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Avengers Mil-Spec Tactical Gloves - Black (Size: Large)

4 Customer Reviews

by Ben M. on 11/29/2009
"Nice gloves

-Nice fit
-They keep your hands from getting scratched up and what not
-Keep cool in warmer weather

-Don't rely on them in cold weather, get something thicker if you're going to play in the cold
by Tyler D. on 05/11/2012
"These gloves do what they are supposed to. They absorb hits pretty well, keep your hands safe, and provide pretty good grip one whatever you are using. Not to mention they are comfortable and don't look half-bad either. For the price, these are hard not to get.
by Nicholai P. on 04/28/2012
"Well, you get what you paid for with these. They are pretty thin and tight to your body (Unless you get a size too high, in which it'll be too loose.) In the first week I had them, they torn slightly on the webbing between my index and middle finger and the felt on the palm side began fraying and clumping up.

I mean, for $13, it's a great deal, but just don't expect more than protecting your hand from getting pinched by the trigger. It still hurt when I got shot in the knuckle and fingers.
by Nayr i. on 12/15/2009
"pretty good gloves. works great in hot sand and even in muddy water. They dry semi quickly but mainly have a nice grip and feeling, even when wet and mucky. they are still thin enough to feel a round slap you in the hand. work great in paintball, even in speed ball but i recommend uniforce or dye for that.

-pretty durable
-great feel
-flexible wrist tabs so you can yank the gloves off in combat instead of unlatching the velcro (works great when you gotta put on surgical gloves to heal someone or put in an IV or itch your eye :D)

-could be built a little stronger, but that's just me. no seams have broken yet and its been about half a year!
-a tad thin on the pads... but i still haven't burnt my self on a hot mag.