive, and honestly if your looking to get a kwa, you would be better off with a different kwa, even though this IS the best kwa pistol I've come to own, because of the finicky mag catch. If your willing to deal with the mag catch, which probably was just me getting a bad apple, then your in for a great gun.

-kwa duh
-best blowback feeling ever
-best costomer service ever
-looks ba

-reliability issues?
-more expensive than some more reliable and cheap WE guns
-orange paint is painted on an ugly barrel thats too long. :c