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G&G Blowback GR4 G26 Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Gun Only)

13 Customer Reviews

by zach l. on 02/10/2012
"5* its perfect for cqb very accurate looks awesome. works well for outdoor but excellent if you rush. the stock of the gun looks really cool good performance and if you like a gun that looks cool this is the gun for you

pros: good accuracy
good rate of fire
looks awesome
good for cqb and outdoor

cons: low fps for outdoor but works fine

overall amazing gun worth the price and looks and performs amazing Love It!
get this gun!!!
by matthew b. on 11/19/2011
"This gun is awsome good rof and very accurate. sights are decent.
great rof
good accuracy
looks sweet
battery doesnt come with (thought luck =( )
the tip of the gun came orange so it looks kinda weird but ima pain it black soon
by Blake M. on 08/23/2011
"I got this gun a month ago its amazing. G&G do so well on this gun. This is a must get gun!

350 to 360 fps
shoots 100 to 150 on full auto and semi. its range is great for feild.
the blowback looks cool sounds cool and is cool! the cool style fuctioning charging handling which reveals the blowback.
high rate of fire
takes p mags and m4 mags. i tested.
nice stock, nice grip magazine, easy battery installation, sights are decent, its got a not full metal but half metal weight to it. theres more pros but these are the basics.

the sights arent that great.

and thats it my conclusion is the gun is a 5 out of 5. i suggestion a smart charger and 9.6v 1600 mah battery and a matrix acog it looks awesome on it.

Thank you, Evike for the fast shipping of this gun and your great services!
by Blake M. on 08/03/2011
"I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GUN! Thank Evike for having and you guys always give great service.

The gun is amazing!!! it has good weight, nice stock, cool and awesome magazine, Super accurate!!! i use this for feild not cqb. it shoots 350 fps and so much more. G&G did a great job of this gun. i just havent figured out how to use the built in flashlight and laser. Also the function chagering handle that reveals the blowback. Also the blowback is awesome my first blowback gun i love see the dust cover move every time i shoot it gives a cool feel and look.

awesome blowback system
350 fps which is good
decent rate of fir
ultra accurate
cool magazine, stock and handguard. which by the way the stock and handguard and magazine are g&g's awesome version of magpul pts parts. always wanted a magpul pts gun but a little out of my budget.
decent flip iron sights

the magazine and handguard wobble a little bit but not much of a con.
the iron sights arent the best but they do they job ok but i am getting a acog scope for it anyway.

overall: i love this gun 5 out of 5 spectacular gun! i highly recommend buying this gun.
p.s to evike awesome shipping came in 5 days ground shipping!

Thank you Evike!
by Ryland Q. on 05/27/2016
"This gun is one of g&g's best. Originally I got it to they something that wasn't an m4, but still was easy to upgrade for future use. I pulled this thing out of the box and the weight is solid throughout the whole gun. It feels very balanced overall, and after a couple of test shots I took it to the field. This gun was matching up on huge open fields against hpa's, fully upgraded m4's, GBB's, even able to go against snipers. The only bad thing I have found about this gun was that one game the entire front assembly (flash hider and upper and lower receiver) fell off, but this was an easy fix and just required repositioning and tightening some Allen screws. The amount of times this gun has amazed me with its range and accuracy are too many to count, and is the reason I continue to play airsoft. Knowing that something like this is out there for such a low price is what makes me love airsoft.
Great weight
Solid plastic
Amazing accuracy
Easily upgradable
Stock has a thing that unfolds that is perfect for storing beef jerky.

Orange flash hider is hard to remove (threads underneath)
Cheek pad gets in the way of a mesh mask
Lacks rail space for grips, lasers and what not.
by spencer h. on 08/24/2014

i found that this guns terrible range is all because oof it's hop-up. i replaced it with a metal a&k hop-up and not is shoots over 200 feet. also a new motor is probably a good idea, other than that, it's a great gun so long as you put in a little work. Also, don't bother with the light laser combo unit as the light and laser both suck.
by spencer h. on 10/08/2013
"This gun is pretty good.

Pros: Very accurate at up to 140 yards
Good rate of fire
Very comfortable
No wobble
Good FPS
Lots of battery space

Cons: No rails on the bottom or sides
short barrel
flash-hider is pinned
You can't change the hand guard without taking the whole front off due to its quick open battery space
The custom battery only gets about 6-7 hours of play time
by John-Michael L. on 10/24/2012
"The G&G Blowback GR4 G26 is a very good gun, I loved it. The blowback system was my favorite part. very realistic kick. The only problems I had with it was that the allen bolts that held the outer barrel straight came loose and got lost somewhere, and in turn the barrel became very wobbly. The second thing that was irritating was that my battery (9.6V 1600 mAh) would barely last a couple games because of the pneumatic blowback system, drained the battery very quickly. It also had a unique two piece outer barrel, so customizing it took a lot of time (to figure it out)

Very realistic kick
Nice stock

Battery Drainer
Barrel went wobbly rather quickly
Unique barrel and handguard made it difficult to customize
by Joe Y. on 11/19/2011
"so this gun is pretty cool, il start with pros and cons

1. G&G internals so it wont break on you (inside)
2. Polymer body not metal (this can be a pro or a con, i like the lightweaht tho)
3.uniqe parts (u cant buy the mag the stock or the front end seperately)
4. blowback
5.stock is very comfortable

1. kinda a copied magpul...
2 .the dust cover fell off the gun with the blowback (easy fix but i lost the dust cover itself)

that seems to be it. it doesnt look the best but its REALLY comfortable to use
by Jason C. on 01/01/2014
"We have owned this gun for about 9 months. THERE ARE OTHER - BETTER! - GUNS TO BUY.

This G&G looks great, but it really underperforms. The barrel wobbles and started doing so almost immediately. Range is sub-standard, but it is accurate.

The flashlight/laser combo was useless for us and we removed it - if you do that, lots of battery room. If you want to use those features, then buy the special battery for the gun. Overall, not horrible but certainly not impressive
by ben b. on 01/19/2013
alright gun

battery drainer
low fire rate
low fps
jams easy

not the best gun i would buy, brought mine back didnt really like it, not good for outdoors not worth the money
by Joshua S. on 04/10/2014
"This gun is an absolute waste of money. External up grades are next to impossible and if you are like me and decided that the hand guard with the led and the laser is completely useless, then you have to buy a completely new front assembly because of the way the battery compartment is set up. The least G&G could have done is put a removable flash hider on the gun. This gun is decent internally but not worth the money it cannot be used outdoors for lack of range and accuracy and fps. If you have the money to spend go ahead save a little more and get a kwa or a G&p because this is useless.
by jordan R. on 05/26/2015
"I have had this gun for a year now, and this Gun is a poor value. Instead of rambling on about my bad personal experience, I will leave you with the pros and cons of this rifle and let you decide for yourself weather its a good rifle or not...

- 340 fps (Indoor legal)
- Blowback action (both a pro and a con)

- shoots at a sad 12 rps w/ 9.6v battery
- very loose construction
- does not include battery or charger
- front flip up sight WILL break, very cheaply put on the front of the gun
- Blowback action drains the battery life and adds absolutely nothing to the gun itself
- lock that holds the front assembly of the gun is cheap, and does not stay on very tightly, with very little force, you could loose the whole front of the gun
- charging handle lost it's locking mechanism and it's spring
- stock comes with a battery holding compartment, however it will hold about 2 and a half battery's, so there is no way to have a tight fit with the battery's, so they will make a lot of noise
- Occasionally would shoot automatic on the semi- automatic mode
- the gun would lock its spring but not fully fire if I pulled the trigger too quickly, not sure however if that is unique just to my gun
- Terrible value for paying $220

This gun overall did not perform at the level projected by G&G and I would consider it to be a terrible value. Note that I did purchase this gun from my local airsoft arena so there is no way that these were problems that came from shipping. I would recommend G&G's combat machine series, they actually preform much better than this gun. Stay away from this gun if you are serious about airsofting.