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by alan s. on 2015-07-23 08:51:53
"I have had this gun for about a month now and it is great. It can be used indoors at 350 fps and outdoors around 400. The only issues with the gun is the sharp corner on the mag well but little filling had to be done. Along with some sharp edges the hop up is the only other issue but the manufacturer ICS has fixed it and will send you a new hop up if you get the older version. Overall I enjoy this gun for its uniqueness and ability to use m4 mags
by stephen J. on 2015-06-04 18:07:44
"first of all, I was VERY disappointed by this gun. It came to me in a beat up box, which I though was UPS fault. I then realized that the actual gun was damaged, with several scratches and a broken magazine release. I charged the battery and upon pulling the trigger, the gun did not shoot. The wiring from the trigger mechanism was disconnected. Keep in mind all I have done at this point is open the box, connect a CHARGED battery, and (not) fire. I was not happy, but it doesn't end there. I took the gun to my local shop and they fixed it. After a whole day of play at my local field, the gun began to make that noise of a loose motor (whirrrrrrrr). Little did I know, ICS' apparently wonderful gears had stripped (both the pinion and bevel) as well as the fuse blowing with a 9.6. A 9.6 VOLT BATTERY BLEW THIS GUNS FUSE. That is absurd. I've given up all hope. The hype of ICS was not real for me, nor should it be for anyone else.
by Ben C. on 2015-01-08 14:03:49
"The ICS L85 is easily one of the best rifles i own. I have swapped the front hand guard out for the Daniel defense RIS, and run the gun with an PEQ 11.1V lipo. The guns ROF is amazing, and in semi, it is quite accurate up to about 200' or a little more with the hop up tuned in and a 6.03 mm tbb. I would highly recommend this gun to anyone.

However, do keep in mind the gun is VERY heavy (8.5 lbs stock without a battery, and with the RIS and some accessories, mine runs about 14 pounds) and is weighted to the rear. Even adding the front RIS didnt help balance it all that much. Just something to mention
by anita s. on 2013-08-19 10:10:45
"I bought this gun about six months ago and it has been working to and from that time to perfection. As this gun comes it is an eye attractive gun, especially if you were to buy a Susat sight. With an easily detatchable flash hider and orange tip you can easily customize this rifle with a long or short type suppressor unit for barrel extension or any other purpose. Because of the split type gear box, this gun is very easy to dissassemble and reassemble providing that you have the proper knowledge of airsoft weapons to not do anything stupid. FPS out of the box was a little lower than I like for an outdoor field, being at around 320 with .25 BBs out of the box on the high setting I quickly switched to a hotter spring because of my long range support status of our team. Out of the box, wiring from the batteries to the motor was a little loose and therefore needed to be resoldered but other than that I have had no problems upgrading this gun to my likes. When reconstructing you need to be careful to make sure that you do not brush the safety plate with the upper receiver because it can cause your safety plate to get bent and cause a malfunction when trying to desafety your gun but that has been the only issue that I have had with it. With a 509mm tightbore inner barrel this gun shoots straighter and longer than most guns out there giving it my 5* rating.
by Josh H. on 2013-04-14 17:50:29
"I got this rifle back in Feburary and I can say this is one of the best rifles I've owned!

Full Metal
Great FPS (adjustable so that's nice)
Accurate for small size
Realistic weight
Easy Disassembly

Came with a bad magazine
Difficult to modify
Awkward mag well

Otherwise overall a great rifle I highly recommend it.
by Eddie K. on 2012-07-31 20:27:17
"Overall this gun is an excellent gun that i do recomend buying.

Great Accuracy(easy target around 150-175 ft)
Adjustable FPS(3 settings)
Solidly Built
Easy Disassembly
Weight(con for some)

For me the re-assembly was slightly difficult the first time
Bc it is a bullpup the motor is right next to your ear but not a big deal

Note-This gun does not come with a battery but the one i bought(9.6v 2300 mah works flawlessly, it is recomended in the description of the gun)

For the price, this gun is an excellent buy and one of the best bullpup aegs out there
by kevin w. on 2012-03-04 19:44:04
"This gun is awesome! It is accurate, has good range and decent rate of fire.

-Compact, it's the same size as my mp5 with the stock fully extended.
-Everything is metal, except the check rest, pistol grip and hand-guard, which are nylon fiber.
-Bullpup design, compact weapon but longer barrel.
-Uses M4/M16 mags.
-Adjustable FPS
-Easy to take apart

-The top rail is 19mm not the standard 20mm. You will need to get an adapter(which they sell on this site) or buy a SUSAT scope.
-A bit heavy, but you don't notice it when your playing with it.
-Odd size inner barrel

Other notes: It will fit a standard mini-type battery.
by William S. on 2011-10-29 09:18:07
"What I love about this weapon is its ease of getting to the internals. The spring is easy to change out. You can actually alter the spring to 3 settings so if my L85 is too hot one day i can adjust it lower. The electric motor is easy to get too. Lastly none of the Pins that allow my access to the internals can be taken off the weapon making it impossible to lose them.

Pros: Has a real weight feel to it (although it is about 2 1/2 lbs lighter then the real steel). Like all bull pups you get a much longer barrel without have a super long weapon. Magazines are the standard M4/M16 instead of harder to get AUG/FAMAS. Easy to work on internals.

Cons: No standard RIS, because of this for night games I tape a sight to the handle. The sights use a SUSAT type (an adapter for the sight rail may be purchased online).

Conclusion: As of now I must say I love this Carbine. I would reccomend this weapon for anyone who wants a Carbine that isn't usually scene on the field.

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)