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KJW Full Size Taurus PT92 M9 Licensed Airsoft Gas Blowback - Black

14 Customer Reviews

by Torin Y. on 03/03/2017
"I really love this gun, it has a realistic feeling in weight, and the recoil when it's shooting. Put some silicone oil on the mag's gas valves before using it for the first time, just to be safe.
You should take the slide off and give it a good cleaning after using it a lot, and if it's gotten dirt on it.
Overall, very good. It is really accurate, whether you use .20, .23, or .25 gram BB's, (make sure they are good quality ones, and not dollar store quality). I would buy another one
by Ethan S. on 01/14/2017
"Fantastic. Shoots at 0.98 Joules, and great for my 1 Joule limit field.
by Austin P. on 05/01/2016
"This is a great pistol. And with such a great price. I strongly encourage others to get this gun if looking into buying a gbb pistol. This is incredibly reliable and light weight. Gives a nice kick and can handle in many situations.
by Mark A. on 01/07/2014
"This was my first airsoft pistol and it is awesome. It has a fairly good kick and it is EXTREMELY accurate at about 20 feet ( I can hit a 4 inch by six inch piece of foam really easily from 20 feet. It looks cool too. great gun for the price, BUY IT.
by An T. on 01/24/2013
"First of all ... This gun is just great

Pros: realistic feelings
Kicks hard
Heavy with loaded mag ( maybe a Con to some people )

Cons: not accurate ( the bbs go up for some reason )
Can't adjust hop-up but it has one
Barely works in cold weather

After all, get this babe. It's worth for the money.
by Krista M. on 04/29/2012
"This is a pretty nice gun. The blowback is pretty nice, and you get through the whole mag with one fill of gas. This gun only works with gas that has an output pressure of 115 PSI. Also, the orange tip is glued on, and breaks off really easy. Overall, good gun, if your looking for an inexpensive M9 gas pistol.
by Thomas F. on 12/31/2011
"This gun is awesome! I tried it out at an Airsoft Arena on the east coast. Great rate of fire, has a strong kick back, and works great with the green gas that I used. (Did not use pure propane once) The only two cons I have is, the main body of the gun weighs a bit which can put some stress on your writs if you're not careful and it really hard to get the BBs into the clip. over all the kick back was pretty sweet, the blow back when you fire is awesome, and this "isn't" a bad at all for $80.00. Must buy, Thank you Evike!
by Thomas F. on 12/24/2011
"Recently got the gun, amazing so far. Hopefully going to test it on the 30th at an air soft tournament here on the east coast, I'll put more info once I test it out. But so far so great!
by Aiden D. on 10/19/2017
"Amazing pistol for the money!
Comfortable grip
Adjustable hop-up
Smooth trigger
Realistic weight
Powerful blow-back
Rear sights are not dotted (no white dots)
Plastic handle
by Justin L. on 03/21/2017
"I bought this gun a few months ago (2-3) and it hasn't failed me yet. its been dropped in dirt, water, paintball, and flat out fallen and it still preforms brand new. my only gripe about the gun is that out of 25 rounds about 7-8 will go in the completely wrong direction which is bad when u need that first shot to hit. Overall love this gun, great price and i definitely recommend!
by Richard R. on 08/16/2015
"I own an actual Taurus PT-92 and although veey similar, this represents the 1st generation Taurus pistols. The newer taurus pistols have the safety selector on the frame not the slide. There is also a rail underneath the slide to fit a flashlight. Id REALLY REALLY like to see an updated version of this pistol so i can match it with my real one ;)
by Jack S. on 06/08/2017
"This pistol is fairly cheap but very good for itís price, but the mags are a bit too expensive. The M9 is a very durable gun, Iím yet to have it fall out of my pocket on to concrete but it has survived hitting the ground and rocks from a 1 to 2 foot drop. It shoots dead accurate to an effective range of 50ish feet, after that the BBís curve like crazy. I donít know the exact FPS but it fits my field limits of 350 FPS and thatís with .2g BBís. As I said the mags are like $30 which in my opinion is too much considering the price of the gun however the mags are full metal and double stack which with the gun creates a nice feel. Considering it was a polymer gun I had thought the magazines would weigh it down and create a strange feeling to hold but I was sorely mistaken. It does the opposite, the gun feels odd without the mags but is amazing to hold with them in.

Shoots accurate to a point (50ish feet)
Nice feel with mags in
Very very durable polymer
Good quality considering price

Mags are expensive
Due to heavy metal mags with light plastic body makes the gun top heavy in cloth holsters
by Kevin K. on 12/22/2016
"I personally have no issues with the gun, it's just the mag that comes with the gun is cheap. So all in all of you want the gun go for it but just remember to buy extra mags from a trusted brad.
by Craig S. on 11/09/2015
"I have had this gun for about three years. It is a good gun, but requires a lot of maintenance. Which can be said for all gbb. I use it primarily for weapons training in the back yard now, but I did use it briefly when I played airsoft. I currently have put over 10,000 bb's through it using propane. The fit and finish is okay, my trade marks are about all worn off. It is light due to being all polymer.

The only thing that has broken are the nozzle springs. Before I knew evike carried them, I replaced them with springs out of old ball point pens. I am now awaiting my replacements. All other issues I have experienced have been from poor maintenance. A word of advice for anyone purchasing this gun, make sure you keep the gun well oiled. If you do, you should get a nice long life out of it.