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CYBERWEEK SALE - 25% OFF   Use code: NEWLOOK 0.25g MAX Precision 6mm Airsoft BB (5000 Rounds / White)

20 Customer Reviews

by Taylor D. on 04/14/2012
"Plain and simple just get the BB's. I feel they are the perfect grade and wieght for high performance AEGs and other guns and they are an amazing price! Evike did a great job on this one!
by Omar M. on 03/27/2012
"I purchased these BB's before a big airsoft game, and they are a great improvement from the .2's that i was originally using. better accuracy and in my opinion kept just about the same fps. I recommend these bb's to anyone looking for better accuracy.
by William M. on 02/09/2012
"The bbs themselves are great! Did exactly what they were supposed to and did it well. The bag, however, I have mixed emotions about. It is resealable, but if you aren't careful they will open up an spill. Also, there are little holes in the bag, so you can squeeze air out after you close it. That's a nifty little bonus, but dirty can easily get in the bag because of that.

Flawless bbs


What else is there to say? Except...
No zombie is safe from Chicago Ted!
by Victor R. on 02/08/2012
"I ordered 2 bags of these. The bbs in one of the bags came out perfect. They had a very smooth/shiny poslish and all of them were perfect spheres.

In the other bag however, they felt very powdery as if they were Biodegradeable bbs. All I did was give them a little wash and they were identical to the "good" bag. This was not a problem since I usually wash my bbs

They are exellent bbs for the price. The only other brand I can find for this price and quantity are Crosman
by Ross H. on 09/21/2011
"Amazing bbs! I use these in my GBBs and they work perfectly! they are better quality than the other matrix .25 bbs and are $2 cheaper! Honestly $12 is a steal for how good these bbs are. I absolutely love these and will be getting more. The only con I can think of is when you first open up the bag there is a strong plasticky smell but thats it. The color is kinda meh. Its sorta like an off-white tan. But this is coming from a guy who is used to the crisp light blue color of KSC and WE bbs.

Bottom line: BUY THESE NOW!