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Matrix Bravo Advanced Neoprene Tactical Knee and Elbow Pad Set (Color: Ranger / Foliage Green)

11 Customer Reviews

by Andrew G. on 02/08/2015
"Great set of elbow and knee pads. Nice velvro adjustment on the backs. Comfortable!
by juan v. on 12/23/2014
"I got these in the mail yesterday and I must say I'm impressed at the quality. The inside of the pads have a memory foam like cushion that is extremely comfortable. They were slightly darker than my pants but it actually looks really nice together.

Extremely Comfortable
Nice camo
You can't feel a thing under them

I'm small (82 lbs) so slightly big but nothing much
by Connor V. on 09/12/2013
"I've used Hatch and X-Tac pads and these are by far the best next to the Emerson pants. They stay in place with the exception of maybe sliding a little while moving while prone or diving into prone, but unlike the others, they do not slide down my shins while running. And for a bonus, the desert digi is actually desert digi and matches my Tru-Spec pants perfectly. One last note, durable. These things have taken a beating and don't show it.
by Benjamin F. on 09/03/2013
"I just bought a pair of these today at their super store in Alhambra. Great looking pads, can't wait to test them out in CQB. Do not let the Desert Tan fool you, they are more in the Coyote Tan category. Looks great!
by Jonathan H. on 10/09/2012
"These knee pads are actually pretty great!

Low profile
-look just like they're part of your ACU pants
Soft and cushiony
-gives it that sweet jesus feel, especially the knee placement
Good ballistic protection
-everypart of the pads protect you, it still hurts, but it hurts less
A little less than affordable (for knee pads), but it's worth it

Bad adjustment
-Only fits on people with adault sized legs, I'm 14 and I have to overadjust it which makes the pads look wierd
*If you don't tighten it enough, it starts slipping like any other pad set
-Sometimes the velcro lining adjustment starts ripping and you have to cut some of it off

Other than that, these pads are great! I've brought these to 3 games and they work amazingly. Although I'm selling these because they don't fit me, I'll be getting a standard pair of pads.
by Michael S. on 07/16/2017
"I'm a 5'11" 145lbs scrawny male and they didn't stay quite tight enough. They fit and stayed on but often I'd find my self re-adjusting and pulling them up. The quality is good though.
by Andrew Z. on 11/19/2013
"These pads are pretty comfortable and seem to work well on rough surfaces. Only problem that I have experienced with it (as stated by Matthew F. below) is that the knee pads seem to slide down when running, unless I make them uncomfortably tight. Otherwise, these pads are pretty satisfactory.
by Joshua F. on 07/25/2013
"These pads are unbelievable! they are incredibly comfortable and provide excellent shock absorption. If you have relatively small legs like me, then you'll want someone who knows how to do sticking and sowing to extend the over lap piece over the velcro so you can tighten the pads to fit better. Other than that, these are the best pads to get in my opinion. GET THEM!
by Matthew F. on 05/31/2013
"These pads are really good, I rarely feel any shock when I crash down on one knee of jump into a prone position and the elbow pads work fairly well when in CQB or just hurling yourself into cover, my own issue was some slit issues with the straps where they felt as if they were sliding down as I was running but other than those quirks these pads are thumbs up and pretty good for protecting your caps and elbows
by Jonathan H. on 05/10/2013
"These pads have done a nice job of protecting my knees, but they do have their cons and pros.

Low profile
Rubbery hard shell plate (personal preference)
Come in different camo and color schemes
Have a unique strap system
Nice padding from BB's all around
SUPER comfortable
More dexterity than a lot of other knee pads

Not good for sliding if you're into that kind of thing
The straps slip on me A LOT
Cheapish stitching on the velcro straps
Not very universal, and not recommended for those with under average sized legs
by charles w. on 11/18/2015
"This is not one size fits all. I power lift therefor I have huge legs and this product doesn't even come close to fitting me. So if you are a big guy in general do not buy this product.