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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) Limited Edition Tactical Airsoft Poker Cards

13 Customer Reviews

by John C. on 12/11/2011
"GREAT CARDS! Bought 3. Amazing quality finish and great looking HD-style pictures of guns. The back has the logo, and looks great! BUYBUYBUY!!
by William W. on 11/15/2011
"i got a deck of these with my purchase and was very very pleasantly surprised
they are very high quality and are amazing looking.
by Jordan J. on 06/18/2011
"Very nice set of cards. I like them a lot. they have a nice glossy finish to them also.
by Devin H. on 06/16/2011
"WHOO! evike sent me a deck of cards for FREE! These cards are awesome. wouldnt play with any others.
by nicole b. on 06/10/2011
"i got these in my shipment for free! thanx evike :)
by Matt V. on 06/09/2011
"I just a WE G39C and Evike included this in my Order for Free! Thanks guys!
I looked through them and was saddened that 5 of them have orange tips, so they seem sad.
However alot did not and they looked great. They are full size cards and there are 52.

My gun was the Queen, which was awesome.

Evike you never seize to amaze me.
by Andrew M. on 06/04/2011
"Really nice. The images are crisp, clear, and Evike did a great job picking which guns to display from each company. Most companies have four different cards, some only have two. I will be polishing and framing the WE cards!

Definitely worth a purchase, especially for only $1.
by Zack C. on 06/02/2011
"Awesome set of cards! got mine free with my most recent order. Lovely pictures of many guns. Can't wait to play with these in a game!
by Zachary F. on 06/02/2011
"Hi Evike thanks for the free cards!! : ) I got two packs because I made two sep. orders. First thing I thought of was the "death cards" from "Apocalyclpse Now" LOL "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning........smells like victory."
by jared g. on 05/28/2011
"i got these for free when i bought my 1911 and thought they were pretty good
by Kyle M. on 03/18/2012
"Cards ran great for about 4000 rounds, then the 3 of Clubs stripped. I've always been told this was a particularly weak part so I can't say I'm surprised. Evike customer service did a great job ensuring that I got a new 3 of Clubs though, and I haven't really had any problems since. Must have been a lemon part.

Seriously though, Evike sent them to me for free, can't really go wrong with guns on cards, and they seem to be of a decent print quality.
by Danny M. on 08/13/2011
"I just got these. Their 1 dollar so you might as well just get them with one of your orders. Their pretty fun just to sit there and play with. GET THEM!
by kevin l. on 06/11/2011
"these are some great cards! the guns on them are great, and theyre great to look at. they dont shuffle very well, but then again, theyre more novelty than functionality. if you wanna play poker, buy a deck of bicycle cards. but if you want the coolest set of cards out there, no question, these are it