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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) 0.25g MAX Precision 6mm Airsoft BB (5000 Rounds / White)

33 Customer Reviews

by ken f. on 01/13/2013
"iv been using these with my type96 and they are VERY good. not a single bb has jammed and i have looked at about 50 bb's and none of them had a seem. these are my new favorite bb's


by GARRY T. on 01/11/2013
"I figured that I might as well write a review since these are the only bbs I use. I have used several other brand of bbs and I got to say evike/matrix bbs are by far the best. these bbs are extremely accurate which means that the weight and diameter are the same. every time I shoot, the bbs stay in a straight line and its like im shooting an ice beam out of my gun. I have bought about 7 bags of these bbs and I can honestly say that I have seen no deformed bbs and I have had little to none bbs fly far to any other direction but straight. there are possibly no other bbs.

don't have to worry about jams in a tightbore


some of you may think that matrix is a lower grade brand but when evike puts confidence in their brand and puts their name in with matrix that's saying something. I have had bbs that break when it hits a beer bottle. these bbs do not break and they keep their shape when hitting a hard surface which says they are solid. these are the best bbs. happy airsofting
by Mary Katherine T. on 12/20/2012
"These bbs are great, with the .25 I can hit accurately at about 150' with my cybergun sig 550, which is like perfect for field games.
by Tyler R. on 10/08/2012
"These bb's are very good. They fly straight and feed nicely. They're also made of good quality. White bb's are very good for covering fire because the enemy can see them and will duck and cover. Overall these bb's are very good and you should buy them.
by Josh K. on 09/02/2012
"These are great BBs. I have never had a jam caused by them. They are always perfectly round and shoot far and straight. I have run these in my KWAs, my maruis, and all the rest! They never break prematurely, they never jam up, and they will keep your gun under warranty by using high quality bbs.

They way you can test the quality of bbs is if you take some pliers, put the bb in between the forceps, and then squeeze. If it breaks right down the middle yo have bbs with seams (BAD)

But if you have bbs that crush (not split), you have high quality seamless bbs.
I performed this test on these bbs, and THEY PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS.

Definitely recommended for and gun that shoots more than ~375fps.

(Hint, get the bag of 20,000 and save 4$!!!!)
by James S. on 08/26/2012
"Evike bb's are absolutely the best brand you can buy from. They have the best quality bb's on the market in my opinion, and the reviews i've seen about them seem to prove my point. I would also suggest Matrix.
by Randall K. on 05/21/2012
"These BBs are perfect. After 5 years of airsofting i am kicking myself for not buying these first. I have bought countless brands and needless to say, these are onpar with the G&Gs and these are cheaper in price. I bought 40k of these bad boys and let me tell you i am not looking back. im buying another 40k very very soon because of the performance. Never have i seen my mags feed these so flawlessly and not a single jam. I have 1000 rounds of ammunition in my AK build and i didnt misfeed or jam my gun ONCE. Buy these bbs. Perfect value.
by Taylor D. on 04/14/2012
"Plain and simple just get the BB's. I feel they are the perfect grade and wieght for high performance AEGs and other guns and they are an amazing price! Evike did a great job on this one!
by Omar M. on 03/27/2012
"I purchased these BB's before a big airsoft game, and they are a great improvement from the .2's that i was originally using. better accuracy and in my opinion kept just about the same fps. I recommend these bb's to anyone looking for better accuracy.
by William M. on 02/09/2012
"The bbs themselves are great! Did exactly what they were supposed to and did it well. The bag, however, I have mixed emotions about. It is resealable, but if you aren't careful they will open up an spill. Also, there are little holes in the bag, so you can squeeze air out after you close it. That's a nifty little bonus, but dirty can easily get in the bag because of that.

Flawless bbs


What else is there to say? Except...
No zombie is safe from Chicago Ted!
by Victor R. on 02/08/2012
"I ordered 2 bags of these. The bbs in one of the bags came out perfect. They had a very smooth/shiny poslish and all of them were perfect spheres.

In the other bag however, they felt very powdery as if they were Biodegradeable bbs. All I did was give them a little wash and they were identical to the "good" bag. This was not a problem since I usually wash my bbs

They are exellent bbs for the price. The only other brand I can find for this price and quantity are Crosman
by Ross H. on 09/21/2011
"Amazing bbs! I use these in my GBBs and they work perfectly! they are better quality than the other matrix .25 bbs and are $2 cheaper! Honestly $12 is a steal for how good these bbs are. I absolutely love these and will be getting more. The only con I can think of is when you first open up the bag there is a strong plasticky smell but thats it. The color is kinda meh. Its sorta like an off-white tan. But this is coming from a guy who is used to the crisp light blue color of KSC and WE bbs.

Bottom line: BUY THESE NOW!
by aj l. on 08/13/2011
"i love these bbs they go smoothly in my CA m15 and my TM ak 47 also works great for my deagle i've never gotten a jam from one of these bbs and believe or not but it actually cleans my barrel pretty hard to believe but it's true and the price is worth it
by Curtis B. on 04/26/2010
"Recommended over any other brand I have used! Has a very smooth finish and the mass is absolutely perfect for long range accuracy! I use this with my sniper rifle and they just soar majestically to their intended target! Highly encouraged you get this for a sniper, because of their accuracy, but mainly because you don't through thousands at a time and have to constantly buy new ones! For suppressive fire .2's are way more effective, and not as expensive! Overall a definite buy for a medium range sniper!
by Antonin D. on 12/18/2008
"Excellent bbs. I highly recommend them. Definitely worth it to get the .25s too. I have a CA that's shooting around 350 with .2s so id imagine they shoot around 300 or so with these and they hurt so much still. Very accurate. Never had a jam. Put about 6000 so far through it. Incredible difference between cybergun and and the CA .20s (which i was using before) I thought my gun was broken. I dont know how they fair against excel and matrix, but AE hasnt steered me wrong yet.