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King Arms New Version 50 RD GBB Magazine for WA G&P KA Inokatsu Gas Blowback M4 Rifle Series

5 Customer Reviews

by Andrew B. on 04/06/2017
"TLDR: These magazines are better than the G&P's, Buy These!

So for my first gas gun, I bought and built one of the G&P WOC M4 challenge kits which came without any magazines. I know one of the major issues with gas guns is the magazines, so i decided to purchase a few different ones as a sort of test. I bought 2x regular G&P M4 GBBR Mags, 2x G&P PTS 39 rd Mags, and finally 2x of these King Arms Spare GBB M4 Mags.

I encountered the most issues with the two G&P Standard M4 GBB mags. I had to file down the tops and sides of the feed lips, the top edges of the outer shell of the magazine would catch and bind up with the front and bottom of my bolt carrier. More than a few times I've pulled the trigger to have a geyser of gas erupt into my face from the ejection port. Due to the clearance issues, the bolt never wants to fully return to battery. One of the magazines also blew a seal somewhere and will not hold gas by the main valve. Frustrating to say the least.

The G&P PTS 39 rd Mags worked noticeably better than the regular G&P STANAGs after a bit of file work to the outside edges of the beefy little feed lips. The body of the magazine fits much tighter into the mag well of the WOC M4 with rarely any sticking or binding issues. This provides a more secure feeling magazine and provides the shooter with tactile feedback when the magazine is properly seated. This tight fit also ensures a proper mating of the gas route surfaces, providing overall reliability.

Finally, I recently tried 2x of the King Arms GBB M4 Magazines and by far the best so far. Out of the box with zero modification, these magazines are reliably shooting the best. Furthermore, they have several key construction differences to the G&P magazines: the valve lock does not use an aluminum wheel and instead uses a triangular ramp which works much better, the feed lips are not as tall or wide as the G&P's and therefore do not interfere with the bolt carrier as much without any noticeable issues with proper feeding, and my favorite feature has got to be the little dry fire switch at the top of the mag. This little switch allows you to keep the BB follower depressed enough so that the bar on the back of the mag does not engage your bolt catch. This is a great feature to allow you to gas up the mag and test fire your gun without any BBs to worry about and without the need to keep a finger on the bolt release.

I know this is a lot but hopefully this write-up will help someone else save the $80+ I spent on G&P mags.
by Stephen R. on 12/16/2014
"Good GBB magazine for your King Arms, Western Arms and G&P M4 Gas Blowback
by Richard V. on 04/28/2013
"Works great on my WA m4 no complaints here and for the price plus the promo code its a steal!
by Charles F. on 07/14/2012
"Alot lighter and a better quality than the older mag design. Mine came with gas in it already so Im assuming it doesnt leak since it made it from cali to new jersey. 5/5
by Noah K. on 03/05/2015
"I compared this magazine to two other magazines in my GHK G5: G&P (didn't even fit in my gun) and AGM (didn't hold gas). This one did not work until I removed the valve lock. Once I did that, it worked better than the original GHK magazine. However, the feeding lip may need to be raised to improve feeding. It works great in the G5, but not out of the box.