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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) Special Edition G&G Full Stock CM16 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Tan)

11 Customer Reviews

by jacob m. on 01/26/2013
"i got this almost 3 yrs. ago. i absolutely love it; it is great for outside. the bullets veer a little to the left, but it still very accurate. i would not by this gun for 170 bucks, instead i would git a G&G blowback. overall this is a great gun and i love it i would get it again.
by Bill G. on 12/27/2011
"This is my favorite gun I have ever gotten. The ROF is excellent with a 9.6 battery. The FPS is excellent for field games. It also has great range.
Excellent quality polymer and metal
Good FPS and ROF
Great accuracy
The carrying handle is removable to mount optics
Its nice and lightweight
Overall amazing gun.

The tip looks chipped but it is not
It isn't full metal
by Jake R. on 12/22/2011
"The guns accuracy is amazing. Its my preferred gun to use on the field. I'm mostly an outdoor airsoft guy. I love the hi-cap mag on it. I can just continuously fire at the enemy.

Just an amazing gun. I recommend it highly!
by Caleb A. on 10/27/2011
"i absolutely love using this gun. i play basically all field games and this gun is perfect for it. the full stock is very sturdy and having it is nice because you don't have to worry about battery space. i use an 8.4 nunchuck in mine and that works perfectly. from around 75 feet i can easily hit a target, which in field is about how far you are away from eachother anyways.

Light (good for long wars and such)
very sturdy
for me, it's a perfect range
G&G, so it's gonna be good.
pretty good rate of fire with an 8.4
looks awesome.

i don't really like the feel of the body too much (plastic/polymer). but the light weight is enough of a compromise
no railed version of this gun (with full stock) which i think would be really nice.
mag wobble. i got some Magpul E-Mags and those work amazing, and they don't wobble hardly at all cause they're so light.

overall definitely a fun gun to use. it looks amazing, and performs excellent.
by adam n. on 08/21/2011
"this is a great gun!!! it has a great rate of fire(with 9.6) and just overall great durability. the only problem i have is it is pretty hard to open the delta ring(no big deal though). oh and by the way if Evike .com reads these reviews you guys should change the 8.4v Large Type recommended thing on your battery specifications. i a 8.4 and the pistol grip heated up but i got help and they said to get a 9.6 and then i didn't have that problem.

Great durability
Great price
Great rate of fire(with 9.6)

Nothing much just the delta ring but the battery goes in the stock anyway so only bad if you want rails

Overall great gun!!!
by greyson s. on 08/09/2011
"Great gun, got it with the box of awesomeness, works great. good shooting, metal gearbox is nice, and the full stock is very solid. a good gun for the price especially for 130. huge battery space in the stock great and you dont have to mess with the delta ring in the handguard.
by Andrew Z. on 07/15/2011
"I got this gun from the evike box of awesomeness. The gun is made out of stone hard ABS plastic, and it is going to last awhile.

the accuracy is dead on, and the rate of fire is amazing.

The only problem I had is that the magazine misfeads sometimes. The fps is a little too high for cqb though, but you could always downgrade it.

Durable, accurate and fast. I would recommend this gun to anybody.
by Daron D. on 06/29/2011
"A very good gun. Amazing externals and easy to perform any type of upgrade or maintaince.

ROF and FPS are great. FPS is very powerful goes through a coke can without a problem.
ROF is amazing with a 9.6V 2300mah battery. Love the finish and love the logo both sides!
by LEAH M. on 12/12/2011
"This is the best beginner gun ever! (although I've been playing for about 2years) the gun shoots great with a 9.6v battery it shoots stock about 360/380fps. PROS: shoots great with a 9.6v.good fps.looks great.CONS:tip is like chiped but that's the way it is.A little bit loud.The mag is wable,stock,front sling mount, 4.5/5stars
by Hicham E. on 12/11/2011
"I must say this is a very good gun. Internally, G&G didn't let me down. Externally, there were a few minor issues

Good FPS
Decent ROF
Sling mounts are sturdy
Carry handle is of good quality
Handguard can take a hit
Magazine has very good capacity
Winding is easy

Front sling mount clinks against handguard and is loud when you run around
Full stock is very wobbly
Mag has around an inch of wobble total
Flash hider looks chipped but isnt

Overall very good but the wobbly stock makes me unhappy. I would recommend this gun to somebody who needs a nice field range weapon.
by Michael H. on 10/20/2011
"I got this gun in the box of awesomeness 10th anniversary edition and It is a good gun. it has good range and accuracy and an amazing rate of fire with a 9.6 but the fps is only around 280. it seems faster but 2 different chronograghs clocked at 280 soo other than that it is a fantastic gun.