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Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2 Sound Effect Airsoft / Paintball Simulation Grenade Core Set

16 Customer Reviews

by Al L. on 03/16/2018
"Works very well. Easy to set up, parts are cheap, LOUD. What more do you need?
by William J. K. on 03/05/2018
"BOOM! love it! works as advertised... I would suggest looping some 550 cord around the top, for immediate extraction from cleared room - before the field rats make it disappear.
by Donald J S. on 09/01/2017
"I bought this for the top part as mine cracked and never worked after that. Cheap price, but if throwing it breaks the top after only a few games, it could get expensive to replace every couple of games.

Worked well with the Cylinder Mod I did and I get a constant 4 second delay.
by Cylix The C. on 08/15/2017
"These are SO MUCH FUN. I have used these grenades several times now, they are easy to load once you learn how to get the lever back and held down long enough to insert the pin. The new shells work good and pop along the white line. They have been pretty consistent around 3-5 seconds before going off. The only issue I have is marking these, my sharpie does not seem to stick to it anywhere I write. I may have to tape or spray paint them so we do not lose them or have them stolen. I had one accidentally go off in my hand in the field, I was wearing gloves but it did not hurt me at all. It scared me more than anything and made my ears ring but nothing major. Safe, effective, and hilarious to watch when people react to them when you toss one into a bunker.
by eli d. on 06/07/2017
"Probably one of the Better investments in airsoft for around 20$

If you were thinking about grenades to use for airsoft these are the simplest no nonsense user friendly airsoft grenades to date.

I have used both the valken and hakkotsu brands and this one is better.

You don't have to worry about valve leaks like with cyclones. these are cooler than cylcones anyway.

I recommend spray painting the outside and inside core bright orange so they are easy to find in the woods. (The inside must be sprayed too. As the shells sometimes fly off the core, leaving the core exposed.

I carry 2 on my person in every match. Much fun indeed. Completely safe, would not want to have one go off by my head or in my hand as it would not be pleasent. But it would not cause any serious harm.

Some bad things about them. if you put the stickers on the shell it can increase the fuse time. They can be hard to find in the forest if used as is. The spoon/pin can break easily, (if this happens the grenade can still be used it simply just has to be thrown as soon as the pin is pulled. I do that with one of them.

After pulling the pin and thrown with force, (witch some fields do not allow because reasons) they can explode on empact witch is cool. Don't expect it to hold up down the road doing this though

Hella fun
Inexpensive (for airsoft) boils down to about 4$ a throw
Easy to find parts
Easy to re arm
Easy to use
Reliable detonation (dumbell shell)
Hella fun

Spoon can break easily if thrown over hand or with force (what do you expect man?)
Have yet to have an extremely long fuse in but it does happen
Hard to find if not painted orange

Buy it buy it buy it buy it buy it buy it buy it buy it buy it buy it!
by Maria G. on 07/08/2016
"A must have for your Thunder B Grenade! All the parts fit just right for my grenade.
by Keegan D. on 11/08/2015
"I've had one of these for a year now and it is one of the best investments of my airsoft career. If your thinking about buying these stop, and just buy them.
by Carson R. on 04/18/2015
"These things are great. Though the shells are a little pricey these work like a charm

Pros: no one can deny They got hit because of the sound. If they do then you can fill them with powder or bbs .

Cons: slightly pricy. I don't have 2.
by Tyler H. on 09/29/2014
"I bought the Gen. II shells to use in our theater department for a realistic on stage gunshot effect outside of the "building" the show takes place. Being I am the ONLY person in the THTR Department who airsofts and is a reenactor, I had to give 20 technicians the basic run through of how to disassemble, reassemble, and maintain the cores and shells. We didn't give the audience the heads up and the reaction was as expected, perfect! registering between 130 and 150 decibels, the measure of sound, it is a great, inexpensive, practical product that we will continue to use for future productions, thank you Evike
by Chris F. on 08/13/2014
"Very good product. Sometimes it didn't go off so i just took the spoon off. That way you can slam the tip on the wall and throw it and it detonates like 3 seconds later.
by Todd P. on 07/03/2012
"These grenades are awsome! I bought the core set and 12 shells because EVIKE was sold out of the starter set at the time. I'm so glad I did. I heard people say they don't go off all the time mainly because the firing pin didn't puncture the co2 cartridge. All you have to do to eliminate this problem is take a small file and sharpen the firing pin then add 2 pennies to the co2 chamber end cap and problem solved. Simple fix for a simple yet awsome device.
by Matt M. on 06/17/2011
"well worth it just bout one just a few min ago and ya i use these things like crazy and they work as a good distraction and for busting in a door and start shooting lol
by Andew N. on 07/20/2015
"Cool greandes, they're quite intimidating, and they're about as loud as a large caliber gun going off right next to your head. However, I've run into some problems with these over the years so I can't rate them 5 out of 5. Back when I first started using these grenades they would blow up on me if I put them together according to the instuctions. Yes, I realize they're grenades and they're supposed to explode but the inner core would break into pieces and become projectiles (not supposed to happpen). The spoons also become highly damaged way too easily. Here's what I did to fix these problems. #1 remove the spoon, they look cool yes but you don't need them and they actually contribute to failures of the grenade. #2 instead of tightly screwing the cap on the bottom of the core on, loosely screw it on. If you tightly screw them on they're more likely to explode on you. Unfortunately they don't make a metal version of the grendades that are more sturdy and less likely to break. Fun while they last though. I'm considering drilling a hole in the core tube or cap, maybe it'll allow the gas to excape the core more easily and lessen the likelihood of catastrophic failure.
by chase c. on 03/30/2015
"they are really cool and fun to use, but the one problem with mine is that a part to screw in the co2 broke off. i dont know why it did, maybe because of me using or being cheaply made or i just did something stupid so.
by Dillon G. on 04/04/2017
"I have gone through two of these within three months of very little use. My first ever Thunder Blank was through Hakkotsu, I found after my first detonation the plastic inside the head had broken, I could not use it and it was not mendable. I ordered a second one a month or two later and it works fine, my spoon has bent through use but small problems can be expected. They produce around 120 decibels of sound, not enough for ear damage but enough to make you run. If you decide to pick these up be careful as they will not last long, but they are fun. I recommend people pick up two or three of these and use one for parts.