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ASG Licensed Steyr AUG A1 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Military Style Scope

11 Customer Reviews

by Damir A. on 11/15/2013
"I purchased this gun from the evike super store and so far its been pretty nice. I've experienced some minor problems but the gun is still awesome.
no selector switch

battery is a pain in the butt to get in
magazine it comes with
by jacob b. on 02/23/2012
"i got this gun today and I LOVE IT soon has i got i charged the battery for a hour and then went outside to shoot it. it had 350fps right out of the box then i put my 9.6v 2300mah battery in it and it handled really good and shot very accurate. Its a good outside gun for me. i rate it 5 stars. but one bad thing is my charger did not work when i got it today so i had to use my smart charger.
by Eric C. on 08/09/2011
"Great gun with very good rate of fire. I suggest running it with the Matrix 9.6V 2300mah battery pack and this gun will perform perfectly with accuracy, rate of fire and power.

I always love the AUG and you'll be spoiled by the bullpup design after using it. One hand operate, super long barrel (more range and better accuracy) will spoil you to never want to use another platform of rifles.
by matthew m. on 07/18/2016
"First thing, the advertised fps is innacurate. The manual says 328 fps and this is more accurate. That being said it has good range for the low velocity. The built in scope is great, crystal clear and fully adjustable. I have it zeroed in perfectly. The foregrip has significant play but if pulled toward you it is solid, or you can fold it flat which I usually do. The flash hider is thin plastic and can break easilly. The battery space is very tight but with a simple mod I put a 9.6v butterfly in it. Minus the spring the internals are impressive for the price. 7mm steel bushings, metal spring guide, double o-ring on cylinder head and great compression. The inner barrel needed a good cleaning and the grease used on the gears was some orange sticky gunk. It comes with an 8.4v small type battery and a high cap mag which is good for testing the gun out. The mag is low quality; the coil broke after running 900 rounds through it. Not a beginners gun but great for upgrading.
by Cameron R. on 08/08/2014
"Got this gun awhile ago, and it works great!
Great Starter Gun
Awesome Battle Scope
Well Balanced Rifle

Grip is very wobbly
No conversion kit or front assembly sold to change from A1 to A3(Not really a con)
Mag is sometimes very annoying
Overall good gun.
by andrew t. on 01/07/2014
"when i got he gun it was AMAZING it shot well went far and the scope was good but after i fired it the first time it was all downhill my barrel slid right off of my gun so i have to wait a couple of weeks so my gun will be fixed i give it a 4 out of 5
by jacob b. on 08/24/2012
"a awesome gun! when i got it out of the box it was shooting 300+ fps but only bad thing was is to be careful when your putting the barrel back in you will break your gearbox's high pressure nozzle. and buy another clip you will need it later because the first one will break.
by clayton p. on 05/12/2012
"Ok let me start by saying this, the AUG should stand for awesome understated gun, but it has its issues.
The first one I had came in and looked like it was droped out of an airplane (ups fault) the second one I had gotten which i still have is fine as wine and with a Matrix Tenergy High Output 9.6V 2300mAh Ni-MH Custom Type Battery and about 8 hicaps thi thing spits out bbs. now other augs have been known to break so make sure you keep good care of this rifle for a longer life.

WARNING WHEN REMOVING THE BARREL BE VERY CAUTIOUS THE HOP UP WHEEL CAN SNAP OFF WITH VERY LITTLE FORCE IT HAPPEND TWICE! but i can still use the hop up i just have to stick it on and gently put it back in the gun but even then everytime i take out the barrel i will have to catch some loose pices.

Now the cons and pros

bullpup (about the size of and m4)
built in optics
rate of fire is great(with the battery listed above)
easy to take apart
lefty friendly
lots of modifications avalible
loud(could be a con)
tough metal and plastic( I dont recomend testing it too much)
threaded barrel
mags are in great supply
and more and more brands are building augs so theres most likly going to be more upgrades in the future

fragile hop up wheel (its the end cap holding it on)
weak plastic front grip(i dont trust it because its not polymer)
small battery space ( you will have to jerry rig the bettery listed above)
knowing that eventually it will break down( a fact you will have come accept with augs)
no rails( not a con for me but for some it is)

This gun is a great one i have had problems with it so i will give it a 4/5 simply because of the issues ive had with the barrel. Other than that I am very satisfied with this product. The price is high but thats because its new on the market. it has a great feel in my hands and a nice wieght.

I recomend this gun to people who are expirienced and ready to monitor their guns condition, to all you new people buy it after you know how to maintain airsoftguns.
by matthew m. on 07/29/2016
"I like the aug a1 design which is why I bought this gun. I got it for $150 and think it should be priced at $135 based on performance.

Pros: 7mm steel bushings in sturdy gearbox.
Steel spring guide and gears.
Metal front assembly and strong polymer stock with rubber butt pad.
Very clear fully adjustable scope with crosshairs.
Good air compression in gearbox.

Cons: very weak single pitch spring attached to piston head.
1/2 stroke ported piston paired with a 509mm inner barrel.
Very thick, sticky orange grease on poorly shimmed gears.
Small battery space, only 8.4 mini will fit.
Poorly constructed hi-cap mag; loose in reciever, feeds poorly and the coil snapped.
Foregrip is wobbly.
Barely fires over 300 fps.
Poorly designed bucking. Mound is off-center and puts little back spin even with hop adjusted fully up.

All these issues can be fixed and I have besides the foregrip. Definitely not a good starter gun but a great
Project gun if you like the aug platform. I feel it is overpriced at full retail.
by Jacob C. on 09/21/2015
"I love the AUG platform. I think it looks great, functions well, and is just overall a great gun. I bought this AEG for the above reasons, but I was disappointed when I received the gun. First off, it completely fell apart the moment I took it out of the box. For some reason, the pin that holds it all together had been put in up-side-down, and just kinda slid right out. It was a simple fix, but it did not inspire confidence.

As stated in the product description, it is a full plastic body, with metal interior and barrel assembly. That's fine, but the gun doesn't have that sturdy feel to it. The front hand guard is EXTREMELY wobbly, almost to the point that its useless. I found it better to play with it folded up just because it felt so unreliable. The integrated scope is nice, and it is 1.5x magnification, but I never used it. With almost any mask on, it was impossible to get my head down low enough to see through it.

As far as performance, it was okay. The hop up needs to be played with if you want to hit anything past 60-70 feet. Rate of fire was great... but only with 9.6v battery. The only problem is that the battery compartment is absolutely tiny! I bought a custom 9.6v "AUG battery" brick that was supposedly designed to fit in the AUG's, but no dice. The rubber butt plate wouldn't even go half way on with it in. The only thing that fits is an 8.4v small type brick battery. And with the 8.4v, the rof is mediocre at best, and it didn't hit very hard.

Overall, its not a terrible gun, but for the price, I expected it to be a bit better. I felt like I had to baby it on the field, which isn't what anyone wants to do while playing. I am not trying to rag on the gun, but I am just trying to give potential buyers a realistic idea of the Pros and Cons. Like I said, its not a terrible gun, but you can get better for cheaper.
by chang z. on 03/06/2016
"Purchased this rifle with with fairly low expectations but sadly came away very dissatissfied.

ASG specific notes: you are paying a significant premium for a low resolution decal print that says "Steyr Mannlicher". If you are into the JG, just get the JG which is 20-30% less depending on when you are looking on evike.

Rifle notes: Despite adjustment, the scope cross-hairs do not line up with BB travel, AT ALL. Crosshairs aim about 4' to the right at 50' after full adjustment (my rifle shoots heavily to the left). The scope is just simply too far out of adjustment and there is not enough range in the adjustment to compensate. Solution: get the non A1 version... hope that the rail is straight enough that a 3rd party scope will align correctly.

Hop up unit came apart after the first game after ~1500 BBs. The retaining ring, and the hop up adjustment ring both fell out upon removal of the front barrel unit. I removed the barrel to try to see why it keeps shooting to the left. Upgrade to a GP hop up when buying the gun. $30 premium.

BBs easily get stuck in the body of the gun, you must constantly jiggle and shake the gun to get rid of loose BBs. Not aware if solution, One bb got stuck behind the trigger system and required heavy mid-game jiggling to remove.

The iron sights don't line up with the cross hairs and don't line up with the barrel. No solution.

Other build issues - the safety and receiver toggles can both easily be pushed out of the stock - nothing really keeps them in. They are finicky once out and annoying to put back in.