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Model: AEG-GP298-GP-BK

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by Garrett D. on 2016-06-09 14:49:55
"I am impressed with this gun. Overall I love the externals, very sturdy and the internals are also amazing. This gun has an amazing rof and i definitely plan on using this gun as my main airsoft gun.
by Iain H. on 2016-06-09 14:49:28
"I ordered this last July so I've had this gun now for 6 months give or take a week. I've used it in off and on skirmishing. I've only put about 10k through it but it has held up extremely well with very little wear on the internals. I play rough and I have dropped it and banged it and scuffed it but it will not stop shooting. It's built like a tank but feels like a feather. It's crazy light. I'm not particularly strong but I tote this thing around the battlefield without a sling no problem for hours at a time. Rate of fire and power out of the box are excellent with the 9.6v 5000 mAh battery I'm using. It holds up very well to upgrades. I haven't touched the exterior but on the inside I have: Maple Leaf 75 bucking, Maple Leaf RTX nub, Madbull 6.03 509 mm barrel, G&P Devil Jet motor, Matrix M130 spring, JG piston and head (stripped the stock piston accidentally). Everything else is stock. It's shooting 370 fps with Goldenball .36s at 25 rps. The fear factor is off the scales. It's easily as good as my friends P* G&P M4 and on the whole cost a lot less. Best deal on the market imo, buy this gun

Good rof and fps and accuracy out of the box
Great DMR platform
Looks and feels fantastic
Good price for the great quality
Comes with a metal flash hider!
Rof will scare the crap out of noobs
Sounds nice
Incredibly crisp trigger response with a powerful battery

None that I can think of
by Kyle W. on 2015-03-10 08:27:07
"I really do like this gun a lot. I did a lot of research on M16ís that are under 300. This was the best quality for the price. The gun is really light for the length, quite please about that. Most of my guns weigh a lot. The upper receiver is able to take a lot of rails t, I am highly confident it can take all the madbull rails. You can buy extra upper receiver to have different builds. The stock is a high quality nylon fiber and is very sturdy. The gun is very long if you jumping up from any m4 plat form you might have to change the way you play since it is so long. The gearbox is what sold me on this gun. As a tech I like to tinker around in the GB getting it to perform on a high level. The gearbox is rated to take the stress of a DSG set up. Gears are solid donít have to worry about the breaking. I am still not sold on the motor but for a stock motor it is better than most. The motor drains my batteries fairly quickly the reason I am not sold on it. The brass barrel is accurate with the stock hop up. Did replace the hop up with a Prometheus hop up and it is outstanding. Range is fantastic, can hit targets over 250ft.

Price for what you get
Upgradable internally and externally
Light weight
Easy to get part for

Will have to adjust play if you are coming from a smaller gun platform.
Positive barrel threading
Donít like the motor

Will buy another m4/16 platform from G&P again.

by Michael L. on 2014-05-05 19:10:17
"Great gun. Rate of fire is awesome even with the Large tamiya connector it comes with.
good ROF
lots of battery space
good internals
none, really.

Buy the gun. best one I've ever had. Easy to upgrade externally and internally.
by Peter K. on 2013-12-16 23:45:25
"Nice gun overall, amazing Rate of fire, constructed very well.

Only con's are the magazines, 130 rd mid-caps. I tried using mine and it wouldn't work, the bb's got jammed in it or something. This is probably because I didn't use silicon spray.
by Seth K. on 2013-09-27 19:31:37
"Let me just start with, WOW!
Bought this gun thinking just another M16 , was I wrong! this gun out preforms its self . I have owned mine for close to a year , and never had a problem with it.

This weapon of mass destruction can touch targets at a ranges of 150' with precision accuracy, A must have for any and all DMR soldiers . When operating with my team I work with the snipers , and in most cases out preform there long guns .

I am never disappointed with the operation of this machine, and will get another soon for my Girlfriend.

This is worth every penny .
by Christian M. on 2013-01-26 09:08:37
"Overall its a great gun. Very solid all around, had one issue with the piston basically disintegrating on me but other than that has an excellent rate of fire and the fps has been very consistent at right under 400. I have been using an 11.1 lipo on it so that may have contributed to the fairly quick destruction of the piston. All in all I have no egrets buying this rifle.
by Joshua A. on 2013-01-10 22:26:00
"This gun is AMAZING! This gun is the first G&P I have owned. I have to say that I am very impressed. My gun shoots about 420-450fps and has a rof of 23bps. It shoots a bit fast for a lot of fields but it can be downgraded. Although the fps allows the gun to be a dmr. Just install some rails (I got the Madbull Omega rails. They are rock solid on this gun),a bipod, and a scope and your good to go. This gun is extremely accurate. Sniped someone from 200yds. My only issue is that the stock is hard to open. I have to use a screw driver to open it, but I do have big fingers. Anyways, this gun is defiantly worth the money. I think this is a great deal. This gun in my opinion is better than my kwa m4.

great rof
fits a 9.6v large
looks and feels high quality

fps is kind of high (could aslo be a pro)
stock is hard to open
by Karen B. on 2012-06-10 13:28:43
"The Good:
Excellent materials.
High rate of fire with a 9.6v battery.
Large battery compartment(fits a Matrix 9.6v 4000mah).
Good accuracy, although it needs a heavy BB, 0.25g and over. My 0.23g BBs don`t cut it.

The Details:
Has a large type battery connector.
Dust cover WILL NOT close. Definitely not a defect, it was designed that way.
Flash hider is plastic(not a con, just stating it).
The magazine it comes with is very nice.

The Bad:
Slight wobble between the upper and lower on mine. Not much at all, but it is noticeable.
It shoots between 424 and 450 with a 0.2g BB. And that`s after a week of light to medium use. I used it in a game a day before I chronod it, and got those numbers. The FPS is way too hot for my local fields.

A great rifle out of the box if you have different FPS restrictions than I do. I highly recommend it. The only reasons I give it 4/5 is 1: 5 is perfect, and few things in this world are perfect. 2: No metal flash hider. 3: High FPS.
by Robert R. on 2012-04-17 15:26:52
"i Should start with THIS GUN IS AMAZING, i love it

Pros Full Metal
High Fps ( Chronoed 387 with .23's)
Solid Built

Magpul Hand guard didn't fit need the Real Steel Version, My fault
The selector switch fell off, but still fires cheap fix

Over All Good Gun i gave it 4 out of 5 stars because the selector switch fell off
by daniel r. on 2012-01-16 06:35:34
"I recieved this gun for christmas, and it is easily the best i have ever owed. The rof is unbelievable, and has great range. For this price, it is deffinatley a must buy.
by Joe R. on 2012-01-01 07:53:45
"This rifle is the best rifle I've ever owned. Whenever it says full metal, it means full metal! It has all the metal of a real steel rifle. My first reaction was "Wow this thing is solid!". There is no wobble at all, its like one peice of metal. The Zombie Hunter engravings are very nice, and on the side its has Luke 9:1. I run a 4000 mah 9.6v and it has insane ROF. Now a word of caution, this rifle did not have the range I expected, but I think I'm just expecting too much out of a stock airsoft gun. But this a deffinate great buy!

Full metal
High Quality
High FPS (Can be a con)
Insane ROF

Cons: (lots of these are minor and should not drive you away from buying this excellent rifle)
Trigger guard is a little wobbly
Dust cover can not stay up
Small gap between upper and lower reciver
Flash hider is clockwise (most add ons are CCW)
High FPS (May be too high for some feilds)

Overall a great buy!

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