Reviews: King Arms Colt M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Nylon Fiber Receiver, Battery & Charger


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Model: AEG-SA-18979

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by luis jesus a. on 2011-11-06 10:12:14
"Exelent replica .... with a 9.6 v batt, good rof and 400 fps with 0.20g , and the best part , no made in china :)
by Michael L. on 2011-11-04 00:54:26
"Great gun, only bad things I noticed was the stock is a bit wobbly same with the forgrip and the mag doesnt always like to stay in. But everything else is great, and with the 9.6 big type battery i put on the back the ROF and FPS dramaticly grew. Hands down for this price, this is the best m4 right out of the box.
by Mary M. on 2011-06-02 13:13:15
"If you are looking for an M4 airsoft rifle this is it! Although the receiver is plastic it is a high quality plastic and is awesome. The gun has Colt trade marks and nothing about airsoft on the gun, there is no 6mm on the side of the gun and the best part, no made in china!
The gun performs nicely with an 8.4 and the fps is great for an m4, im guessing around 400 fps. My favorite part about this gun is the accuracy, it is capable of plinking quarters at a good distance. The hop up unit is great so far, i was able to adjust it and hit targets that my A&K Dragonov could hit but at that range the m4s fps is miniscule compared to the Dragonov's. Great gun!

I highly recommend this gun, it is so far the best AEG i own.(i have 7 other aegs including three cyma ak varients, SRC g36k, JG mp5 SD, DE UMP, and an ARES TAR-21)

Displaying 13 to 15 (of 15 reviews)

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