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G&P Custom RPK AEG Rifle with Steel Bipod and Real Wood Furniture (Package: Gun Only)

3 Customer Reviews

by Thomas M. on 07/09/2014
"A follow up to my previous review. The new gear box and tappet plate arrived quickly. Thanks Evike. I installed the new gear box, wiring and battery and the gun shoots great now. I rebuilt the damaged gearbox, installed the new tappet and that works fine too.

Other than the loose sight issue and the broken tappet plate, the gun seems well constructed and durable. G&P should look into the sight issue and make sure they follow up with some quality control in as far as loose parts and loose construction of their final product.
by Matthew H. on 12/30/2014
"The first thing you'll notice about this gun is that the barrel is extremely wobbly. I definitely expected more from g&p. Everything else seems to be ok, the barrel just moves a lot.
This gun performs fairly well out of the box, and it is definitely usable for a support role. It is pretty accurate, and the rate of fire and trigger response are also excellent for a stock gun. The internal quality seemed to be good, but my tapped plate broke the day after it arrived. Luckily, I had had an extra laying around, and now it works quite well.

Overall, I would recommend the CYMA, use the money you save for some basic upgrades, and you'll be much better off.
by Thomas M. on 07/01/2014
"Well, I guess I bought the last G&P RPK in stock. Unfortunately, this particular gun seems to be cursed. Upon opening the box, I removed the rifle and was taken aback by the extreme wobble between the barrel and the receiver. It was really loose. I looked around inside the gun and found a set screw situated under the rear sight spring. After tightening up the screw, the wobble was greatly reduced but not eliminated. My attention then went to the front sight which was also loose. The pins were set in completely but the did not hold the sight firmly. As it toyed with the pins, I ended snapping off one of the sight's ears up by the post. I found a replacement RPK sight on line and ordered it.

As of this point, the gun has not been fired. The replacement part came in a day and I promptly replaced the broken sight. The replacement sight, while setting the pins, promptly snapped off at the barrel. Now I had two pieces of pot metal scrap. I ended up digging through my real steel parts and found a AK sight, which with some minor milling, replaced the cheapie sights perfectly. Nice and tight now.

Now out to the range. Using the supplied magazine, the gun cycled but did not fire ammo. After further inspection, I found the hopup unit was loose and not aligned properly, causing the BBs not to feed. With that repaired, the gun finally fired. A little adjustment on the hopup and it fired a nice flat trajectory out about 100 feet. After two mags worth of shooting, the gun failed. As I slowly looked deeper into the gun, I finally pulled the gearbox and opened it. As it turns out, the tappet plate was snapped in half.

So at this point the gun sits. I have ordered a new complete gearbox as well as a tappet plate to repair the original gearbox. With the good reviews and opinions about G&P I read on line, I am personally not impressed with their quality control or their RPK. We will see how this ends in the near future....