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ASG Licensed STI Duty One CO2 Airsoft Gas Blowback Hand Gun

9 Customer Reviews

by Zacory F. on 03/07/2018
"Great pistol!!
I've had mine for a while now, and it makes for a perfect low price secondary!
Not only is the gun a very reasonable price, but i was able to find mags (here on evike) that are really cheap too, however, keep in mind they're able to be so cheap because they're stick mags. Personally, I prefer stick mags simply because of the affordability and not having to put a co2 cartridge into every mag.
Trigger pulls a bit heavy, but you can still fire in very rapid succession fairly accurately, much more manageable than a non-blowback double action trigger.
i'd say the only true upside to getting the non-blowback version of this pistol (aside from price) is the gas consumption. This pistols gas consumption wouldn't be as noticeable if not for the fact that once you get about half-way through your co2, your pistol won't fully reset the hammer. So once that happens, be ready to either change co2 frequently or use this gun like a springer and cock the slide after every shot lmao
by Anthony W. on 06/27/2017
"I just got this a few weeks ago. I have been very pleased with its performance. It shoots fairly accurate at mid ranges and very well at short ranges. It's been very useful as my sniper loadout's sidearm. I couldn't believe the quality for this price.
by Cole M. on 02/11/2017
"Great pistol that feels heavy and shoots about 500 fps. guzzles gas like crazy. The gas chamber is easily accessible and the gas is very easy to change.
by Nathan H. on 04/01/2015
"I bought the gun about 2 weeks back and have used it several times. I also bought the reckomended silencer for it and it is awesome!! Its worth the 75 you will pay.

The sound it makes is great.
its got a good weight to it
sturdy and has taken a beating already
I can get about 4 mags for one 12gram C02
fits in to my side leg holster
easy to load and unload in the field
I have shot abot 300 rounds and no problems yet

kinda inaccurate because of how high it shoots
heavy kick from firing it
the trigger has to be pulled 100% down to fire ( stupid )

All and all though I am really satisfied for the $ and the quality.
by Elizabeth M. on 07/01/2013
"this is probably my favorite pistol

great kick
on one shot the co2 blew the orange tip off
feels and looks great

gas guzzler

In my opinion a very good gun
by Ryan C. on 03/10/2013
Realistic weight
Full metal

So powerful orange tip blew off (easy fix)
Magazine hard to find

A great pistol! Worthy for any loadout.
by Adrian S. on 08/04/2015
"Alright so I bought this pistol and got it on 4/20/2015. I have had it for 4-5 months and have taken it to 11 full length games. Defiantly worth $75
This Guns is Amazing for the price, It is a 1:1 Size to the Real Steel STI Duty One 1911. The lower frame is extremely comfortable and is extremely texturized. I run it with .25 gram bbs and the range on it is more than enough. Fully adjustable sights, ambidextrous safety. I've taken my time adjusting the hop up and it handles .25's really nicely at 75ft (120ft is the max range for this gun). The Hop-up is an easy allen key instead of taking the slide of to get to the hop-up. The fps is a bit over-rated, in reality after you fire a couple of shots with a new co2 canister it normally shoots 350-360 fps (with .25's). Now the gun is decently accurate your not going to be nailing headshots easily but the grouping is good enough for body shots. I've had no internal or eternal problems with the gun but some normal wear. It's a perfect back-up weapon and you'll feel it too.

This gun has really bad gas efficiency. It really shoots about 4 mags with no round in the chamber (60 bbs) and then it turns into a bolt action pistol. You can still fire the gun but there's not enough gas to push the slide back. So you have to rack the slide back constantly after 60 rounds. Also the slide doesn't go back all the way, it locks about an inch back (which means less recoil, pro or con your choice). The trigger pull is way to long, you need to pull the trigger completely or else it won't fire. There's hardly any spare mags for this gun (which it kinda needs because 15 rounds goes by really fast). The lower frame is a really High quality polymer but unfortunately this isn't a Glock, I would have liked it to be metal like the real STI Duty One 1911. Good luck taking this pistol apart, the instructions don't tell how to disassemble the gun (I still haven't figured it out) so you can't really upgrade this pistol internally. Last Con is if you wanna attach any suppressors or tracer unit, first you gotta unscrew the orange tip as if it were a suppressor of it's own (I still have mine on cause I can't get it off). Than you gotta find a suppressor with an inner barrel thread or inner barrel extension. But remember, you get what you pay for.

Sorry if this is long, but if your a parent or just somebody interested in getting this gun I'm pretty sure you wanna know what your investing in. This pistol is great performance wise but could be have better gas efficiency. After market parts are gonna be hard to find for this gun. This gun will last you a very long time (as it has with me) but not every gun is perfect, it will come with some flaws. Otherwise hope you found this useful :)
by Brogan A. on 12/31/2011
"Great gun for close combat. Aleo great for speed shooting but blows CO2
by Christopher C. on 07/24/2014
"I give this gun a 2 out 5 stars. I have had lots of issues with it. First of It is the not the best quality, the price should clearly state this. If you want a good GBB, it should around 100 dollars. Now for Pros and Cons.

Nice kick
Nice trade marks
Good sound (loud)

Not the best accuracy
Gas guzzler
Feeding issues
You cannot disassemble the gun (at least i could not find a way)
Mine misfired every few shots (don't know why)
The co2 cartridge is stuck in the gun, it will not come out and therefore the gun is useless without it's propellent. Luckily I recently got it out. I think it was luck, I roped it and it came out. (-_-).

I would advise getting a different side arm than this one. Note: I have had this gun for less than a year.