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Bravo Tactical Gear Special Force Body Armor - (Tan)

3 Customer Reviews

by Gregorio V. on 07/10/2012
Fits great under my gen 4 chest rig. I'm a slender guy ( 5' 9" @ 150 lb)and the only uncomfortable thing about it is the sides overlap. Which is kinda good because my kidneys are protected really well.

-Super soft.
-Shot it at 15 ft with a 530 fps dm rifle and didnt leave a mark.
-Double stitching.
-plate customization(you can add or remove plates to increase bulkieness).

-Not TAN (more of a cream color...stands out in dark)
- Inside is white.

p.s. idk if bulkieness is a word but you know what i mean.
by Anders M. on 05/24/2012
"I'm amazed by this thing. As someone who's shopping for both Airsoft gear AND movie props, this thing takes the cake, well worth the $40! With protection on the front, back, and sides, it's lightweight and flexible, easily concealed under clothing, and it can absorb just enough of the impact from a BB to where it won't sting, but to where you'll feel it, no doubt about it. While it doesn't have any MOLLE webbing on it, it does fit right underneath a chest rig beautifully (which is how I use it), so now you can have protection AND practicality. One thing that should be taken into account is that it won't fit very well on more "horizontally-challenged" people, so I'd say if your waist size is above mens' 40, look elsewhere.

- Lightweight
- Fits almost all sizes
- Very comfortable
- Absorbs JUST enough BB impact
- Plates are removable.
- Uses all 9x12" plates
- Cheap!

- No MOLLE webbing
- Not for the fat

NOTE: I noticed Mitchell had problems with shoulder movement, but I've had no such issues. For the broad-shouldered, this vest will work perfectly.
by Mitchell H. on 01/15/2012
"so i love this thing. I got it for my PMC look, and its amazing. Right out of the package is wearable. There are two kinds of armor inserts in it. There are front and back soft inserts that take up the entire vest, then there are 9x12" "plates". The vest gets really warm with the soft inserts in, so i suggest taking them out, but leaving the "plates" in. Doing that also makes the vest less bulky, and I live in Southern California, so its already pretty warm down here. The "plates" are just a few millimeters of foam, but they do provide protection.
When the soft inserts are in, you will still feel the shot, but it wont sting, you just feel the force of it. With just the stock "plates" in, you feel it much better, but it still doesn't sting. They are also removable, so if you want to take out the protection entirely for just a look or something, or you can put better, harder plates in.
Its fully adjustable, so the vest wont move around during a game. It covers pretty much everything from your collar bone to the end of your ribs, so there is an area of a few inches that is exposed above your waist. That difference in coverage may change due to the wearer, because I'm over 6 foot, so it may cover your entire torso, or close to it on a shorter person.

also, there is no ballistic protection with this vest, even if you do put a legit plate in, it wont stop a bullet.

pros: It looks really cool
- fully adjustable
- Velcro strip on the chest for patches (i have my secret squirrel path there)
- you can still feel the shots
- soft inserts and "plates" are removable.
- Can take any 9x12" plate
- The Velcro is really strong, so it holds the vest in place

- gets warm with soft inserts
- kinda limits MY shoulder movement, but that may just be for me, due to my smaller shoulders
- soft inserts can sit a bit oddly in the vest, especially around the top of your shoulders and can get uncomfortable or just annoying. I would suggest taking them out and leaving the "plates".