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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) High Power M500 C8 CREE LED Combat Tac Light w/ AI Tail Cap and SOS Strobe Feature

9 Customer Reviews

by Nolan J. on 07/02/2014
"I got this flashlight as part of a package, and I was disappointed. It wasn't bright really so I didn't use it much. Then one day I threw in some new batteries and wow. This thing is amazing. The size is perfect for my hand or mounting on a gun. Also, it's super bright. If I flash someone with it in a CQB environment, they stay blinded longer than if I had used another light. Unlike other LED's I've used, the beam goes a great distance and focuses really well. The only downside I've found is the finish. It's a shiny black paint that scratches off somewhat easily, showing the silver underneath but that just gives some personality to the light.

Super bright
Fits hand well
5 settings
Fits most light mounts

Doesn't exactly run through batteries, more like a jog
Finish could be better
Price is a bit high


I highly recommend this light it's by far one of the best I've ever had and I'm considering getting another.
by Vincent L. on 07/19/2012
-Uses two batteries, not three
-Great for back up flashlight
-Can blind people EASILY with this


Now if i can just find a pressure switch that is compatible with this..

A MUST have flashlight
by Carleton K. on 03/05/2012
"I just got this and it was everything I hoped. I did a lot of research trying to find an affordable but bright flashlight. This being around 310 lumens was perfect. It can blind a person even when their eyes are closed.
It has one button that cycles through the 9 different functions each time you turn it on it will perform the next dim setting or function from brightest light to SOS to strobe. This can be a negative since you can't select which feature from the get go but its ok. Its metal very sturdy and has no electrical issues.
this flashlight is worth the money and what you save is more than enough for a pair of suitable ring mounts the size isn't bad either not too long or wide and looks great on my G&G SCAR L
by Tony K. on 02/11/2012
"This flashlight works great! Easily blinds people in our cqb field and really lights up wherever you shine it

One thing to note, it only uses 2x CR123A batteries, not 3 like the site says.... And to use it, it's more like press button till it clicks to turn on/off. To change modes, just slightly press the button to cycle through them.

Now if only I can find a compatible pressure switch...
by Bruk C. on 01/23/2012
"Amazing flashlight, for the price you cannot go wrong. I play a lot of night games and this light is unbelievably useful. A lot of people I airsoft with have lights but none of them are even relatively close to how this performs. Everybody is shocked at how bright it is and now i am known as "the guy with the awesome light". one match i lit up a field about 75 feet away, there were literally about 15 people laying prone. It was like deers in a headlight. all of them just got up to get away. Me and my buddy just unloaded on them and got 15 kills in about 10 seconds!
by zac i. on 12/16/2011
"this flashlight gets it done. It is sooo nice. Its crazy bright and the strobe is obnoxious. I blinded my friend durring the day (in the shade but still outside) from like 20 ft away. At night you could blind someone.
by Matthew O. on 09/01/2011
"Solid flashlight, matches my friends surefire in quality and brightness.
This flashlight has a steady solid beam of light and disorients your opponents.
Multiple Features
very cheap for a high quality flashlight
the multiple features can get annoying if you just want to substain one setting.
doesnt come with instruction manual, " Press for momentary-on, twist for constant-on." are pretty vague instructions.
by Simon P. on 09/18/2012
"This is a great flashlight, but it doesn't have memory, so whenever you turn it back on, it won't be at the high or strobe or whatever you leave it at, and DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT buy the r500 pressure switch for this! It doesn't fit at all!
by ori w. on 02/07/2012
"Like the flashlight but it dosent come with the batterys and it is much bigger then you think it is