Reviews: (AIRSOFTCON EPIC DEAL) 0.25g MAX Precision 6mm Airsoft BB (5000 Rounds / White)

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Model: BB-EVK-25G-5K

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by nathaniel b. on 2014-11-18 09:56:24
"Great BBs! I have been through 15,000 of these in my G&P m4 and no jams or misshapen bbs. I highly recommend these. 10/10
by will m. on 2014-11-11 14:54:44
"Okay, for 2 years I have used these BB's.

160,000 Rounds later.... (Yes I counted my past orders)

1 Jam. 1 out of 160,000. Through a G&G CM16. Why? Half fired. OP? Yus. Buy these! Wait no, don't. Shoo. I want them instock 24/7. Kgo. Goodbye.

No seriously, they're amazing.
by Jordan D. on 2014-05-17 20:20:00
"These are great bbs for an amazing price! I have not had any jams with them and they are accurate too!
by James D. on 2013-11-05 09:15:53
"These are great bb's. I use these in all my guns. They seem to hold a tighter group than others. At $11 for 5000 you can't go wrong. They should sell these by the bucket.
by Samuel P. on 2013-09-13 08:11:39
"Great bag of BB's, provided great consistency with each shot and I found no broken/warped BB's in the bag.
Them gives some good shootin'!
by Jennifer V. on 2013-08-28 17:27:21
"I have put more than 20,000 of these BBs throught my VFC M4 and my KJW Kp07 and I have not had a single jam or flawed BB. They are very high grade and precision BBs. I will keep buying these until this store closes.
by Darien L. on 2013-08-01 19:27:16
"pretty nice ammunition for the price. never caused a jam and never broke in my M4. Bang up job Evike!
by Thomas P. on 2013-07-11 18:32:28
"Definitely the best BB's for the price! This things are probably the best BB's I bought two(2) bags for my AEG and L96, they work well for both. I intend on buying many more of these, they will probably be the BB's I use for years to come. Thanks Evike! I Definitely recommend for everyone.
by corey s. on 2013-03-14 10:42:46
"excellent excellent bbs these bbs work vantastic in my ak47 mid cap mags I highly recommend these bbs to anyone
by ken f. on 2013-01-13 13:29:48
"iv been using these with my type96 and they are VERY good. not a single bb has jammed and i have looked at about 50 bb's and none of them had a seem. these are my new favorite bb's


by GARRY T. on 2013-01-11 15:33:12
"I figured that I might as well write a review since these are the only bbs I use. I have used several other brand of bbs and I got to say evike/matrix bbs are by far the best. these bbs are extremely accurate which means that the weight and diameter are the same. every time I shoot, the bbs stay in a straight line and its like im shooting an ice beam out of my gun. I have bought about 7 bags of these bbs and I can honestly say that I have seen no deformed bbs and I have had little to none bbs fly far to any other direction but straight. there are possibly no other bbs.

don't have to worry about jams in a tightbore


some of you may think that matrix is a lower grade brand but when evike puts confidence in their brand and puts their name in with matrix that's saying something. I have had bbs that break when it hits a beer bottle. these bbs do not break and they keep their shape when hitting a hard surface which says they are solid. these are the best bbs. happy airsofting
by Mary Katherine T. on 2012-12-20 21:04:07
"These bbs are great, with the .25 I can hit accurately at about 150' with my cybergun sig 550, which is like perfect for field games.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 20 reviews)

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