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Matrix QD Red / Green Dot Sight Scope w/ Integrated Laser Aiming Module

8 Customer Reviews

by Robert B. on 08/09/2015
"I bought this sight recently and I love it. I was a big fan of the Aimpoint Comp M4 sight in real life so I wanted this replica for my airsoft gun! The sight came with a a kill flash, riser, laser and battery for the laser (I'm not sure how to find the battery for the sight itself but it came with it already installed because it worked out of the box) and protective covers for the front and back that can flip up. You can choose whether to have a click button on the sight itself or a wired switch to place somewhere on your gun so that's very cool. The flip up covers can be used in combination with the kill flash in case you were wondering. The build quality is extremely nice. Very sturdy with a good weight to it. All in all I'm in love with this sight. I love the way it looks. Only gripe is the front sight is very reflective almost to the point of being a mirror with no red tint but the kill flash saved that from being a problem. A+
by Nathan D. on 09/28/2012
"First of all, if you buy it, the battery for the laser is a CR2 battery (CR123A battery doesn't fit inside).
It's a great sight and came with a honeycomb flash kill, comes with a button and pressure switch for the laser. (two options). I'm actually impressed by the quality compared to what I was expecting. Although the spring in the laser's battery compartment was bent to the side (easy fix), and a little short so the laser shut off when you aim up or down. (also easily fixed by adding a touch of solder to the battery caps)

Good quality
Bright laser

Not perfect (is anything ever perfect?)

I recommend it if your thinking about buying it.
by Caridad M. on 07/19/2012
"This optic is amazing, definetly worth what you pay, however the batteries that are listed above are not the correct batteries, just for advice.
by Patrick C. on 02/12/2012
"I've had this sight for awhile, it is very good has a nice laser and a red and green dot sight. It is full metal and very heavy and made of good quality metal. Tanks again evike for amazing quality.
by Marquis F. on 09/13/2011
"Just arrived today and I LOVE IT!!!

bright dot
full metal
great laser
non-glare lense

The only con is that it sits up so high on my gun so im not completely sure how to configure it. ill probably need shorter screws because the middle with the holes can be removed. THANKS EVIKE!!!!
U GUYS ARE #1!!!!
by Elizabeth G. on 07/16/2011
"-Luckily I bought this when it was $15 cheaper, but it was easily worth every penny.

-It definitely makes your rifle look sexier/cooler

-Much better for CQB than field OP's because of the brightness and spread of the red dot light

-Full Metal Construction makes it feel very strong and durable.

-Laser is very bright and is spot on with the red dot (if you use both together)
by Caleb P. on 12/17/2014
"The sight I received only partially resembles the one in the picture, I was pretty disappointed to find that the "integrated laser module" serves only as a battery compartment (MUCH NEEDED CLARIFICATION: THE SCOPE USES AA BATTERIES TO OPERATE AND THEY ARE HOUSED IN THE CYLINDER ON THE SIDE). Besides not having the laser sight that was advertised, the scope is decent and includes anything you'd need, a mesh flash hider and two protective caps. The reticle trajectory can be adjusted with knobs for "UP" and "R" axes. It's a decent scope for just about any rifle, but some old battery acid-looking residue I found in the battery compartment made me wonder if the thing was even new. All in all a good scope, but there are other just as good ones by matrix and other brands that don't cost as much, but don't include a laser sight either.
by Michael F. on 09/09/2014
"My unit just arrived yesterday, and after a bit of using it, here's my review:

- No documentation at all.
- "Coated non-reflective anti-glare lens" could easily be used as a mirror.
- "Multi-level brightness setting" has 5 settings which are not all that different.
- "Flip-open Lens Covers" take a lot of force to fully close and open again, to the point pulling it off is easier.
- Laser remote is not very good. It has two sensors in it, which require a fair bit of pressure right on them. Pushing in the middle won't work, and when you need it to work, you need it to work right now, you don't want to be standing there hitting it repeatedly.
- Rail mount nut is only aluminium, so be careful not to overtighten it.
- Not parallax-free.
- Optic quality is about ACM levels. Construction quality is better, though.

- It's cheap.
- Laser is bright, clearly visible from a good distance.
- Mostly aluminium construction, steel rail mount bolt, some steel around the laser.
- At least the rail mount nut isn't plastic!

Overall, it's cheap but you get what you pay for. It beats the cheap Chinese brands, but not by a huge margin, and in the future I think I'd pay the extra for a better one.