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Bravo Tactical Gear Special Force Body Armor - (Ranger Grey)

8 Customer Reviews

by Joseph R. on 03/12/2018
"I have both the Grey and Tan models, the tan color is pretty ugly and looks just like a ace bandage wrapped around your chest IMO. I have had the tan vest longer and used it more and recently got the grey model. The grey looks more realistic and practical to use on the field. It blends better with buildings and even woodland than the bright tan model. They have held up well after over two years use from the tan model. Good for younger airsofters who don't wear plate carrier to keep scares off chest from cqb shots or even snipers who want a vest to reduce chest scars. Material quality is excellent and I regularly receive compliments on my vest. This item isn't a MAP item so you can get the 25% off code to work!
by Louis A. on 01/02/2016
"If you have been contemplating getting this, go for it. I greatly enjoyed wearing it today, and it got lots of compliments. I wore my normal Fereday chest rig (Rhodesian-look it up) over it with no trouble. It is light enough that it adds very little to you load, but works wonders for CQB.

I'm 6'2", 211#, and average build, fwiw. It is just a notch higher above my navel (not naval) than I would prefer, but alles klar. Once it breaks in it's gonna be even better. The color and material has less luster than in the pic, and all that velcro makes a billboard for moral patches.
by Tristen W. on 03/17/2015
"This is great body armor if you are going for a SWAT or contractor look. The materials are rugged and won't fail on you. The elastic adjustment tabs make the armor extremely adjustable, and the side tabs are attached to side panels which add more protection. It also is a good thickness and fits under regular sized vest or chest rig. The interior is mesh padding and is light and breathable.

The sizing is great, I'm 5 foot 7 and it fits over my BDUs perfectly. Bigger people beware, it might sit a little high on you.

The "armor plates" inside the shell and side tabs (there are plastic plates inside the side tabs also) are flexible enough to be very comfortable, but are rigid enough to support the shell and hold its overall shape. Just make sure that the front is facing the front, because they are kinda easy to confuse and it is painful on your neck to wear backwards.

The only drawback is that the color is a light grey, and while it isn't unattractive it would look much better of it were a dark grey or black.

An amazing buy, very sturdy and comfortable. 9/10 stars for the light grey color
by Kimberly S. on 08/10/2012
"Great vest. Does it everything it's supposed to do. Got mine for $5 off somebody. Get a MOLLE belt and a harness if you want a light weight loud out without taking much pain. Admit it you don't want to get shot without a vest

Pros: Great for those tactical looks
Offers good protection

Cons: No MOLLE
by Matt H. on 09/03/2011
"Great vest, it offers a lot of protection. It sits kind of high on the torso though. So if you get hit just below the bellybutton you'll feel it. That's not really a problem though. With the velcro straps you can get it as tight as you want it though, which I think is nice. Definitely a good buy for just $40.
by John C. on 07/24/2011
"Awesome vest. Great for a prop or if you feel you need the extra protection in a game. Very comfortable and fits perfect.
by John T. on 02/26/2016
"Owned mine for a few months now, used it 5 times three times in a CQB building, twice woodland pickup games. It fits nicely but it's really unpractical to use with anything that doesn't have a High Cap mag. I haven't found any way to put on some real magazine pouches other than to hang them from the stretchy material the side tighteners are made from, and that caused them to fray after about 20 minutes of running and even "stalking" targets.

Looks great, has excellent mobility, but I really wish their was MOLLE weave on the front so we at least had the option to use it in a functional mid cap setup. Hard to hear the hits if your hearing is a little impaired like mine.

Best for any player who prefers to use a High Cap mag most of the time, shotgun users, or handgun marksman's.
by William B. on 11/28/2012
"Liked this vest alot works really well to it's a little small on me but I'm about 6'5 and 245 so that was to be expected still worked very well till I sold it awesome vest though and if your not my size buy this vest for $40 you can't go wrong