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Matrix 1300rd Electric Auto Winding Dual Magazine for M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEG (Type: Sound Control / Black)

12 Customer Reviews

by Andrew G. on 02/08/2015
"Awesome mag! I bought this so I'd have less 300rd. M4 mags to deal with on my load out. Just 2 of these babies and you are set to dominate.
by Jim Z. on 01/11/2014
"This Mag is beast on the terminator P90 that evike sells. u can just throw out 2800 rounds without havin to do a thing!
by Seth W. on 01/11/2014
"Just got this in the mail and tried it out. All I have to say is, wow! Works beautifully! I'm using it on my P90, can't wait to use it in battle!
by Trevor G. on 01/11/2014
"By far the best mag i have. i used it last week and scared everyone on the other team. very useful if you want to convert your m4/m16 into a light machine gun. only problem: runs out of battery very quickly. definitely worth every penny.
by Matt n. on 01/11/2014
"Ihave had this mg for about 3 years and have'nt had a single problem with it untill now the battery is worn out and goes dead befour I go to wind it up but I can still wind it by hand so I give it five stars it did it's purpous for a loung time I have put so many rounds through it with out a problems
by Elijah S. on 07/03/2013
"Okay... So I just got this and man do I LOOOOVE it! I am the support gunner and supply guy for my team and I usually go with an M249 but after putting her through some tough use, she is getting maintenance done. I have a replacement m4 but it's just a regular M4 UNTIL I found this baby XD This mag feeds flawlessly for my M4 and of course it carries a high capacity. The auto winding is a charm cause there is no way you would want to wind this sucker. (like 3-4 minutes worth for a full wind. I know because I play with lots of mags... as I am the supply guy) The tan matches my M4 and it is pretty good fit. It has some wobble to it, which for some might be annoying, but it's nothing bad on my end. It had some misfeeding issues when I first got it but I poured a few drops of silicon oil into the feeding chamber and it worked beautifully, it has been feeding well ever since.

Good feed (except maybe in cold temps but I have not had that problem yet)
Little to no wobble
Looks dead sexy
Reignites Support Gunner Role
Beautiful capacity (Mine clocked in at 1,367 rounds non-forced)
Makes your friends and other puny riflemen jealous :D

I almost enjoy this more than my M249
You don't have one fool!

All in all, 50 dollars or not, It is soooo worth it. Five outta five.
by brian b. on 05/01/2013
"This Mag is great !!

PROS : 1300 ROUNDS !!!!
Feeds flawlessly
auto wind so it know when to feed the next bb into the gun .. amazing
the fake bullets slide back and you can pour the bbs in there .

CONS : no instructions ... so don't how long to charge the battery

It was a great purchase wished i did it sooner
by Paul P. on 03/30/2017
"Although this is the first 'sound control' Matrix m4 mag I have bought, I have 4 of Matrix's auto wing mags for m4. My kids and I love them They have been dependable in the toughest firefights. I have never had one fail due to Mechanical reasons. 3 still work great and one has a messed up plug after three years. As others have said, the bottom plate is crap. Tape fixed that for the two that have lost plates.
I was a bit surprised to find no rechargeable batteriy this time. The others came with one. You would think if they includ a charger they would includ a rechargeable battery. LOL yes it states AAA battery's are sold separately but hay, the others came with a AAA adapter but not the little AAA's. ( I guess they take them out to sell separately to make the most money.) I am very disappointed in EVIKE in this.
I highly recommend you have a back up battery as with all items that are electronic. Our spawn bag has spares for mag and gun along with AAA and AAAA.
by Anton P. on 09/16/2016
"I got this and is totally impressed by how well it looks and works.

My only concern is being in South Africa we run on 220AC.....and not 110volt.

The charger supplied is 110 volt one. Can anyone tell me what type of rechargeable battery is supplied with the mag.
I can then try charge it with my LIPO intelligent charger.
The battery is not marked at all.......and the battery cradle doesnt fit if you want to conceal the wires by closing it up with the supplied one tends to run it with the wires sticking out
by Maura C. on 09/20/2013
"The Matrix 1300rd Electric Auto Winding Dual Mag Sound Control is great. First of it hold 1300rds without weighing too much and also it looks really sick. The fake bullets really make it that much realistic. Also it rewind automatically. It is made of durable plastic so it doesn't get too heavy. It comes with two ways for it to work tripleA batteries or an electric battery.It will take hours of playing for it to run out of bbs

Holds 1300rds
Rewinds automatically through sound control or just auto rewind (you can also wind it manually)
Realistic looking dummy bullets plus U.S strap
Also it looks really cool

It's plastic but that makes sure it isn't to heavy
The tripleA battery pack is hard to get in (you can just use the electric battery)

Get it its awesome you will never run out of bb's
by Robert A. on 12/05/2015
"This is a temper-mental automatic winding mag. It doesn't come with instructions so read carefully. DO NOT REMOVE A SINGLE SCREW FROM THE MAG.
Remove the fake bullets by pushing them out. You can remove a panel on the lower part of the mag (without the winder) to put the battery in. This compartment is small and you will have to put it in just right.
To the best of my knowledge, it isnt a smart charger that is sent with the mag. and the battery connector is an odd one. Im not sure what the battery is..except DC current.

In the field, the mag did OK. It fed pretty good. No jams. Was running .23s through it. If you love to lay down surpressive fire, then this will help you do that. The battery lasted me about 4 hours. You can buy a spare on this site somewhere.

Is it better than a regular hi-cap, sure.
by Ray H. on 09/28/2014
"I really wanted to like this mag. It seemed as if it were the perfect part for my KWA SR7.

Quality of mag was so/so. Right out of the box one side of the mag was coming apart at a glue joint and had to be repaired. I glued it back together. One problem solved.

There was no directions included AT ALL. NOTHING! How long should I charge the battery? How do I fix a jam? What are the switch positions? No Idea.

I later found out that switch in middle is off, down is continuous and up is "sound mode".

The sound control DOES NOT work at all. Ive tried firing in semi, auto, and even tried tapping on the mag to make noise. It never winds. It will only wind on the continuous mode. Which is great, BUT it can over wind itself very quickly, and you can hear the motor under strain. Im not sure how long it will last.

Ive looked online for info on this mag, and I see similar mags operate with a microphone located at the top of the mag, or just slightly covered inside. I see NO microphone in mine. In fact I see nothing but the motor and wires for the switch so Im not even sure I received the right one.

I love this thing for the looks and the potential it has, but functionally...its junk so far. Definite waste of my money.