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Model: GP-WG-4331
Location: U13-140 WO4-04

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by Cameron D. on 2015-01-20 19:06:46
"I got this gun a month ago and so far it has been lots of fun using it. I haven't had many complaints other than the slide being a little wobbly but aside from that, its a pretty nice gun.

-Pretty good range
-Very accurate
-Mostly metal
-Really nice recoil
-Bottom rail
-Really high FPS (also somewhat of a con)
-Sights are neon
-Smooth trigger response
-Comfortable grip
-Nice weight
-Very conservative
-Very reasonable price

-Fake hammer
-Very wobbly slide
-Easily breakable neon sights
-Cant fire very fast due to trigger mechanism
-Need to hold mag release in order to insert mag
-Low mag capacity
-Mag seems easily breakable

I know there are a lot of cons but don't let them fool you, it is a very nice gun and the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I highly recommend the handgun to anyone looking for a strong secondary.
by Graham C. on 2014-12-26 18:15:40
"This is a great gun. I love it. If you are looking for a good and reliable secondary pistol than this is the gun for you.

Good range
Nice kick
Mostly metal
Great sights
Good mag (I would get an extra)

Lower part is plastic
My slide lock is a little wobbly
Slide is a bit shaky
Can think of any more

Guys this gun is great. Get this gun!
by camden m. on 2014-12-25 14:55:24
"Wow, this gun is pretty awesome! Its fairly accurate and really realistic. It has a hard kick blowback system and it is full metal. All in all, get this gun
by Thomas M. on 2013-12-03 20:58:06
"Wow, this gun is so great! I have never bought a gun that used Co2 or anything like that(only spring and electric), so im not sure if im the best to judge this. It is very durable, sleek, and powerful. The only thing i've noticed is that it shoots down a little. im not sure if theres a hop up or not, but if there isn't, it's not that bad. I would recommend this to anyone!
by Seth W. on 2013-09-16 03:01:15
"To everyone reading this review: BUY THIS PISTOL, before someone else does! Trust me, you will regret it if you don't, plus it's been a while since Evike has had this item in stock so grab it before it's gone!

-Weighted; this pistol has a full metal frame and a great feel to it, especially with the unique grip
-Talk about blowback, this thing kicks like a mule! Mine spit rounds at over 500+ fps right out of the box!
-Decent neon sights (easily breakable though) and great accuracy, also has an on-frame safety
-As advertised, this pistol runs off of CO2 units that can be found anywhere; about 75 shots per unit
-The hammer is non-functional, but the slide and spring are very solid; 1 less part to worry about
-Plenty of room underneath the barrel for a flashlight, laser, or whatever else floats your boat
-Nice, smooth trigger response, and the slide locks back when you're out of ammo like the real thing

-Obviously a sidearm is limited, but it only holds 15 rounds, and spare magazines are a bit pricey
-You have to keep the magazine release held down in order to extract/load the magazine
-May be more of a pro, but this thing may be too powerful to allow on a course; shoots over 500+ fps
-Not much of an issue, but the slide is a bit wobbly so make sure to secure it firmly in your holster

Overall, this is a fabulous sidearm and a must have for any gamer, novice or experienced. Considering the price, you are saving a bit of money on a quality, full metal pistol that will not let you down. (Want to equip a suppressor to this pistol? Here's how: buy a 14mm thread adapter for a 1911 Series Outer Barrel on Evike for $5, coat the outside of the non-threaded end with a strong superglue, and hammer it very carefully into the plastic orange tip of the pistol. The adapter will dig into the inside of the plastic and settle itself permanently in place with the glue, allowing you to now equip a suppressor.)
by Lance F. on 2013-07-03 12:03:34
"This gun is Amazing!!!!!!

When I first got this gun I was a little disappointed how unrealistic it was. The slide is loose and hammer doesn't do anything. The neon sights are cheap and breakable, but you don't need them.The safety is completely in the wrong place, but it is very useful there. I like it because I can easily change it while pointing the gun to fire. On the other hand this gun kicks butt. It is insanely powerful and accurate. I can hit people 75-100 feet away. When I chronoed it , It was shooting 850fps consistently. I dont know if it is my gun or the co2, but the chrono worked fine. To prove that my ak-47 was shooting 380, like its supposed to. When I shoot, the bbs will shatter on impact up to 30 feet away. I use Elite force .28g bbs and Cyber Gun co2 cartridges. The gun is super conservative since the chamber is closed and the gas is stored in the gun, not clip. The blowback is hard and works great. It is the best gun you can buy for your money. To be honest I woulld buy this gun again for over $100. In the end this gun is meant for pure performance. I might do a review on this gun in the future and I will post a link. Buy this gun!!!


shoots crazy fast
insanely accurate
great range
hard kick
good weight
super conservative
comfortable grip
safety easily accessible


neon sight is cheap and breaks easily
non functional hammer
loose slide
unrealistic safety
by Brandon K. on 2013-05-25 18:38:56
"This is probably the cheapest, yet decent performance, gas blow back pistol.
-great fps (maybe a bit powerful)
-pretty accurate
-semi-realistic blowback
-efficient with co2

-sometimes, when I pull the trigger, it won't fire until I release it (maybe my gun has a defect) but it gets really annoying.
-slide is just for looks, you can't actually cock the gun. Fake hammer, too.
-safety is not at the correct spot
-spring for slide is really soft, it jiggles if you run with it
-shaky parts, loose slide
-easily scratched orange tip
-any plastic parts usually break off (part of my neon sight cracked)
-blowback is not that powerful
-the handle thing for screwing in the co2 is plastic and kind of weak

EVEN THOUGH there are so many cons, this is still a great beginner/intermediate airsofting gun for anyone.
by Lynn G. on 2013-05-13 17:04:45
"This is an amazing airsoft pistol.

-heavy duty
-high power
-good weight distribution
-good accuracy

-cant fire rapidly due to trigger mechanism
-low mag capacity

so honestly this is my favorite blowback so far, despite the fact the 4 past ones were over $100.
by michael a. on 2013-03-15 12:56:11
"This is a really good co2 gbb it's got good weight and its rubberized grips are very comfortable and its slide goes back pretty far and since it doesn't have an open ejection port it is very efficient I get 6 mags out of it and it's like 40 degrees it also ha a fully adjustable sight my only con is that it has a pretty stiff forcefully overall it is a great gun I wouldn't suggest it for outdoor games maybe CQB. But it is still a great gun. I give it 5 stars
by Tory D. on 2013-01-08 18:29:32
nice and heavy
co2 lasts for a long while

mag gets stuck halfway if you dont hold down mag release until the mag is fully out.
slide is flimsy. if u shake it back and forth, not even hard, it will start to slide.
no threads for barrel attachments.

overall. ehhh its a good starter gun. wouldnt recommend it for more expierienced players.
wont make the same mistake of buying this gun again.
by kevin a. on 2012-07-26 23:03:25
full metal
great accuracy
high fps
great iron sights
by liam s. on 2012-05-08 16:33:41
"Just got this gun and honestly, it is just an amazing gun. Ive shot this over 100 times already and havnt had any problems. people may say the slide is loose but its actually not even a big deal. For the price of this gun it is amazing.
co2 goes in the back not in a mag
slide lock
high fps

the bottom rail doesnt fit some attachments
you have to hold the mag release to another in

Other than that this gun is beast do not hesitate to buy this.

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