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G&G Blowback GR4 G26 Airsoft AEG Rifle - Desert Tan (Package: Gun Only)

6 Customer Reviews

by Lorena A. on 03/22/2015
"this is a great gun. Nice weight,good accuracy.the only problem I had was with the fuze in the battery compartment it busted and had to get a new one.
by Robert B. on 07/13/2013
"These is a pretty good gun. I have had it for almost a year and it works prefect after 10,000 rounds. It shoots just at 300 fps with king arms .20 gram bbs. But i would use either .23 or .25 bbs , it is great for cqb but it is average in field play do to the cqb barrel lengh.

good cqb friendly fps (con for field play)
great internals
looks good
very nice polymer
nice range (for size)

ironsights are to high and not very good (get a red dot or scope)
no rails

Overall a very nice gun and worth every penny
by Michael g. on 01/18/2013
"i got this gun a while back but my is the high velocity gun. This thing is sick man out of the box 410fps i put a 363mm madbull 6.03 tight bore barrel and a mock silencer on it.Now it is shooting 420fps and is accurate at 250 ft in the diameter of a baseball dead buts.I have owned just about every brand ca, jg ,g&p and on. But this is by far my favorite gun yet. I am are teams tech worked on and shoot them all. This one by far out dose every thing i have had my hands on out of a box.I highly recommend this gun to any experienced. player out there looking for a great gun.

great fps
great range
great construction
great look and feel
very nice internals

battery compartment to small for my lg type 9.6

That is a quick and very in expensive fix get a battery bag for 13 buck here on this site works great and will wrap right around you hand guards no problems.
by Tim R. on 09/19/2012
"This gun is great. It has a great rate of fire right out of the box and the fps makes it great for cqb. it allowes you to get up close and personal. The barrel length on it isnt bad and neither is the range even for field. But you might have to get closer than you will want to for field.

pros: great rof, fps, light, high quality, comfortable cheek rest and stock, plenty of room in the battery compartment for a 9.6.

cons: The motor builds up with alot of carbon dust so the wires in the motor cant conduct the electricity, a little short for field but gets the job done
by Jordan K. on 02/27/2012
"This gun os really great, and is definatley worth how much it costs! It is great for CQB and longer range.

Great FPS
Good handling

Doesnt have normal rails
The barrel nuts will come loose over time, so you want to tighten them every so often.
by Paul H. on 10/01/2016
"Well its a pretty good gun, acurate, small, ect.

Blowback makes it sound great
Battery space
Cool hicap (even though it's polymer)

Fairly heavy
Very fat handgaurd, extremely difficult to wrap a hand entirely around it
FPS IS A LIE, shoots around 400fps, but after a day of use at the field it went down to 375
Has a few parts that can rust
Low rof on full auto
Rear sight is trash
Buy rails separate
Hangaurd moves around quite easily

WORST OF ALL: there are 2 nuts holding the outer barrel secure, they come loose very easy. I was on the field and turned quickly, external outer barrel went flying off and the handguard fell off because of this too

All in all its a great gun, hits hard fairly accurate w/stock barrel, but there are quite a few hiccups