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WG Xtreme 45 Full Metal US Combat 1911 Airsoft CO2 Gas Blowback (Color: Black / Wood Grip)

11 Customer Reviews

by Jose S. on 03/28/2014
"This is my first purchase here on evike and i gotta say i'm happy. It came a little earlier than i expected. Now the gun is amazing. It has a heavy and realistic feel to it. The gun looks amazing and plays amazing while still keeping the authenticity feel to it. I definitely recommend for beginners and professionals!
by Danny L. on 05/13/2013
"I've had this pistol for a little while, and I have to say I'm impressed. I thought I was buying something for just fooling around or target shooting. But this gun is pretty good in CQB environments.

Metal slide
kind of heavy (could be a con, but I like it for realism)
CO2 (convenient)
Big mag (compared to other models)
You can disarm it (pull the trigger while holding the hammer and guide it back to the gun)

Gas guzzler (CO2 cheap [$5 at sporting goods stores for 5 pack])
Slide catch doesn't always catch
CO2 is wasted when you take out the mag
Some plastic parts (doesn't seem to be that breakable)

Overall the pros out weigh the cons. If I were you and you wanted a gas gun for a little cheaper than most pistols I would buy it. But if your looking for some professional super crazy accurate gun that can hit a penny from 50 yards away this isn't for you. But If you like CQB or if your good with hop-up I would get it. Hope this helped.
by Nancy D. on 01/20/2013
"Just bought this gun a week ago and its awesome!
Its got amazing weight, feels good, and looks awesome.

good weight
Great FPS

Gas hog (3-4 mags per CO2 canister)
when changing the mag it spits out a bit of CO2

Over all an awesome gun, I recommend getting a second clip, its a bit expensive, but its worth it in the long run.
by sue b. on 04/16/2012
"i got this in the mail today and i must say it looks so cool! Then i shot it and adjusted the hopup and it shoots great like 60 shots per co2 cartilage. And it looks like it hurts then my friend shot me with it and i was right. This gun is very loud!

lots of shots per co2
good blowback
good range
loud (pro or con)
really cool looking

none for me i recommend it!
by Brody K. on 12/04/2011
-realistic blowback action
-FULL CYCLE. it's only supposed to blow back to the end of the grip and IT DOES.
-clip actually holds 17, so the extra bullet can be the difference between winning and losing
-very heavy in the hand and durable
-looks realistic
-slide locks back

-gun leaks a little co2 but it does shoot a lot of bb's until it runs out of co2
-slide does not lock back when out of ammo, only locks back when you make it do that.

Advice when using this gun:
-only put the clip in when you're ready to fire.
-hold the gun firmly when firing

Overall this is a great gun and I would recommend it to any experienced airsoft player! I would even use this gun is cqb as a primary!
by Nico M. on 08/09/2011
-Durable feel
-Very fun GBB
-Powerful and accurate!
-Has quite a bit of heft to it!
-Very nice 1911 feel.
-Metal slide, ABS plastic for the rest
-Very efficient CO2 usage, about 3-4 clips per canister.

-Half cycle blowback! (Doesn't look/feel realistic enough)
-Safety switch digs into slide, very hard to turn it on.
-Slide lock doesn't lock when empty.
-I can't figure out how to disassemble to clean!

Overall, a very good buy.
by curt j. on 05/01/2015
"I got this gun a while back it was not the gun recommended to me but i enjoyed it it's metal construction gave it weight and a realistic feel and the blowback made it even more realistic. But after a bit of use the gun began to jam and the slide would not fully cycle, eventually it just gave out and stopped working. Turns out the piston inside broke and I went searching everywhere for replacement parts but could not find them and gave up.


-eats through expensive co2
-breaks easily
-replacement parts are hard to find
by verda p. on 03/10/2012
"this gun is great and it has never failed me but its hopup is realy hi so i recommend u get real heavy bbs also remimber to bring lots of co2 cause it eats it up
by Ron m. on 10/04/2011
"This gun is amazing but i did run into a problem the piston head in the gas chamber froze and broke and its pretty hard looking for a replacement piece for it other that here and cons and pros for the gun

high fps (about 400-450)
heavy weight except the pistol handle

piston head breaks after consecutive firing
slide is pretty weak for its kick (a piece broke in mine)
mag basically jets out the gun when the mag release is pushed (with co2 is in mag)

over all its a good gun its reliable i was just unfortunate :) i give it a 4/5
by Anthony P. on 04/05/2015
"Good overall gun. I have purchased extra mags 3/5 stars.

Good overall balanced weight
Shoots hard!
Nice loud shots add to realism
Functional thumb safety

The gun leaks gas every time I put a mag in, I have lubed up the o-rings, taken it apart, and cleaned it and it still leaks. It will stop momentarily if I dump silicone oil in it, but as soon as it dries out it goes back to leaking. Can't find replacement o-rings for the gun. The problem is NOT in the magazines.
The mag gets stuck sometimes and does not eject.
Also, when putting in a magazine, the way it is designed is stupid in my opinion. When you palm the magazine in the gun the nub on the end that tightens the co2 cartridge in there hurts. Just poorly designed in my opinion.

For these reasons I give it 3/5 stars
by anthony s. on 08/15/2013
"It's a good gun really have nothing bad to say about it becides the mag catch don't work when I'm out of bbs. I'm not sure if its just mine or its just like that. The bottom frame is plastic as well thought by "metal where its suppose to be" ment that the bottom frame would be metal as well. Still feels good in my hands decent blow back not really hard but not too soft. Also a gas guzzler but that's fine since I got a plethora of co2 containers and their cheap. Another problem I'm running into is the mag is hard to put in I seriously had to jam it in the first time I went to shoot it

Nice weight
Blow back is decent
Hits hard
Decent price

Mag catch don't work when it's out of bbs
No metal on bottom frame
Spent 28$ more basically for the blow back
Magazine is hard to put in

Over all decent gun for a decent price and if the mag catch is suppose to work please let me know and I'm trying to see what upgrades I can do so it does work