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23 Customer Reviews

by Minoru Y. on 03/07/2012
"These bbs are great... it never jams in my G&G m4 and in my WE m1911
Highly recommendable
by Victor B. on 02/20/2012
"These bb's are great. They're dead accurate and have never jammed on me, after almost 10,000 bb's through my Cybergun 74u. And they're extremely cheap. If you buy something, remember to add a few of these to your cart. Thanks, Evike.
by Elizabeth C. on 12/20/2011
"These do not EVER jam ! i use them in my M4 and it comes out flawlessly. They are cheap too ! a must buy.
by Calvin L. on 08/10/2011
I bought these with my M16VN and they worked perfectly.
They are pretty accurate.
For people that are thinking about buying these, do it because the bag has a open at the top that you can pour your bb's in the mag or pick out one by one. To me there isnt any hassle besides dropping the bag while its open hahaha
by Eric Z. on 08/03/2011
"Great BBs NEVER a JAM

MUST BUY!!!!!!
MUST BUY!!!!!!
MUST BUY!!!!!!
MUST BUY!!!!!!
MUST BUY!!!!!!
MUST BUY!!!!!!
MUST BUY!!!!!!
by Andrew B. on 10/09/2014
"They're OK.

Just your average BB to be honest. I put a couple in a vice grip and they shattered with not too much force applied. They are not seamed, just flimsy. Could be better.
Overall they get the job done, and don't jam your gun. The price is good, and I am pleased with my purchase.
by Robert S. on 11/30/2012
"Well, i ordered some Evike .25 ammo, but sent me this instead, but its not a big deal. So far, I'e gone through about half the bag, no jams, no misfeeds, but its nothing remarkable. Works just like any other .20 ammo (that isnt Crosman)
by Noah B. on 12/13/2011
"These are pretty good bb's although i havent had a chance to shoot them because of bad weather. upon putting them in my Glock 23 (KJW) they like to jam up in the magazine. However in My D-boys Hi-cap M4 mags they work just fine.
Look good
dont jam in M4 mags
come in a good resealable bag
Are not polished
Jam in pistol mags

Thats about it I would suggest however you go with Matrix High grade bb's