Reviews: TSD High Grade Full Size 1911 Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol (Black / Black)


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Model: AP-TSD-601BB

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by Tyler H. on 2014-05-07 12:11:11
"This is an excellent Spring Pistol of extremely high quality. So let's get to it

-Metal internals
-No loose parts (Gun doesn't even rattle when I shake it).
-Very Accurate
-Adjustable hop up
-Solid feel (feels a solid as my real steel Kimber Custom TLE II)
Frontstrap and main spring housing checkering for grip
-Has a usable rail (I mounted a Nebo Protec 190 flashlight on it which makes the gun over all feel like just as heavy as the real thing and the wait distribution is very close to the real thing with the light on it.)

-Plastic outer barrel (even though the gun itself is made out of a high quality very strong plastic. Not a big issue and hasn't cause problems.)
-The slide does lock back but for my particular one, the slide release lever doesn't get pushed up when its empty. The only way for me to lock the slide back is for me to push it up manually.
-The rear sights have no marking so finding the front sight with the white dot was harder especially in low light, but this problem is easily fixed with a small paint pen ( I just traced the inside of the sight to make a square around the middle of the rear sight where you look through)
-a small pin just in front the slide release lever kept creeping out from cocking and shooting but I fixed this too by putting a pit of super glue on each side and it has moved at all.

All in all I love this gun and the fact tht it is a spring pistol means no need to charge or gas up. its ready to go when you need it and is unaffected by temperature like some GBB's. I use it in the field as a fail safe back up (though it doesn't shoot as hard as a GBB. My girlfriend bought this for me and with a Nebo Protec 190 light attached (sold separately), it has a realistic weight, weight distribution, more functionality and an awesome appearance that always catches people's attention at the fields. It is my favorite gun for these reasons and also because it doesn't require any power source like gas or batteries. the orange tip is removable but be gentle so that you do not crack the outer barrel.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)