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Matrix ASR SR-2 Shadow Op Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ LE Stock & Bipod - Desert Tan (Rifle)

25 Customer Reviews

by Fabrizio D. on 07/10/2015
"Hi I got this gun about a week ago it's verry light and sharp looking I would recommend this gun to all snipers playing airsoft.
by Kristopher C. on 07/10/2015
"This gun is great! It shoots fairly straight and it shoots far. I did a shooting test on an Izzie can and it penetrated both sides. I've seen the same model on other sites that are like $100+ and this one is only $60.

Pros: High fps (con for some people) metal inner and outer barrel; adjustable stock

Cons: No scope comes with it; the cocking thing is a bit stiff, but it doesn't really bother me
Overall, this gun is great. I highly recommend to anybody.
by James R. on 07/10/2015
"I got mine a few weeks ago and have used it in a few games. It is definitely a different experience playing the sniper role.

Retractable stock, love it over the fixed stock.
Has scope mount with standard weaver rail
metal inner barrel and good accuracy

by Nj J. on 09/13/2014
"This gun is great. It shoot very hard and very accurate. I would definetly recommend it.
Pros. Powerfull,accurate, easy to pull bolt back, comes with lefty bolt, nice bipod, easy to mount scope, nice color, good capacity, not to heavy but not to light.
Cons. Nothing
by Trent H. on 01/25/2014
"This rifle is great. The power on it is amazing. It is accurate up to a hundred yards, and sometimes a little beyond that.
Pros: It is accurate, and powerful. It has a good weight to it, not to heavy, but not to light. Most of parts are made of metal.
Cons: It doesn't really come with a scope, but I have learned to deal with that. The stock does wiggle around a bit, but no problems yet. The bolt is hard to pull back, but you should get used to that. I do recommend that you get another clip because the one it comes with is really hard to load.
I don't have any problems with it other than it looks like a real gun (I have gotten in trouble for that), I had a battle today, and I counted the shots I made. 4 out of 5 rounds actually hit their target at about 100 yards. Merry Christmas! Not really.
by nicholas h. on 09/17/2013
"This gun is an excellent bolt-action rifle. I found it to very accurate and powerful out of the box. It chronoed at 400 FPS consistently without changing any parts. The gun is very light weight and quiet. Its perfect for a bolt-action situation. However, because the bolt has to slide up, back, forward, and then down again it takes a while to get used to this motion. As such, your speed and proficiency when using this gun will be limited. I compared this to a Dragunov SVD 2. I was surprised to find that the ASR's accuracy was a bit better than the SVD. It has solid range hitting man-sized targets at 210 ft.

The only con I have is that the mag has a tendency to double feed every once in a while. Maybe every 15th shot or so. You can fix this issue by making sure to press the mag tight against the top.
My recommendation: BUY IT.
by Jonny W. on 08/08/2012
"So I bought this gun around 7 months ago, and I must say, this thing still shoots amazing. I never have that much money on me, and for just 99 bucks, though i payed 30 to also get the scope, it is an amazing gun if you are just getting into sniping.

Shoots Hard( Really Hard )
Shoots Straight
Weird But cool Bi-Pod
Strong plastic parts and plastic parts
The optional scope comes with scope rings and scope covers

Bolt is hard to pull back when you first get it. ( You get used to it )
The magazine feels cheap.
Stock Wobbles
The bolt on mine became stripped,so the bolt handle spins in place, but wont fall off

All in All, its an amazing gun, i would recommend .30 g bbs, its very light so if you run with it, you wont get tired. Its a great buy, and if you are in the market for a good, and inexpensive gun, this is where to look!
by Michael P. on 07/28/2012
"I LOVE THIS GUN. This is a good gun for the price you pay. I use .25 bbs and they work great. I shot my friend from 50 - 75 yrds away and he droped. If you are looking with a gun with power this is it.


accurate (when scope is sighted in)
big clip for a sniper
easy to carry

needs tightend and lubed everyonce in a while
scope is a pain to sight
bult is hard to pull back (untill it breaks into the movement)
by Evan W. on 07/01/2012

I bought this gun a couple weeks ago and it came in recently. I've been shooting it for a while and i love it! Shoots hard and fast. You can really reach out and touch someone with this gun. I know everyone likes the whole "pros and cons" thing so here you go:

Shoots Hard
Shoots Straight
Light weight
AR adjustable stock instead of fixed sniper stock
Strong build, no wobble
Nice trigger pull, not too long, not too short
Comes with bipod (its a good starter, id buy a new one)
Some metal parts, others made of strong ABS
Looks freaking cool!

Bolt is really hard to pull back, but that will wear in soon enough
Has hop-up but its hard to adjust
by Rhonda H. on 06/14/2012
"its a good gun i should know i was shot at point blank range...i had a 3rd nipple for life
-good in combat
-strong with good mobility
-good with any scope and maybe any electrical scope(haven't tried before)
-has hopup

-bolt is hard to use(is if your week)
-no bipod have to buy seperate
-no scope or rings

all around it is a good sniper but i would recommend it to any begining sniper.would recommend to anyone though
by Tim Z. on 09/29/2011
"Great gun! I bought scope rings and mounted the scope from my .22 on it since it doesn't come with a scope. Good accuracy, great feel, not too heavy and not too light. Had some issues with the hop-up adjustment (couldn't figure out which way was making it go up or down).... I think that was just from inexperience.. Only real cons are that it is fairly difficult to pull the bolt back and sometimes the mag wont feed. Mag works fine with about 20 bbs though... or something like that.. anyway. It's an amazing gun and for 100 bucks that makes it just that much better! Can't wait to get some kills with it!
by Robert H. on 07/24/2011
"Cody, not sure what you are talking about. The magazine is linked to the item itself. If something is not available here at, it either sucks, is illegal or non-existent. Since Evike.coms supplies 1000's of retailers in the USA with their needs. They are like the god-father + wal-mart of Airsoft. rocks! Never buy airsoft anywhere else to save yourself some hassles.
by cody r. on 05/01/2010
"this gun is great.out of the box its very accurate.

cons: only 1 clip you cant buy one off evike
by Jeff S. on 03/18/2010
"This gun is AMAZING! There's not that much to say other than it's one of the best out there. Evike is the cheapest place to get it. The scope, once you sited it, you'll be the most feared player in the battle. It very powerful so be careful when your shooting it.

Good things: Powerful, Accurate, mag holds alot compared to other snipers, comes with bipod, easy load, movable stock, sturdy build.

Bad things: Look some were else cause there ain't eny
by Sandy M. on 02/11/2010
"Very nice gun, recieved it about 1 week ago and no problems so far.

-Very Accurate (with .23g and higher)
-Easy to use
-Hard Hitting
-Adjustable Stock
-Pistol Grip (although you may look at this as a con)

-I couldn't adjust the scope to be pinpoint like some of my other sniper rifles are, but its still accurate

Overall i give it a 5/5, even though the cross-hairs aren't dead on. Dont use .20g BB's with this gun, its not accurate at all with them. get .23's or higher. I use .23's and they're fine, but I'm ordering some .25's to make it even more accurate.