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G&P Full Metal M4 WOC GBB Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle Challenge Kit (Model: AR-15 Navy Seal Skull-Frog)

26 Customer Reviews

by andrew z. on 02/15/2017
"On first inspection this kit seemed complete but after I started to assemble this kit I realized that the recoil spring was missing. Easy fix once I called evike, they said they will try to locate it and if they did they can send it out to me, or if they can't find it within 2 days they will accept a return on my kit. I asked if they would just be able to send a replacement spring if they couldn't find the original due to the fact that the kit is mostly together already and the gentleman on the line said that that can be done also. Great customer support, within 15 minutes everything was sorted out.

Some of the internal parts of the kit seem low quality but I was aware of this going into the kit. This gun is a great gun if you want a project, as the assembly is not the easiest, but can be done with the manual and some effort. This is not a kit you will have done in a couple hours though, it's really is a challenge.

You will not need any experience building guns to buy this kit!!!!! Follow the instructions and you will be okay.

The amount of aftermarket and replacement parts for this gun is emense and I do not see myself getting bored of upgrading and changing the gun. I plan of getting more then one upper going at a time so I can have a very dynamic setup depending on the course/game.

The paint on the reciever of the gun is impeccable and I love the finish. G&P has done a great job detailing every part on the exterior of this kit and I am very impressed with the looks so far. If there is one thing I recommend getting with this kit other then the magazine (which is not included) is a rear sight, as the stock one is very poor in my opinion.

Overall- very impressed and happy with this kit and my first purchase on evike! Evike has been very helpful with finding the missing part and no other company has had customer support this good. 8/8 was gr8 m8
by Robert v. on 09/28/2016
"This is a amazing gbbr if you have tech skill to assemble this rifle its great and if you upgrade the internals to steel and fine tune its a beast i love it and recommend buying it with the exception that the buyers have patience and knowledge of assembling small parts and springs instructions are easy to follow if you can follow a plastic model car or similar instructions you can build this you will need to do some file sanding etc tuning is highly recommended if done right you will love it!!!
by Katelyn H. on 09/22/2016
"This is really a awesome replica, after installing a npas in the bolt and fielding it at my local cqb arena I am pretty happy with it. Honestly the magpul mags are the better option as stated in other parts of this site and on the net. The fill valve in the stanag style magazine are the TM style valves that allow gas to spill out as your filling it so they cannot over fill, this is awesome when you have a japanese airsoft gun like a tm or a wa. Here though the system is a little lack luster and causes leaks, that is a different issue seeing as this is the kit and no magazine is included so I digress, Once I got done scratching my head and swearing at the instructions for telling me to put the full auto sear in after the fire selector (watch johnjayrambo on youtube he has a video on how to build a lower receiver) the kit went together very quickly and easily. Basically if you can lace your boots and consider yourself semi competent this is going to be pretty straight forward stuff here folks. As soon as I was finished assembling the whole thing I loaded a magazine and let it sit for about 5 minutes, then I slapped it in the carbine with a satisfying clickity clack noise that is very reminiscent of handling an actual firearm. The first time I shot it I was extremely pleased that it actually worked, not only did it work it is the coolest airsoft gun I've ever seen or used. G&P's WOC is so much fun to shoot and handle, it is extremely finicky though so expect some experimenting and fine tuning. Definitely not a platform for just anyone though, but once you put it together and get a couple of suckers out with it you will feel like a Jedi master.
by Ryan C. on 04/24/2016
"This thing was quite an experience to build. The little Allen screw that's used to tighten down the front sight stripped due to the fact that the material is so thin. It was an easy fix though, just used a beefier Allen screw to replace it. And also just a heads up, my receiver has the skull frog logo but does not have the punisher skull or navy trademarks so just beware of that. After it was finished, this thing is a beast. It has a nice weight to it and it hits hard. I had no experience at all with gbbrs and it wasn't as difficult as I had thought it would be. So if you're hesitant to buy this because you're not sure you'll be able to build it, just buy it. It just takes a little tinkering and mechanical knowledge to get it together. There's also a million different ways you can customized me upgrade this with after market parts. Overall, a great buy, well worth the money in my opinion
by Matthew H. on 03/10/2016
"Fun to build, came with all the parts, though I'm currently waiting on an NPAS unit before finishing the assembly. Well built. Excellent finish. Be careful about the trigger guard install, in my infinite wisdom I tried forcing the retaining screw for the fromt half of it through with the outside of a leatherman multi tool. The end result was I am now missing a large chunk of skin on my knuckle just above my right thumb. Point is be careful. The kit was incredibly easy to assemble, the instructions are like that of a Lego kit. Just get some snap ring pliers, a nail, mallet, pliers, allen keys, a metal file, and a ton of lube, ignore the cashiers strange looks at your local Wal Mart and you're good to go, all set to get into a hot sweaty, back aching, hand stinging, wrestling match with the auto sear and delta ring, parting the lips of your magazine, and filing down the loading nozzle till it all lies flatter and smoother than 9 month old Coke. Overall. It was fun.
by Marko S. on 12/04/2012
GBB rifle
Solidly made and very realistic
Based on WA system
Get to learn every detail about your gun buy making it

Came with missing parts
Lower receiver was not in spec
Mags are expensive

Overall, if you love GBB this gun is the way to go just be ready to do some waiting with missing parts.
by Tim B. on 10/31/2012
"the quality of this kit is great for the price!!! that being said i do have a few small complaints. first of my kit came missing numerous parts, i contacted evike about this and they were very quick to supply me with these missing parts after i set a few emails detailing exactly what i needed(thanks for all your help support team!). of the parts that did come in the first shipment of this kit, the hopup unit had a piece completely broken off, again evikes great support team helped me out by having g&p directly send me an entire new hopup unit(not just the broken part) which was awesome. the last downside i have to this is the part of the lower receiver that the trigger guard attaches to near the pistol grip is very weak. on the first hit to get the triger guard pin through it snapped clean off. i read in a prior review that it had happened to someone else and was easily fixed with some jb wield, so thats what im going to try as well. i would not hesitate to buy another one of these kits or to recommend to a friend or anyone else. i test fired it yesterday and it shoot and preforms perfectly. if you are looking for a cheap way to get into gbbr rifles this is 100% your best choice, imo.
by Brian L. on 09/20/2012
"Very cheap for high quality GBB rifle

high quality

mine came with missing parts. i sent evike a mail and am waiting for respond.
doesn't come w/ mag
have to assemble it obviously

Overall, very nice G&P! I wish that some of the parts were not missing so that i can actually finish the gun.
by brett s. on 09/19/2012
"Highly reccomend. Very sturdy externals, ok sturdy internals. Will probably have to shell out ~200-250$ to get internals to mid/skirmishable spec. otehrwise stock are fine for plinking and light battles.

great externals
ok internals
mags only hold 30-50 rounds (do not buy king arms mags, best is G&P then magpul. For about alot 70+$ you can get some prowins)
mags only old 30-50 rounds (lol)
expensive to maintain and mags are expensive

Mine came with a missing buffer tube ring, rear stock mount thing, and barrel nut. I called evike, and they're shipping me them. So don't really worry about it missing any parts.
by Sarah C. on 04/15/2012
"My brother bought this and I ended up building him a gun using this. Externally, the body is extremely high quality. Everything fits tightly together.
However, this was expected, because I have seen G&P guns before and have been impressed with their overall quality.

Internally, the quality is just as high. I think this was money well spent, and an amazing deal as well.
by justin s. on 01/08/2012
"Let me start off by saying this gun is SOLID none of the parts wobble and no worry of any cheap chinese crap here. Every part here is high quality metal and let me be clear this is NOT the same as a woc-x. The internals are HARDEND heat treated aluminut not just cheap aluminum and the recievers and barrel are steel. This gun pre assembled is easily worth 400 bucks. It is not hard to asseble don't let all those little parts scare you. I am an experienced paintball player and decided to switch to airsoft with this gun so basicly, I have never worked on or had any experience with a high end airsoft guns and it was still realy easy to put together and all parts were their. This is just first impressions after the build I will write and post an after action review soon.

-very nice feeling real polymer furniture
-engravings look much better in person
-great internals

I guess if I had to be nit picky
-no mag
-would have prefered standard carry handle rear sight instead of flip up

This is an AMAZING deal and I couldn't be more happy with how this gun looks and feels. I could go on and on but the review is already lengthy as it is

If you are new to airsoft or just want a great gbbr; BUY THIS NOW
by Marcos C. on 12/25/2011
"I was given this for Xmas by my fiancÚ, and put it together in about 2 and a half hours. In my opinion the manual is nothing special, but up yo the task of getting you through the build. You do need to be technically proficient, but not an engineer or anything. I have never touched a GBBR before. The auto sear is the most obnoxious part of the whole build. The hop up and bolt came already built in my kit. The fit and finish is top notch. There will be a lot of newness with the gun. So don't be surprised if the bolt is tight at first. She gave me a king arms mag as well, not knowing about the problems others have had with it. I, however, have not had a problem with it. Granted I haven't shot a ton through it yet, but what I have it has been great. An AR wrench is super helpful, but I'm sure it's possible to get it made without one. My advice is to take your time and use our brain a little.
by Joe M. on 12/06/2011
"My first wa gbbr it was easy to put together took about 1.5 haurs needs a tight bore i bought 11 G&P mags with it hop up is good might want to replace hammer and sear with metal ones if you plan to use as primary weapon overall 4.5 stars out of 5 price is great 200.00 cant beat i looked all over the net and went eith this rifle very pleased with it barrel , body, all seen good quality as great from G&P
by Dayne B. on 09/01/2011
"Absolutely amazing. My First WA system. Im very hands on so it went together real quick and easy for me. Under 2hrs for assembly. I bought GHK CO2 mags with the kit and even with its aluminum internals it has held amazingly! very little signs of wear after 5 games and about 7000 rounds through it. For those who wonder, it does come with a manual. But Id call it more of a picture book as there are no words, just a picture of a couple assemblies.
- Good FPS
- Great Kick (harder than my WE Scar)
- Easy Assembly
- Little to no wear
- Amazing quality on every part

- Needed assembled (saves you a couple hundred $$$ so quit complaining)

Thats all I could think of off hand. If you dont have an AR-15 Multi tool you might want to get one.
Tools I used were...
*Needle Nose Pliers
*Allen Wrench **METRIC** (Hex Head for those who dont know the correct name)
*Small Flathead Screwdriver
by raymond m. on 08/25/2011
"I love this gun! The craftsmanship and quality of each part is unsurpassed and is by far one of, if not the most realistic airsoft gun on the market. Some of my friends who own real steel ARs were amazed at how accurate in parts, weight (only .25lb difference between a real m4) and function the G&P WOC GBB gun was. The Navy SEAL themed trademarks are beautiful! They aren't cheap decals, but laser engravings, my only gripe about them is on the select fire where it reads "SAVE" not "SAFE." SEAL Team 10's skeleton Frog logo as well as the SEAL's Punisher Skull is a nice switch from the manufacturer's usual trademarks. One word of advice, if you plan on purchasing King Arms magazines with the gun, your going to need the King Arms bolt assembly as they will not work properly with the stock G&P bolt and nozzle. This kit is not for the faint of heart though as you have to put every part together yourself, but take your time and you'll easily have one of the coolest airsoft guns on the field.