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Angel Custom Advanced Precision Steel VSR-10 BAR-10 M28 Piston & Trigger Sear Set

11 Customer Reviews

by stering p. on 11/26/2015
"Fantastic sear worth the price full steel fits so nice and snug should last for a long time
by Tyler L. on 07/11/2014
"These sears work great, 100% drop in, no modification needed for my JG BAR-10. I recommend these to anyone looking to upgrade their JG BAR-10.
by Evan W. on 01/17/2013
"Works extremely well. Got it about half a year ago, hasn't had a single issue in my M28.

Make sure to get a better piston with it, the piston sear is a little sharp so it will ruin a plastic piston. You need a metal one for any power upgrades over 400 fps anyways.
by Michael P. on 04/01/2012
"this is a must buy if you are planning on upgrading your gun at all. made with steel, which is alot better than the cheap metal in stock one.. very easy to install just make sure not to lose any of those little springs in the trigger box.
by Christos G. on 09/21/2016
"After 200-500 shots I have had no issues, so I think this should hold up for a little while.
by Christos D. on 12/24/2015
"Pretty happy with it. Although, after about 300 shots, its beginning to show minor signs of wear and tear. Nothing serious, just some noticeable scuffing and discoloration where the piston has scraped the sear. Its too early to tell if its a durable, quality piece.

I hate Angel Custom parts, but this one seems to be holding up well. The price was too good to pass up.
by Jesse F. on 07/01/2013
"I just recieved my piston and trigger sear set today. It was not a drop in part. It took a slight bit of filing to get it to move freely. In the end i did get it in my MB07 and it works very well. This is an upgrade piece and in my opinion is worth the $40 if you had slam firing like I did. I give it a four out of five due to the little bit of filing otherwise it would have been a five out of five.
by Blake G. on 03/25/2015
"Does not work with the echo 1 m28.
by scott m. on 09/22/2014
"this does not come with the bolt stop. also didn't work at all in my bar-10
by Jack W. on 08/15/2011
"Nice solid piece of metal. The second sear doesn't move completely freely when put together, which has lead to some flam firing in my Bar-10. I think I'll have to dremel it down a little to reduce the friction. Good price for this sear set, though. Looks solid, but I'll have to find out how it holds up after a few thousand rounds.
by Janine K. on 07/12/2016
"The sears themselves are machined nicely. They are made of good quality steel and the machining is very visible and feels quite nice to the touch. Upon looks and initial impression I would give this product a 5 star review. Now, when it comes to installing them, let me start off by saying just lol. Okay, so first off, the pin holes that hold the sears in place are about half the size they need to be, meaning that the stock sear pins dont fit into them at all, unless you tap them in with a hammer or something (please don't try that), so its virtually impossible. This would be perfectly fine, but evike doesn't bother to provide after market pins. Oh, and they dont give you aftermarket springs either. Im not saying this product is horrible, but mine clearly passed a faulty quality check. I took a chance on AC, and it't a chance I won't be taking ever again. For all of those who had success installing your sears, congrats, for me, no way jose. I have rma'd the sear set and am going to purchase an entire new trigger box from a different site since evike doesn't stock any quality ones. My suggestion, just buy a new trigger box and skip the sear upgrade. The stock trigger box on VSR 10's suck anyways and not to mention they are 45 degrees. Just save up some extra cash and get a nice zero trigger or v trigger, it already has the sears, and all you have to do is pop it in place and it's good to go. Im upset that I have to go through the trouble of sending this item back as I was counting on it working so I could install my other upgrades, but lesson learned the hard way. AC sears? Nope. New trigger box? Yep.