Reviews: G&P M16A3 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Gun Only)

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Model: AEG-GP298-GP-BK

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by Pamela B. on 2011-12-11 15:27:33
"This has to be the best gun I have owned. The exterior of this gun is amazing, no shine to it, has a sort of rugged look to it. The rof is awsome right out of the box. The range is increadable to with the stock hop and barrel- reaching out well over 150 feet. Id recomend getting a rail system for this and decking it out!

long range
great ROF
realistic paint job
Its an m16

Doesn't include a metal flashhidder
End of butstock is all plastic versus it usually being all metal on all the other brands (not a big issue as it is very high quality plastic)
by nick r. on 2011-11-30 10:15:59
"This is also my first G&P AEG. I am very very impressed with it. I also have a KWA SR7 and a G&G GR300. This gun by far out performs either one. The Rate of fire is faster then the KWA, even when using the same battery. I run a Matrix 9.6 volt 4000 mah battery and the gun shoots very very fast with it. An 8.4 is certainly enough for this gun. Unless you really want the even crazier ROF.

Full metal
Awesome G&P internals
Very sturdy gun, basically no wobble
Extremely high Rate of fir. Better then a KWA even with both guns on the same lipoly battery (tested it).
LONG range. You will not be outgunned. 200+ ft of effective range!
Can fit large type battery.
Light weight for such a big gun

Cons: You cannot use this for CQB very effectively. Could be a pro or a con. If you are getting a 1st AEG then go with a G&P M4. Otherwise, if you want an epic mid/long range AEG the BUY THIS GUN!
by Tyler K. on 2011-11-27 11:18:46
"This gun was my first experience with G&P AEGs. I must say I was impressed with this gun.

Externally, the m16 looks great. The "Zombie Hunter Receiver" is sure to draw some attention and really suited my personality in particular. This is the sturdiest AEG I have used yet. The only problem I have with this gun is the dust cover. The dust cover doesn't close due to what seems like the fault of the wrong dust cover on the gun. The handle doesn't snap closed either and must be manually put back. However, when adjusting hop-up on the field this isn't nearly as bad as it sounds.

The internals on this gun are some of the most durable I have worked with. The only modification I have done is add a 6.03 inner barrel. I would recommend this modification with this gun. The rest of the internal work was just the usual AEG tightening and cleaning to insure maximum performance.

I run a 9.6 large type battery and get amazing trigger response. However, go with the 8.4 large type that it suggests your motor will thank you and you will still have amazing performance with your G&P M16A3.
by Jacob B. on 2011-07-06 15:37:00
"I love this gun,I actually got it through a evike 60k mystery box,I have fielded at 3 ops sense then,At those three ops I used a 9.6v battery,I was running the guys with KWA's scared,they literary feared me,This has got to be the most versatile platform ever,the full stock holds huge batteries,you can put a stubby front on for CQB,a 6.01 tight bore for DMR and sniping,a Vietnam handguard on for VN MILSIM or keep it stock for normal MILSIM,I don't use a tightbore barrel and I run with the stock everything,I love it it can easily reach out and touch someone here's the best part,I've held off the entire enemy force (a team of 15+2 medics) on my own with this,a GBB M9,and midcaps,I have people with Systemas offering me trades WITH CASH,it has to be the best rifle I've ever owned,I can't wait to grab some upgrades before OKI7,and the next Lion Claw
by ty a. on 2011-06-12 19:45:28
"This gun is great!! My 1st impressions were WOW. It is full metal weighing at about 7 pounds. The hop-up is kinda stiff to adjust. it took about 300 shots to break in the hop-up completely. and after this thing shoots lasers.

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