Reviews: KJW Chrome Magazine for KJW & TM 1911 / MEU Series Airsoft GBB Pistols


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Model: MAG-KJW-GBB617Ch

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by Walter T. on 2015-12-15 21:22:58
"Works in a Tokyo Marui 4.3 Desert Warrior

- Solid construction,
- Some noticeable visual differences, but does not affect functionality
- Affordable

- Not made to EXACT tolerances as the TM version, so you'll have to push extra hard on the slide release to load the first bb.
- The mag does not fall out when you push the mag release. You'll have to pull the mag out. I might try polishing the mag to give it a slicker surface to help with the mag release.
by Daniel F. on 2014-06-24 20:12:33
"Works perfectly in my TM 4.3 desert warrior, fits just like the TM mag and is cheaper than the TM mags. 5/5
by Jennifer V. on 2013-08-28 18:05:30
"This magazine is the one that is included with the KJW KP07 M1911 MEU and it worked great for a while but then it started leaking just a little bit. Now, it leaks too much for me to use it. I have a TM mag that I bought and it works flawlessly.
by Chris w. on 2011-12-10 12:02:49
"Very nice quality magazine with stainless steel construction. It holds a decent amount of gas and bb's, considering it is a slim single stack style magazine, but is actually double stack.
!! Do not release the follower in to the feed lip because it may chip some off!!

-compatible with Kjw meu 1911's and original M1911
-nicer look than original M1911 magazines

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)